We’ve all been there: you’re trying to watch a show or movie on NowTV, and suddenly, your trusty VPN isn’t working. You can feel the panic rising in your chest; without your VPN, you won’t be able to access the content you want! But why is NowTV blocking VyprVPN?

VyprVPN may have suddenly stopped working for some users, yet for others; the problem has been ongoing for some time.

In this blog post, we’ll explore potential reasons why it might not work for you and possible fixes for the issue. Ready to pull up a chair and find out more? Let’s get started!

Why is NowTV blocking VyprVPN?

At this point, it’s hard to say why NowTV could be blocking VyprVPN – we can speculate what might be causing the issue.

More than often, when NowTV detects an IP address originating from a VPN, it blacklists that server address, meaning it’s blocked for good. It may also be that your browser contains cookies or other data pointing to your real location, leading to the connection being blocked.

How to get VyprVPN working with NowTV

When VyprVPN isn’t working with NowTV, it’s the modern-day equivalent of hitting a brick wall when you were so close to the finish line – and it’s incredibly frustrating!

Here are a few options you can try if VyprVPN isn’t working with NowTV:

  1. Clear your browser cookies and cache.
  2. Ensure you’re connected to a UK VPN server.
  3. Restart your device or router.
  4. Try switching servers on the VPN.
  5. Ensure that your VPN app is up to date.
  6. Ask for help from VyprVPN support.

If you exhaust all the above steps, it’s probably time to think about switching VPNs. NordVPN is recommended for NowTV, but Surfshark or ExpressVPN are excellent alternatives.


NordVPN is offering a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up on this page. You can use the VPN rated #1 for NowTV with no restrictions for a month—great if you want to binge your favorite show or are going on a short trip.

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How to stream NowTV with NordVPN

Streaming NowTV with NordVPN is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and maybe 4 and 5).

Here’s how to stream NowTV with NordVPN:

  1. Use our insider discount link to get the best price on a NordVPN subscription. Or get on board with Surfshark or ExpressVPN.
  2. Visit your VPN provider’s website, and grab the app for your device.
  3. Connect to any UK VPN server to get a British IP address.
  4. Register or sign in with your NowTV account in a browser or the app. Enjoy!
  5. Clear your browser’s cache if you hit any connection errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is NowTV only available in the UK?

NowTV is a streaming service exclusive to the UK, but why? Well, it’s mainly down to licensing agreements. NowTV has specific contracts with content providers, meaning their shows and movies are only available in certain countries.

How does NowTV detect VPNs?

NowTV is well-known for its ability to detect VPNs, though some providers manage to slip under the radar undetected. But, unfortunately, it’s like trying to sneak into a guarded palace – no matter how much you try to disguise yourself, the guards will always spot you.

The company deploys multiple anti-VPN strategies, such as blacklisting known IP addresses used by VPN services and using sophisticated algorithms. NowTV uses dynamic blacklists that continuously update and change, making it even harder for those users who attempt to watch the service with a VPN.

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