How to watch BAFTA 2020 film awards online (1)

The 73rd annual awards show of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) will be held on Sunday, February 2 at 9 PM GMT / 4 PM EST. The biggest stars of British film will be there, sporting their best outfits and crossed fingers hoping for an award-winning outcome. Fans can stream the 2020 BAFTA live online, even if you’re abroad and outside of the UK or US.

Please note that we will only recommend official sources in this guide. Most popular events, like BAFTA 2020, are carried by official broadcasters and unlicensed streamers alike. However, unlicensed streaming sources often come with significant negatives, including poor quality streams, long buffering times, and malware on the site or apps offering such streams. Thankfully, BAFTA is available for free on the web through the BBC iPlayer,, Zattoo, and several US-based streaming services with free trials, meaning you’ll be able to watch the awards show with no hassle and in high quality.

To watch the awards show for free, you may need a VPN unless you’re in the US or UK.

How to watch BAFTA 2020 free online

If you’re in the US or UK, you’ll be able to watch BAFTA 2020 free online through BBC iPlayer (UK) and BBC America (US). If you’re abroad, however, you may need to follow these steps to bypass geographic content blocks:

  1. First, sign up to a qualified VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN, but NordVPN and CyberGhost are both trustworthy, low-cost alternatives.
  2. Download the VPN app onto the device you plan to stream BAFTA 2020.
  3. Connect to a VPN server in either the UK or the US, depending on which streaming source you’re using.
  4. Connect to the streaming option you plan to use while connected to your VPN server. (Note: You will need US payment method to sign up for the free options in the US; the payment method is used to verify location. If you encounter VPN blocking messages, try clearing your browser cache, cookies, and other location-identifying temporary files.

BAFTA 2020 will be broadcast live with on-demand streams available later. If you want to avoid social media spoilers, watching the live stream is likely going to be your best option. A vetted VPN may be necessary if you’re outside of the UK and US, where free streaming options exist. To guarantee you don’t miss a minute, we recommend testing your VPN prior to the 11 AM GMT / 6 AM EST start time.

How to watch BAFTA 2020 free on UK TV


As in past years, the BBC holds broadcast rights for the BAFTA awards. The 73rd BAFTA awards will be available on TV and online through a few streaming options.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer bafta 2020 film festival

The BBC iPlayer gives you access to all of the BBC channels from a PC or mobile device. In order to legally watch BBC iPlayer, you need to reside in the UK and have purchased a TV License. If you’re a UK resident traveling or studying outside of the UK, BBC iPlayer content will be blocked unless you are using a VPN to connect to the iPlayer.

Also, note that BBC iPlayer blocks some known VPN services completely. We have found in our own testing that ExpressVPN servers are not blocked by iPlayer. ExpressVPN offers a large number of servers, high speeds, and is one of a very limited number of VPN services to offer an app for the Amazon Fire Stick.

When you are ready to watch BAFTA 2020, navigate to, click the channels drop-down menu, and select One.

If you are abroad (outside the UK, US) you can still watch the BAFTAs by connecting to a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN includes a 30-day money back guarantee so you can receive a full refund after the BAFTAs if you do not wish to continue using the service.

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tvplayer bafta 2020 film festival is another way to see BBC programming online. Just as with BBC iPlayer, you need to reside in the UK and have a TV License to view the content, although a VPN will work to let you in if you’re outside of the country. TVPlayer blocks anyone without a UK IP address. Unlike with BBC iPlayer, doesn’t appear to block known VPN servers.

To watch the awards ceremony, navigate to Then click watch now. From the channel menu on the right, click BBC One.

How to Watch Bafta 2020 on US TV


To watch BAFTA 2020 free in the US, you’ll need to sign up to one of several cord-cutting services that carry BBC America. Most of these services come with a 7-day free trial, meaning you can sign up, watch the 73rd BAFTA awards show, and then cancel your subscription right after.

The following “skinny bundle” TV services carry BBC America:

  • Philo: 7-day free trial, $20/mo after
  • AT&T WatchTV: 7-day free trial, $20/mo after
  • fuboTV: 7-day free trial, $54.99/mo after
  • Sling TV (Orange Package): 7-day free trial, $30/mo after
  • YouTube TV: 7-day free trial, $49.99/mo after
  • AT&T TV Now: 7-day free trial, $65/mo after

If you’re outside of the US, you may still be able to sign up for and use these services with a VPN. However, you’ll need a US-based credit card to sign up, as all of these services require location verification through a verified payment account.

Alternatively, US residents can use a VPN connection to either a Switzerland or Germany VPN server to watch BAFTA 2020 through Zattoo.

How to watch BAFTA 2020 on German TV

BAFTA 2019 germany
If you’re in Germany or have a VPN to access a German service, you can use the free live TV service Zattoo to watch BAFTA 2020 through BBC One.

Zattoo is a free over-the-top TV service located in Europe and available in Germany and Switzerland. It offers a wide variety of German and British TV channels. Its free package includes BBC One.

To use Zattoo, you will need to sign up with a name and email address. There is no credit card or street address required. Anyone connecting to Zattoo with an IP address from outside of Switzerland or Germany will be blocked from accessing it. However, this service does not appear to be blocking VPN servers.


To view the BAFTA 2020 ceremony, log into the official Zattoo website. Once the advertisement finishes playing, click the general interest tab and then locate BBC One. Another advertisement will play, and then the live broadcast will start streaming.

How to watch BAFTA film awards on Kodi

If you want to watch the awards show on your TV device, using Kodi instead of a browser, here are your options.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a media player software that allows users to play movies, TV shows, music, and other media saved on a device or streamed from the internet. It lets users integrate all of their sources together, instead of having to switch between different browsers and software. It also blocks advertisements from many streaming sites. It can be installed on Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Shield, Apple TV, PC, Mac, or Android or iOS smartphone.

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Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

iPlayer WWW Kodi addon

BBC iPlayer addon

The iPlayer Kodi addon will allow you to connect to and play videos without using a web browser. It can be found in the official Kodi repository. To install it, click addons from the Kodi main menu. Then click download → video addons → iPlayer WWW → install.

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Zattoo Box Kodi addon

zattoo box kodi addon

The Zattoo Box Kodi addon will allow you to connect to Zattoo without using a web browser. It can be found in the official Kodi repository. To install it, click addons → download → video addons → Zattoo Box → install.

Once you’ve got Zattoo Box installed, right-click it and select information. From there, click configure and input your username and password in the fields provided. After this step, click OK and then Open. You’ll see options to view “live TV – favorites,” “live TV – all channels,” or “Recordings.” Select live TV – all channels. From the channel menu that appears, select BBC One.

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The 73rd BAFTA awards show promises to be an exciting event. Whether you want to watch online with a web browser or with Kodi, there are several options to choose from, including BBC iPlayer, TVPlayer, and Zattoo.

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