Best VPNs for Switzerland

By spoofing your location you can enjoy perks such as accessing geo-restricted media sites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, logging in to your online bank accounts without triggering fraud alerts, and more. Plus, having your internet traffic encrypted means it’s safe from the prying eyes of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), government agencies, hackers, and any other potential snoopers. In this article, we’ll discuss the best VPNs for Switzerland, as well as general tips on how to make the most of them. We provide in-depth details on each of our recommendations below, but if you only have time for a summary, here’s our list of the best VPNs for Switzerland:

Best VPNs for Switzerland

  1. ExpressVPN: Our #1 choice for Switzerland. Super-fast and secure servers. No logs kept. Apps are easy to use and secure. Includes 30-day money back guarantee.
  2. NordVPN: Budget veteran provider with over a decade of experience with one of the largest networks of servers. Good speeds.
  3. CyberGhost: Great value network with apps that are easy to use, even for beginners. Impressive server speeds.
  4. IPVanish: Apps are remote control friendly which makes this a favorite with Kodi users and torrenters.
  5. PrivateVPN: Secure and private service. Small, but growing network of servers.

The VPN providers we recommend offer a wide range of server locations. This means it’s possible to get an IP address emanating from Switzerland even if you’re currently living in the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, India, China, Hong Kong, France, Sweden, Norway, Japan, or anywhere else in the world.

The best VPNs for Switzerland

VPN services are a dime a dozen but don’t put them all in one category. Our list of the best VPNs for Switzerland is based on the following factors:

  • Operates a wide network of servers across the world, including in Switzerland
  • Unblocks geo-restricted streaming services without any problems
  • Offers a fast and reliable connection
  • Maintains stringent encryption parameters so your location remains hidden at all times
  • Allows for multiple simultaneous connections

1. ExpressVPN

Express VPNAug 2019

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Switzerland due to the fact that it’s fast and incredibly secure, and has a network of more than 2,000 servers to choose from. Options to connect to a server in Switzerland are included.

ExpressVPN does not log any records of user activity or source IP addresses. Its use of the OpenVPN protocol is judicious and when you consider that it is paired with features like 256-bit AES encryption, perfect forward secrecy, and an internet kill switch, its stature increases considerably.

The service reliably unblocks Netflix catalogs from around the world, including other geo-restricted streaming media services such as HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, Sling TV, and more. Live support is available around the clock and representatives will be happy to assist you with any concerns.

The company offers intuitive, easy-to-use apps for Android and iOS, as well as clean desktop versions for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Some wifi routers are supported as well. A single subscription allows for three simultaneous connections.


  • Fantastic speeds for downloading and streaming
  • Fast enough to play HD video without buffering
  • Comprehensive security and privacy features
  • Unblocks a large range of geo-locked sites, e.g. Netflix
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • Slight more pricey than other providers on this list

BEST VPN FOR SWITZERLAND:ExpressVPN is our #1 choice A blazing fast and reliable choice which unblocks all major streaming services. Great security and privacy features and keeps no logs. Try it risk-free with the 30-day money back guarantee.

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2. NordVPN

NordVPN is another fan favorite due to its zero-logs policy, fast speeds, use of the OpenVPN protocol, and a vast global network of servers. There are a total of 75 servers in Switzerland.

This provider is headquartered in Panama and does not have to comply with any mandatory data retention laws. In any case, it records no logs of any user activity or session data. Furthermore, it ships with a bunch of other nifty features, such as double VPN, Tor over VPN, anti-DDoS, and servers optimized for fast streaming.

NordVPN can easily unblock a host of geo-restricted sites, such as US Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN, Sky, Sling TV, and more. The provider has a knowledge base on its website which helps in determining the best servers to use for this purpose.

All traffic is encrypted with 256-bit encryption and additional security features include an internet kill switch and DNS leak protection. A single subscription will grant you access to six simultaneous connections and there’s support for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.


  • Server size (5,000 servers) is second-to-none
  • Unblocks Netflix US, UK, and others
  • A fantastic option for streaming and torrenting
  • Top-notch security and privacy protection
  • No-logs policy


  • Desktop app can be awkward to use, needs updating

BEST BUDGET VPN:NordVPN is a good value choice A good all-rounder that works well with Netflix. Strong security features and allows up to 6 devices to be used simultaneously from one account. Includes 30-day money back guarantee.

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3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost has enhanced its service considerably following a management shuffle last year. It’s now considered to be among the top-tier of VPN companies.

At the moment, it offers access to more than 3,800 servers in 60 countries, including Switzerland which hosts 70 servers in total. This provider is known to work very well with geo-restricted streaming services. It even offers a specific option on its app that guides you through the process. Some sites it works with are Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video, to name a few.

CyberGhost secures all web traffic with 256-bit encryption, perfect forward secrecy, an internet kill switch, and DNS leak protection. It does not store user data or logs, including IP addresses. Additional security features include an ad blocker, anti-malware defense, and anti-tracking.

You can access the service on Android, iOS, Windows, or MacOS. A single subscription allows for seven devices to connect concurrently.


  • Operates a network of more than 3,787 servers in 60 countries
  • Decent, reliable speeds
  • Low-cost option with beginner-friendly apps


  • Can struggle to unblock some streaming sites
  • Less suitable for power users

. Great privacy, zero logs and DNS leak protection. Unblocks geo-restricted content but can struggle with some popular streaming sites. 45-day money back guarantee.

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4. IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the few VPN companies that owns and operates all of its servers across the globe. This gives it absolute control over all user traffic flowing through its servers. If you’re looking to acquire an IP address from another part of the globe, then you’re in luck because IPVanish has over 1,300 servers in over 75 worldwide locations. Switzerland is included, with five servers.

IPVanish is a favorite with torrenters as well as those who want to stream with Kodi. It enables them to download the Android APK directly to their device, and the interface is remote control-friendly which is ideal since Kodi devices typically lack a keyboard and mouse.

IPVanish works with a range of geo-restricted streaming sites, including BBC iPlayer. Security features include 256-bit AES encryption with perfect forward secrecy, DNS leak protection, and an internet kill switch.

One paid subscription allows 10 devices to connect simultaneously. Apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS, complemented with 24/7 live chat customer support.


  • Operates a network of more than 1,300 servers from 75 city locations around the globe
  • Keeps no logs whatsoever
  • Provides a secure, encrypted connection
  • Good speeds for streaming


  • No live customer support, email and ticket support only

FAST AND RELIABLE:IPVanish has a large network of servers Uncongested network achieves good speeds. Strong security and privacy features make IPVanish a favorite for Kodi and Amazon Fire Stick. 7-day money back guarantee.

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5. PrivateVPN


PrivateVPN is a relative newbie but its focus on quality over quantity has helped it differentiate itself. It delivers fast, robust speeds along with secure encryption, and works well with geo-restricted content.

At the time of writing, it offers more than 80 servers in 57 locations across the globe, including two servers in Switzerland. This provider is completely logless, supports torrenting, and offers unlimited bandwidth for HD video streams.

Some of the streaming services it can access are NetflixBBC iPlayerHuluHBO, and Amazon Prime Video.

Security features include 128- and 256-bit encryption (depending on your choice of protocol), perfect forward secrecy, an internet kill switch, and DNS leak protection. A basic plan allows for six devices to connect at the same time. Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.


  • Unlimited bandwidth, high speeds, and P2P allowance also mean it’s suitable for torrenting
  • Keeps no logs whatsoever
  • Use up to six devices simultaneously


  • Small number of servers to choose from
  • Support staff are good, but only operate during European business hours

GREAT SPEEDS:PrivateVPN is fast and secure Allows up to 6 devices on the same account. Fast connections but could do with having more servers to chose from. 30-day money back guarantee.

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Should I use a free VPN in Switzerland?

The major use cases of VPNs are to access geo-restricted or blocked sites, use public wifi safely and securely, access banking and financial services, and crack VoIP services where they’re blocked. This requires ironclad levels of security and blazing fast speeds – something that free VPNs aren’t going to provide. Such services are notorious for their poor encryption standards, limited IP addresses, and shady practices of data theft and pilferage.

You might think that you’re getting a great deal because of the fact that you don’t need a credit card to sign up and you can use the service as and when you want. But as they say, when the product is free you end up being the product.

Free VPN providers are in the business of making money. They’re not being subsidized by a government grant or another non-profit like the Mozilla Foundation. They earn profits by mining user data to sell to third-party advertisers or constantly inundating you with advertisements. Some egregious providers have also piggybacked on idle user bandwidth to create botnet armies. At the end of the day, one of the core reasons you’re signing up for a VPN is to make sure your privacy and confidentiality on the web is maintained. However, such providers will likely do just the opposite of that.

We believe that by investing a few dollars each month for a paid VPN service you will enjoy a trouble-free and superior experience.

Why should I use a VPN in the first place?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be deployed for several reasons. These include safely torrenting files, accessing your favorite movies and television shows when abroad, evading government surveillance, and circumventing state restrictions on blocked sites. A VPN is a necessity for accessing the unfiltered web amidst all the censorship in place these days.

A VPN encrypts all traffic flowing to and from your device and tunnels it via an intermediary server in a location of your choice. It works by obfuscating your actual IP address (the one assigned to you by your internet service provider), making it appear that you’re in a different location. By connecting to an appropriate server, you can access streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Furthermore, the encryption aspect means state-appointed hackers and sleuths cannot determine your digital footprint.

Tips for using a VPN in Switzerland

The use of a VPN in Switzerland is recommended in order to enhance your overall internet experience. Here are a few tips to get started.

How to set up a VPN in Switzerland

  1. Decide on a provider that meets your requirements. The mini-reviews provide some information but if you would like to know more details, then you can read the in-depth reviews at the end.
  2. After you’ve settled on a provider, simply sign up with your credit card information and other personal details. Some services also accept Bitcoin, PayPal, and other payment methods.
  3. After payment is authenticated, you will receive a confirmation email from the provider with your login information.
  4. Proceed to download the relevant apps for your device directly from the provider’s website. Don’t use third-party sites.
  5. Reboot all devices when the installation is complete.
  6. Open the VPN app, log in, and connect to a server of your choice. If you need a US IP address, connect to a US VPN server. If you want a Swiss IP address, connect to a server in that country.
  7. You will receive a notification indicating a successful connection. Your web activity is now encrypted and private and you will be assigned a new IP address.

How to access Netflix libraries in Switzerland

Accessing Netflix in Switzerland will result in automatic redirection to the Swiss version of the popular streaming service. Netflix uses your IP address to determine where you’re logging in from and proceeds to show you the library reserved for that particular country. Some folks assume that the original registration of the account will follow them everywhere, that is if they originally signed up from the US, for example, then they can always access US Netflix. However, that is a fallacy. Netflix is contractually bound to geo-restrict its services due to licensing agreements it has in place. To view Netflix libraries from other parts of the world, you will have to connect to a VPN server in the appropriate location first.

You might wonder why Netflix operates this way. That’s because most of the content it broadcasts isn’t its own property. The company buys rights from other production houses, but they don’t cover the globe. However, Netflix’s own original content, Stranger Things for example, isn’t affected by this because it owns the intellectual property rights.

Free VPNs are definitely not compatible with Netflix. Most paid ones, however, do work. We’ve highlighted the ones that do in our mini-reviews, but you can check with customer support in case you run into any issues.

Watching Swiss television and accessing banking services when abroad

Swiss citizens who live abroad or travel frequently will discover that using a VPN can help them keep in touch with local television from back home, as well as to log in to their bank accounts without the fear of being hacked or flagged for fraud. Swiss television offers a wide range of content, including news, entertainment, and sports. Some of the popular channels are SRF1, 3+, 4+, and 5+. Some channels geo-restrict their live streams to users who log in with a Swiss IP address. So if you’re outside the country you will need to use a VPN first in order to obfuscate your actual IP address.

Accessing banking services from abroad can increase the risk of attacks by hackers, especially those who tend to target public wifi networks. Examples of said networks are those found in coffee shops, malls, hotels, and other areas of interest. Using a VPN to encrypt your traffic will render it unreadable to anyone who intercepts it.

At the same time, while banks don’t always geo-restrict services, their fraud detection and compliance departments will monitor incoming traffic with a keen eye. IP addresses from obscure parts of the world might be flagged, even if you provide the correct username and password. In some cases, you might have to answer additional security questions or speak with a customer support representative before being allowed full access to your account. As such, it’s a good idea to use a VPN first.

Is torrenting legal in Switzerland?

While using peer-to-peer sites such as Bittorrent is illegal in Switzerland, local courts grant high degrees of protection to individual consumers, so it’s almost impossible to be prosecuted for downloading and sharing torrent files. However, this might be about to change because Switzerland was recently placed on a blacklist of countries where copyright laws are deemed to be insufficient. This will attract punitive measures from the US, so the country is scrambling to get its act together. At the moment, it’s unclear what specific measures the government will take for heavy users of torrents, but it’s still a prudent decision to act wisely. The use of a VPN will protect your identity on the web.

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Comparitech does not condone or encourage any violation of copyright restrictions. Please consider the laws, victims, and risks of piracy before downloading copyrighted material without permission. If you’re unclear about the legal ramifications then it’s best to speak with a lawyer first.