best alternative Indigo Kodi addon

For a long time, the Indigo Kodi addon was the must-have tool. It not only allowed users to find and install addons directly, without needing to add sources or install repositories, it was also able to perform optimization and routine maintenance.

Unfortunately, due to the founder’s legal troubles, he was forced to cease operations on TVAddons, the repo that hosted Indigo and many other addons. This meant that plenty of popular addons became unavailable overnight, and left Kodi users scrambling for a way to keep their installations running smoothly.

The good news is that there are still ways to discover new content, tweak settings, and clear Kodi’s cache. We’ll explain how below, and suggest a couple of alternatives to TVAddon’s Indigo installer.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free media player developed and maintained by the Kodi foundation. It can be installed on most video-streaming devices, including Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, iOS smartphones, and more. Kodi can be modified by installing “addons” that are created by independent developers. These addons allow users to stream content available on the Internet or troubleshoot Kodi itself. Indigo was an example of one of these addons.

Kodi itself is completely legal to use. However, some addons do allow users to stream pirated content. We suggest that you consider the copyright laws in your country and the ethical implications of viewing pirated content before using it for this purpose.

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Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Important: Always Use a VPN With Kodi

VPNs can help protect Kodi users against speed throttling, a common practice ISPs use that sometimes causes buffering and low-resolution video. VPNs also help to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks and geographic content blocking by content providers.

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Problem one: finding new addons

Indigo had its own built-in addon browse that eliminated many of the problems associated with finding a legitimate copy of a given addon. What’s more, it allowed users to directly install addons from a developer’s GitHub, which vastly streamlined a pretty tiresome process.

We’re not out of options, though! Here are two ways to discover new Kodi addons and increase the amount of content you can stream:

1. Check out the official Kodi repo

The quickest and easiest way to locate new addons is to check out the official Kodi repository. This is installed by default, so you don’t even need to do anything. The Kodi repo contains all kinds of addons, from subtitle clients to NHL streams, making it a veritable one-stop shop for anyone who needs something new.

2. Keep an eye on the Kodi forum

The Kodi website actually has a forum board dedicated to video addons, and newly-created ones have their posts marked with “[Release]”, which makes the waves of posts easier to sift through.

One of the best things about finding addons this way is that these posts are created by the addon’s developer. As such, you’ll often find details of what the addon can (and can’t) do, plus solutions to common problems in the replies.

Problem two: diagnostics and maintenance

OpenWizard Kodi Add On

Indigo helped users clear their Kodi cache, create a backup before a risky install, and restore Kodi to factory settings when that install inevitably broke something. However, there are several other addons that exist solely for this purpose. One of the most popular is OpenWizard, which offers many of the same tools and can be downloaded straight from the developer’s GitHub page.

Like Indigo, OpenWizard can:

  • Help you view log files
  • Clear old cache files, packages, and thumbnails
  • Restore factory settings
  • Enable or disable addons
  • Enable or disable installation from unknown sources
  • Create and restore from backups


Indigo might be gone but Kodi sure isn’t. There’s tons of content out there and more addons being created every week. Other than the GitHub browser, which was revolutionary, Indigo didn’t offer anything that can’t be replicated with alternative addons or a little bit of manual research.

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