Can you watch Khabib vs McGregor on Kodi? Full UFC 229 Kodi guide

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Conor McGregor is making his way back to the MMA fighting ring this coming October. After his short stint as a boxer, the fighter will be hungry for a win. His competitor? Khabib Nurmagomedov. A few streaming options will carry the PPV match, but can you live stream Khabib vs. McGregor on Kodi?

Khbsib vs. McGregor Kodi

Because Khabib vs. Kodi is a Pay-Per-View event, your options to watch on Kodi are extremely limited. Some third-party addons, such as Planet MMA, may be carrying the fight. However, there’s a good chance you’ll need to rely on an official service to get the match, and you may not be able to watch UFC 229 on Kodi. Whatever Kodi addon or stream you use, it’s important to protect your privacy any and security when using Kodi.

We’ll go in to more details on the various streaming options and show you how to use Kodi safely.

Kodi addons for Khabib vs. McGregor

Based on our research and testing, we believe some Kodi users may attempt to use the following addons to watch Khabib vs. McGregor on Kodi:

  • Planet MMA
  • Supremacy Sports
  • SportsDevil
  • Ultra IPTV
  • Sublime IPTV
  • Maverick
  • Other third-party addons not mentioned here

These options, and many other unofficial Kodi addons, not only offer pirated content but may carry significant security and privacy risks. As highlighted by addon hijacking that’s occurred in the past with popular addons like Exodus, GAIA, and Bubbles, we do not recommend using these options.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Warning: Your ISP can see your streaming data through Kodi

Regardless of which Kodi addons you use to stream the Khabib vs. McGregor fight in October, your ISP can see all of your streaming activity. Every Kodi addon scrapes the web for data, and your ISP is able to see what sites you’re connecting to. That data can then be sold for profit or transferred over to other organizations or authorities.

Additionally, all Kodi addons carry notable risks. Each addon gains access to your system, making it easy for unscrupulous addon developers or hackers to use addons as a way to gain access to your data. The best solution to protect your system against both suspicious addons and your ISP is through a VPN.

Good VPNs mask your data behind military-grade encryption, making it impossible for anyone to see what data is passing between you and the sites you’re using. Even the sites you use can’t identify your device or location. As an added bonus, VPNs can help bypass geographic content restrictions, making it possible to watch content that is normally blocked in your country.

Of the VPN options we’ve tested with Kodi, IPVanish provides the best security protections, speed, features for Kodi users. It also offers the most simultaneous connections per account of any other service, making it a great option for Kodi users with multiple devices.

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Can you watch Khabib vs. McGregor on Kodi?

We researched and tested various addons and addon repositories to determine whether watching Khabib vs. McGregor would be possible on Kodi. Unfortunately, the options are extremely limited.

DAZN will be carrying the match for German fans, which we’ll elaborate on more below in a separate section. You can find a DAZN Kodi addon in the Official Kodi Addon Repository. Simply log into your account from the addon with yoru credentials and stream away.

Outside fo that, you may find it difficult to get UFC 229 on Kodi for a number of reasons.

1. Khabib vs. McGregor is a Pay-Per-View event in most places

Pay-Per-View is notoriously difficult to offer through Kodi, and no official addons offer such matches. Some addons carry MMA and boxing matches, such as DAZN, but those options will not be carrying UFC matches, including UFC 229.

2. Many websites block web scraping

Kodi addons primarily work through web scraping. The addon uses code to search online for links and other metadata, then serves that information into Kodi’s user interface. Kodi addons offer a far more streamlined interface websites and services, but only if the service doesn’t make web scraping difficult. Most sites offering Pay-Per-View make web scraping difficult due to how they’re structured.

3. Heightened security for Pay-Per-View events

Even when using legal methods, most Pay-Per-View streams are offered with heightened levels of web security that make it difficult to scrape and view them on Kodi. This is mostly because Pay-Per-View events are expensive to view, and broadcasters are seeking to protect those streams as much as possible, implementing the greatest level of security to protect them.

Kodi alternatives for Khabib vs. McGregor

Since Kodi is a non-starter for UFC 229 viewers, what options are on the table for those who want to stream the fight online?

Currently, you can watch Khabib vs. McGregor in the following online locations:

  • UFC Pay-Per-View (US, Germany, Australia)
  • Amazon Prime Video (US)
  • Sling TV (US)
  • BT Sport (UK, Ireland)
  • Main Event (Australia)

Additionally, viewers in the US, UK, Australia, and Germany can all watch the preliminary matches using the UFC Fight Pass streaming service. At one time there was a UFC Fight Pass Kodi addon, but it appears the Portse repository that held that addon has been pulled so that addon no longer exists.

You can find several outdated clones of the original UFC Fight Pass Kodi addon on Github, but we don’t recommend using them. None have been updated in over 2 years, and there is no telling whether they have been compromised without a line-by-line analysis of the code.

For more information on watching the Khabib vs. McGregor fight and the preliminary matches, check out our live streaming guide for UFC 229.

DAZN Germany will have UFC 229

According to the UFC’s website, DAZN Germany will have UFC 229. As such, you will be able to watch Khabib vs. McGregor on Kodi in Germany if you have a DAZN account. 

DAZN costs €9,99 per month ($9.99 per month in the US) and can be downloaded as an addon on Kodi through the Official Kodi Addon Repository. The addon is free, of course, but you’ll need to create an account with DAZN. Thankfully, DAZN offers a one month trial, so you can easily sign up, watch the fight, and then cancel later if you so choose.

There’s also a chance that you may be able to use a VPN to watch DAZN from other countries. While DAZN lets you take your account to different countries, they also have one of the most effective VPN blockers we’ve tested. As such, the only DAZN country we’ve found that works with a VPN is Canada, which will not be broadcasting UFC 229.

That said, there’s still a chance that you may be able to find a VPN that works with DAZN. If not, you can always sign up for DAZN, as the streaming service carries a large number of fighting matches, even in the US, that would otherwise be Pay-Per-View events, including most Bellator matches (Paramount Network has a few exclusive Bellator matches this year).

How to watch Khabib vs. McGregor on Firestick

With Kodi mostly out of the picture, you can still watch all of UFC 229 on Firestick devices. Thankfully, because there are several notable streaming options with apps available on through the Amazon App Store, that means watching Khabib vs. McGregor on Firestick devices should offer one of the easiest methods to get the match streaming on your TV.

As stated above, you’ll be able to watch UFC 229 on UFC Pay-Per-View, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, BT Sport, and Main Event.

Of those, you can find a Fire TV app for the following (links provided):

Outside of these options, you may still be able to live stream Khabib vs. McGregor on Firestick using the Silk browser.

Khabib vs. McGregor weigh-in

On October 6, the UFC live broadcast the Khabib vs. McGregor weigh-in. Nearly 3 million views have tuned into the YouTube broadcast, which you can watch a recap of just below.

These two fighters are so ready to get into the ring that the two nearly came to blows at the weigh-in. Ultimately, the results put Khabib at 155 pounds and McGregor at 154.5 pounds. It’s unlikely Khabib’s half-pound advantage will give him an edge in the cage, but it at least gives the fighter some slight bragging rights before the match begins on Sunday.

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