Kodi Ares Wizard not working

If you’ve tried to install the Kodi Ares Wizard, you may have noticed that it is missing. The url that used to house Ares Wizard now returns a 404 error, and many other pages on the web that previously linked to this url are also offline. This article will explain why the Kodi Ares Wizard not working and no longer available and will provide some alternatives that you can use to still get great TV and movie programming using your Kodi.

Ares repo missing

Kodi is an open-source video media player that allows users to play movies and shows held on their devices. If it is modified through addons, it can also be used to play practically any video on the Internet. Kodi can be installed on Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, PC, Mac, Android or iOS phone. It can be controlled easily using a smartphone or remote control.

Kodi is sometimes accused of being a tool to stream unlicensed content without the permission of copyright-holders. However, there are plenty of addons for Kodi that only stream from official sources.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Important: Always use a VPN with Kodi

People who use Kodi to stream unlicensed content generally know to use a VPN when they do, but many Kodi users may not realize that VPNs benefit all who stream video.

Without a VPN, a Kodi user can be subjected to MiTM attacks by malicious coders, since the user’s data may not be encrypted. An ISP can also slow a user’s data based on his/her choice of website to stream from if a VPN is not used. This causes buffering and low-quality video.

We recommend NordVPN for Kodi users. NordVPN has thousands of servers, has a native app for Amazon Firestick and Nvidia Shield, and does not keep logs. This provides users with high-quality video while simultaneously protecting them from any privacy or security threat.

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Why is Ares Wizard not working?

On November 19, 2017, the primary Ares Wizard developer stated on the Ares Project forum that he had been served with a cease and desist letter from the Motion Picture Association (MPA). This is according to a member of the forum who reposted it to Reddit. According to this developer, who goes by the name “Tekto,” the cease and desist letter claimed that he is in breach of both E.U. and U.K. law for offering addons and repos that carry links to copyright-infringing content.

In response to this letter, Tekto and other developers working on Ares Wizard have taken down the repo and all addons that were contained within it. They have also promised that it will never return, stating: “let me be 100% clear. We will not be bringing back the Ares Wizard, Ares Portal or the Ares Repo, ever.”

In the past, Kodi repositories that held infringing third-party addons had always argued they were not in breach of the law because they did not provide content themselves, just links to content. However, the cease and desist letter argued that Brien vs Ziggo had clarified the law and made it clear that Kodi repos can be held liable if they do not purge infringing addons. Once presented with this reasoning, Tekto agreed that developing addons or repos that link to infringing content is illegal. As a result, he shut down the Ares Wizard repo forever.

Alternatives to Ares Wizard repo

Despite Ares no longer being available, there are still plenty of Kodi repos online. Some of these repos have a policy of purging any addons that provide access to pirated material. These have been unaffected by the MPA’s legal action. Others still provide some infringing addons along with legal ones, but for whatever reason have not been taken down yet. Below is a list of the repos we at Comparitech have found to be the most useful, along with a description of some of their addons.



For the time being, SuperRepo is still available at this address. However, it does contain some infringing addons, such as 1Channel and Icefilms. If you decide to use SuperRepo, we recommend only installing the addons that stream from licensed sources, such as the ones listed below.

SuperRepo has the largest catalog of any Kodi repo. Here are some of the best addons it contains.

  • Big Star Movies & TV – Gives you access to hundreds of independent films and niche TV shows, including horror films like The Thing on The Doorstep, Psychos, and Forever Yours, as well as shows like Sailing Doodles and Queer as Folk
  • FilmRise – Another great addon for movies and shows, FilmRise allows you to watch the entire catalog of the FilmRise YouTube channel, including movies like Devil in The Flesh (starring Rose McGowan) and My Brother The Pig (starring Scarlett Johansson) and shows like Forensic Files and World of Discovery
  • YouTube Vault – Streams shows from YouTube categorized by series and episode

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Looking Glass repo

Kodi looking glass repo

Looking Glass repo is currently available here. However, keep in mind that it does contain some infringing addons, such as Serendipity. We recommend only the addons from this repo that stream from licensed sources.

Looking Glass repo has quite a few useful Kodi addons. Here are some that are notable.

  • Fantastic Beasts – A Kodi addon for lovers of nature documentaries. Provides free documentaries from Animal Planet, National Geographic, and others.
  • Hammer Time – Gives access to a collection of home improvement and DIY videos from Homes.com, Buildipedia and others.
  • Golden Cinema – Lets you watch films from the “Golden Age” of movies (1920-1960). Includes Robin Hood (1922), The Lost World (1925), and others.

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Kodinerds.net repo

Kodinerd's repo

If you’d like to find music video or sports addons, Kodinerds.net is one of the best places to look. Here are some of the best addons it offers.

  • SoundCloud – Provides access to all of the music available on SoundCloud.com
  • DailyMotion – Lets you watch any of the thousands of videos available on video-sharing site DailyMotion.com
  • DAZN – Requires a paid subscription. Gives you access to round-the-clock sporting events from the DAZN streaming service. Available in Austria, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and Canada.

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Eracknaphobia’s repo

eracknaphobias repo info screen

Eracknaphobia’s repo has a strict anti-piracy policy. It should be available on the web for many years to come. The repo is currently housed on this github page. Here are a few of its best addons.

  • Crackle – Allows you to watch hundreds of free TV shows and movies from the Crackle streaming service, including original shows like Startup and Snatch, as well as hit movies like Men in Black and Superbad.
  • NHL.TV Requires subscription. Gives users access to out-of-market NHL games.
  • MLB.TV – Gives MLB.TV subscribers access to Major League Baseball games through Kodi
  • AMA Pro Racing – Allows you to watch AMA motocross action on your Kodi

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Kodi Ares Wizard is missing because legal action was taken against its developer for allegedly providing links to copyright-infringing material.  Its developer voluntarily shut down the repo in order to comply with the law. However, there are plenty of great Kodi repos still available online. Follow this guide to find the repos that will give you the content you need.