Best Kodi movie and TV addons 2022

Our May 2022 addons list contains some exciting entries for Kodi users who stream TV and movies on Kodi. 

There are hundreds of TV and movie addons available on Kodi and they span every genre you can imagine. Few are worth the effort it takes to install them, however. While other sites recommending third-party options like Seren and Fen, official addons such as Crackle, Tubi, Xumo and others provide the best streaming experience for movies and TV on Kodi. We’ve searched through a large number of repositories to locate the 30+ best TV and movie Kodi addons that will let you watch movies and TV on Kodi to your heart’s content!

30+ Best Kodi addons for movies and TV in May 2022

From what we’ve found, the best Kodi movies addons are:

  1. BBC iPlayer
  2. PlayOn Browser
  3. YouTube
  4. British Pathe
  5. FilmRise – YouTube
  6. Crackle
  7. Internet Archive [Video]
  8. Classic Cinema
  9. Sling TV
  10. Tubi
  11. Popcornflix
  12. BFI Player
  13. Black and White Movies
  14. Documentary Storm
  15. Charge! Live TV
  16. Comet TV Live
  18. Shout Factory TV
  19. Amazon Prime Video
  20. Netflix
  21. Xumo
  22. Indy Darlings (Wrestling)
  23. Funimation Now
  24. Adult Swim
  25. National Geographic
  26. Vimeo
  27. CONTV
  28. Disney+
  29. MUBI
  30. Court TV
  31. Freeform
  32. Binge
  33. HBO Max
  34. Paramount+
  35. 7plus
  36. Free Live TV
  37. Discovery+

We’ll walk you through how to install each of these addons just below.

How to watch movies on Kodi

You can easily watch movies on Kodi by doing the following:

  1. Install the latest Kodi app from the website.
  2. Open up Kodi and go to Add-ons
  3. Click on the package symbol on the top left and then click on Install from repository
  4. Locate the Kodi Add-on Repository and click on it
  5. Find and install the addons you want
  6. Ensure you use a VPN to keep your browsing private, we recommend NordVPN

It’s that simple! You can start any newly installed addons from your home screen. However, before you stream any of those addons, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. Your ISP may try to throttle your internet speed when you stream movies on Kodi. Additionally, there are some risks to using any Kodi addon, even official ones, as these addons have been hacked in the past.

What is Kodi?

Kod is free, open-source home theater software for a range of devices including Amazon Firestick and Nvidia Shield.  Kodi allows you to stream media from a huge range of sources. They don’t come pre-installed, however, so you’ll have to install a few Kodi movie addons before you can start binge-watching interesting movies and TV shows.

During your search for movie and TV streaming addons, you’ll come across two types: official Kodi addons that can be accessed through the Official Kodi Addon Repository, and addons that are made available through a large number of third-party repositories, such as Exodus or Covenant.

Third-party addons carry significant risks over those found in the official Kodi Addon Repository. Third-party addons can be hijacked by hackers and used to spy on user streaming activities. They can also carry other forms of malware that can be silently pushed on to users even if the addon was installed from a seemingly trustworthy source. Because third-party addons are not fully vetted, they carry significant privacy and security risks.

Our guide will break down how to watch movies on Kodi and will walk you through installing some of the best addons for TV and movie streaming.  We also give an overview of the privacy concerns related to the popular third-party movie and TV streaming addons.

At the very bottom of our guide, you’ll find a helpful overview of the most popular third-party Kodi movies and TV show addons that you may see recommended elsewhere. We provide an explanation of what those addons are, how they stream content, and what kind of content they provide.

Laws and rules vary from country to country, so we recommend anyone looking to streaming content through third-party addons that offer “free” content to check on whether the content is legally offered, and whether it’s legal to view such content in your country.

Expert Tip: No matter which addons you choose, we strongly recommend you employ a reputable VPN  when streaming video on Kodi to keep you safe and private online.  A favorite VPN with the Kodi community is NordVPN, which works with all Kodi addons and with all of the most popular devices including Amazon’s Fire Stick.  You can save 60% on NordVPN plans here.

Warning: Your ISP can see the sites you visit and the content you stream

To protect your streaming quality and security when using Kodi, we recommend a VPN. Your ISP can see your online activities and in some counties can share this information with third parties.

In the US recent law changes mean this information can be sold and shared with other organizations, officials and companies. A VPN encrypts your data so your ISP, hackers and others cannot see your online activity.  NordVPN is one of the more trusted options available to Kodi users, is fast, cheap to use, and works with every Kodi we’ve tried so far.

BEST VPN FOR KODI:NordVPN is our top choice. Has a large uncongested network of servers and achieves good speeds. Strong security and privacy features make NordVPNa favorite for Kodi users. Try it risk-free with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

30+ best addons to watch movies on Kodi

The best Kodi movie addons can all be found in the official Kodi addon repository. To watch movies on Kodi, you’ll want to install the following addons:

Newest addon for May 2022: Quest

Quest Kodi add-on

Looking for some low-stress entertainment? The Quest Kodi addon offers free episodes from dozens of shows including How Machines Work, Lifeguard, and Salvage Hunters. Users don’t even have to log in to start streaming, although you will have to be in the US.

Despite being created by MetalChris, this addon is not currently included in their repo. Instead, you can download it directly from the Kodi forum.

1. BBC iPlayer

BBC iplayer best kodi addons
BBC radio and TV programs come in the form of iPlayer WWW as an addon for Kodi. You can watch live TV, catch-up TV programs and radio content from the BBC iPlayer website. Keep in mind that most content is UK only, so you’ll have to set your VPN to the UK to use it. Not all VPNs work so check out our article on which beat the BBC iPlayer VPN ban.

The BBC iPlayer is legal to use if you are a UK resident with a valid TV License 

iPlayer WWW is available in the Official Kodi Addon Repository. To learn more take a look at our dedicated article on how to install and use iPlayer WWW on Kodi.

2. PlayOn

Playon best kodi tv addons
If you want to integrate paid streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video into Kodi, the best cross-platform solution is PlayOn. For $39.99 USD per year, this streaming DVR saves video files into an MP4 format for playback. It also includes a feature that allows you to automatically skip ads. You will need a Windows PC to record the video using the PlayOn Media Server app, but the Kodi addon works on any operating system.

PlayOn is a fully legal and interesting way to connect your paid streaming accounts and fully integrates with the Kodi media player. However, since Kodi 18 added DRM support, addons are once again available for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, so Playon isn’t technically necessary to access those anymore. You might consider keeping it as a backup.

Subscribe to PlayOn here (includes a 30-day money-back guarantee). You can find the PlayOn Kodi addon in the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

3. YouTube

youtube best kodi addons
YouTube remains a popular source for TV shows and movies. Any movie or TV show, whether full episodes or video clips, that you can find on YouTube, you can find quickly and easily on the YouTube addon. Perhaps the best part of using the YouTube addon over accessing the site through a web browser or other options is the fact that you can bypass all of the somewhat annoying side banners and video suggestions. In fact, you don’t even get the annoying advertisements that play before your videos either.

When trying to use the YouTube addon, you won’t be able to access content until you pair your device. When you hit “sign in”, you’ll be given an activation code and prompted to go to to pair. You may need to do this twice in order for it to work.

Due to recent changes in the way this addon works, users now have to create a personal API key before watching anything. This is quick and easy, though: here’s a step-by-step guide.

You’ll find the YouTube Kodi addon in the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

YouTube is a fully legal option for streaming video. While you may run into pirated content on YouTube, this is rare, and YouTube is fairly quick about

4. British Pathe

british pathe
Read this: 85,000 videos. That’s right, the British Pathe Kodi addon offers access to British Pathe and its extensive library of classic and historical videos from around the world.  You can browse through a number of different unique collections, including those covering war, country profiles, seasonal content, British royalty, sports, and political figures. You can also browse by decade. The library of content goes back to the 1890s and has titles as recent as 2000-2009.

Note that this service doesn’t contain much in regard to full-length movies. However, it’s a boon for history buffs. You’ll find British Pathe in the official Kodi repo.

5. FilmRise – YouTube


Looking for a great legal movie streaming option with tons of films to watch? The little-known FilmRise addon may be just what you’re looking for. FilmRise is a film and TV distribution company that acquires licenses and offers all of that content free online. FilmRise offers over 7,500 titles, easily made available on YouTube and therefore easily available through Kodi.

There’s more than one FilmRise Kodi addon, but the one you’ll want is FilmRise – YouTube. This one provides access to all of the FilmRise content that’s available on YouTube, which is far more than you’ll likely know what to do with.

Note: this addon relies on the YouTube Kodi addon. As such, you’ll have to authorize it and create your own API key before FilmRise – YouTube will work. For more information, see the YouTube addon entry above.

You can find the FilmRise addon in the official Kodi Addon Repository.

6. Crackle

Official Crackle Kodi addon best kodi addons

The Crackle addon feeds the Crackle movie library directly to Kodi for free. A few words come to mind when it comes to Crackle. Specifically, those words are “how is any of this legal??” Wonderfully enough, it’s all perfectly above board; Crackle is Sony’s free online video library, offering a wide range of Sony-licensed films.  Given that Sony is a movie powerhouse, you should not be surprised to find some high-quality content here as well. That includes the sci-fi classis District 9, action film Bad Boys II, and the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s A Good Marriage.

Several versions of Crackle exist in different Kodi addon repositories. However, the one you want is found in eracknaphobia’s repository.

7. Internet Archive [Video]

internet archive video

Into classic, license-free films? Internet Archive [Video] is the addon for you. The Internet Archive is a massive online database replete with all kinds of content, from software to music. Sort of like the Library of Congress for the internet, the Internet Archive also has a vast video library you can access through Kodi. As there’s no paywall or subscription necessary to view the content, you’ll be able to watch classics like His Girl Friday and As You Like It with little effort.

The Internet Archive [Video] Kodi addon is fully legal, but you won’t find it in the official Kodi Addon Repository. Instead, you’ll need to turn to the MetalChris addon repository.

8. Classic Cinema

Classic cinema Kodi addon

The Classic Cinema addon for Kodi offers access to dozens of movies and serials from the early 20th century including some instantly recognizable titles like Dick Tracy and Oceans 11. There’s no need to register, and all of the content is available free-of-charge, meaning it’s a great way to brush up on the classics.

You’ll find the Classic Cinema Kodi addon in the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

9. Sling TV

Sling TV kodi best movie addons

If you’re a US resident, Sling TV is going to be a great option for on-demand content. Sling TV lets you watch Live TV once you connect your Sling TV account, but also carries a wide range of on-demand TV shows, movies, and more thanks to its partnership with the channels and content providers offered through its service.

You can find the Sling TV Kodi addon in the official Kodi addon repository.

10. Tubi

tubi kodi addon

It’s safe to say that your Kodi installation is effectively incomplete without Tubi. This free streaming service boasts over 50,000 titles, from movies to TV shows, and covers the gamut of every genre you can imagine. That’s more than Netflix, and it’s not even close! Although it’s a free service, it still has over 600 highly rated TV shows and movies, many of which score top on Rotten Tomatoes.

Ostensibly, Tubi TV is able to offer all of this great content because it’s ad-supported. However, when you run your Tubi TV streams through Kodi, the media player automatically filters out the ads. That means you can enjoy Tubi without having the ads interrupt your viewing experience.

While Tubi TV boasts a large content library, you’ll find that different regions have certain titles geographically locked. Further, the Tubi Kodi addon only allows you to access the US content library, meaning you’ll need to use a VPN if you’re outside of America.

You’ll find the Tubi addon available in the Diggz Repository. You can read more about Tubi TV using our detailed installation guide.

11. Popcornflix

Kodi Popcornflix addon main

Operating similarly to Tubi TV, Popcornflix is a free-to-use movie streaming service that you can also download and install for free on Kodi. Offering both TV shows and movies, Popcornflix provides TV shows and films across every genre you might be looking to enjoy. You’ll even find some less-common categories, including Date Night, Asian Action, Shout! Factory TV, and one devoted entirely to Spanish-language titles. 

Although Popcornflix is not quite on the level of Tubi TV, it’s still an excellent addition. You’ll find some quality flicks in its library, including the hit films Zodiac, Train to Busan, and True Grit.

You’ll find the Popcornflix Kodi addon in the Official Kodi Addon Repository. Additionally, you’ll need to be in the US or connected to a US VPN server before you can watch. 

12. BFI Player

movie kodi addons bfi

If you’ve never heard of the British Film Institute, today is your lucky day. British film has a long and interesting history, with many unique and historic content pieces that any film student or film buff should watch. You can watch a plethora of British films through BFI Player.

Through this addon, you can find documentaries, kids cartoons, and political commentaries from yesteryear.

You can install this addon directly from the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

13. Black and White Movies

Black and White movies Kodi addon

If it has expired copyright, you can find it on Black and White Movies. Those who love older films will find Black and White Movies is a quality Kodi addon. Even better, Black and White Movies is one of the few Kodi addons we’ve found that lets you download movies directly from within Kodi.

Black and White Movies is available in MetalChris’ Repository.

14. Documentary Storm

documentary storm best movie kodi addons

Documentaries still count as movies, right? Of course, they do, especially if you love to keep up with what’s happening around the world. There are few documentary movie addons that do a better job than Documentary Storm. With a dozen categories and hundreds of films scrapped from around the web, you’ll find Documentary Storm is a good go-to Kodi addon for when you need to educate yourself about the world.

You can find Documentary Storm from MetalChris’ Repository.

15. Charge! TV Live

Charge kodi addon best addons for movies

Sinclair Broadcasting Group recently released a new website that broadcasts free content on a schedule. The network also claims to have sports entertainment, but the primary focus is on action movies and TV shows. Many of the movies and TV shows are older classics or B-movies, but the selection is pretty fantastic, nonetheless. Charge! is completely free to view, making it a perfect addition to your Kodi addon lineup.

Unfortunately, Charge! is not available anywhere but in the US. However, a VPN will work to bypass the content blocks Charge! employs.

You can find Charge! TV Live Official Kodi Addon Repository.

16. Comet TV Live

comet tv kodi addon

Also coming in from Sinclair Broadcast Network, Comet TV Live is a free, live broadcasting science fiction network. The focus here is more on TV shows than on movies, but Comet TV provides a fair mixture of both to users. As is typical with free sci-fi, you’re going to find a hefty amount of B-movie content here, but also, as a sci-fi fan, you may be perfectly OK with that prospect. There are some heavy hitters available, such as the original Mad Max, but you’ll also find fan-favorite TV shows, like Stargate SG-1 and Babylon 5.

You can install the Comet Live TV Kodi addon from the Official Kodi Addon Repository.

Additional note: If you’re trying to use this addon on Kodi 18 Leia, you’ll have to enable a video player tool called InputStream Adaptive. To enable InputStream Adaptive, do the following:

  • Open Kodi to your home screen
  • Go to Addons
  • Click on My addons
  • At the bottom of the list, click on VideoPlayer InputStream
  • Click on InputStream Adaptive and then select Enable

You’re done! You should now be able to install and run Comet Live TV.


Pluto.TV Kodi addon

One of the best IPTV services around, is completely free to download and use. You’ll find hundreds of live TV channels available through, including some that are dedicated solely to playing movies and classic TV shows. is a must-have for anyone that wants a hassle-free TV viewing experience.

You’ll find in the official Kodi addon repository.

18. Shout Factory TV

shout factory tv kodi addon

You can get some of the Shout Factory TV content from Popcorn Flix, but if you’re into cult classic B-movies and TV shows, you may just want to get it directly from the source. Shout Factory TV offers up hundreds of TV shows and movies that will have you groaning and rolling your eyes. Even better, you’ll also be able to laugh along to commentary thanks to dozens of episodes of Rifftrax and MST3K offered through this addon.

Note: the developer has stated that he’s dropping support for older versions of this addon and will only update the Kodi 19 version moving forward.

19. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Kodi addons

Thanks to DRM innovations with Kodi v. 18 Leia, Amazon Prime Video now works effectively through Kodi! If you have an Amazon Prime account, you already have access to Prime Video included in the cost. Using Amazon Prime Video with Kodi makes it easier to navigate the Amazon Prime Video system, which is fairly complex and user-unfriendly through a web browser or even through dedicated apps for other operating systems like Android of the Amazon Firestick.

Download the Amazon VOD addon from the TVAddons repo or the developer’s GitHub.

20. Netflix

Netflix Kodi addon

As with the Amazon Prime Video addon, you can now watch Netflix through Kodi thanks to DRM support on Kodi v.18. You’ll get access to your entire Netflix library through this addon, including search functions. Note that this addon is a work-in-progress and may be a little buggy.

You can install the Netflix addon for Kodi through the developer’s GitHub page.

21. Xumo

Xumo TV Kodi Addon

The Xumo Kodi addon offers everything you’ll find in the addon, at least in terms of format. It’s completely free and ad-supported live TV, with a large number of channels to fit every possible TV viewing niche.

You’ll find Xumo in the official Kodi addon repository.

22. Indy Darlings – Live and on-demand wrestling

best kodi addons

Like wrestling? Indy Darlings is perhaps one of the best addons to hit Kodi in a long time, especially for wrestling fans. What’s more, you’ll find a lot of on-demand content for the exciting new All Elites Wrestling league. The addon even supports live streaming, when live streams are available, and is completely free to download and use.

The Indy Darlings addon is not part of any repository just yet. Here’s how to get it:

  • Click here to download the Indy Darlings video plugin zip file
  • Open Kodi
  • Go to Addons
  • Click on the package symbol (top left)
  • Click on Install from zip
  • Locate your download folder in the file explorer
  • Find the Kodi addon and click to install

23. Funimation Now

Kodi anime addons funimation now

Anime fans can access the full catalog of shows and movies available on Funimation. The addon lets you access both free and premium anime. The addon is stable and well-designed, so you can quickly install it and start watching. Funimation has plenty of exclusive anime you won’t find anywhere else.

Funimation now is available from the Official Kodi Repository. You must have a US IP address to access the streams.

24. Adult Swim

kodi adult swim addon

Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim offers a ton of its famously weird original shows online, and now you can watch it all through Kodi. Adult-oriented cartoons like Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, Samurai Jack, and Primal are all here. The addon streams in HD.

Adult Swim can be found in the official Kodi repo. A US IP address is required to watch.

25. National Geographic

natgeo best kodi tv addons

National Geographic is one of the oldest, most well-known companies offering nature and reality programming and content. Thanks to the efforts of fraserc, a prolific Kodi addon developer, you can now stream content from the Nat Geo website directly through Kodi. And positively, there’s a lot of free content to stream.

This addon passed muster over at the Kodi Foundation and is now officially part of the Kodi addon repository. 

There is also a large number of other quality addons available, with some interesting new entries into the field.

You can install this addon directly from the official Kodi addon repository.

26. Vimeo

Vimeo Kodi Addon

Vimeo is similar to YouTube in that it hosts user-created content. Unlike its rival, though, this platform tends to focus more on artistic topics like filmmaking, animation, and fashion. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules; you’ll also be able to find videos on everything from cooking to travel here.

The Vimeo addon is included in the official Kodi repo.


contv kodi addon

What was once Viewster is now CONTV. This addon offers a wide range of free, ad-supported streaming across a variety of genres. You’ll find movies, TV shows, documentaries, and even comics. You can stream a fair amount of the content without creating an account, while many of the titles (particularly R-rated content) require you to sign up for an account

You can download this addon directly from Kodi addon repository.

28. Disney+

disney+ kodi addon

Yes, Disney+ is finally available on Kodi! You can stream all of the Disney+ content in Kodi’s super-easy interface, which you may find is significantly easier to navigate than Disney’s own interface. It’s also significantly faster than Disney’s interface thanks to the reduced clutter.

Note: A Disney+ account is required to use this addon. You can get a 7-day free trial to Disney+ to check it out, as well.

You can find the Disney+ Kodi addon in the Slyguy Kodi Addon Repository

29. MUBI

mubi kodi addon

If you haven’t heard of MUBI and you call yourself a movie lover, you’re in for a treat. MUBI is a streaming service that offers a small but high-impact selection of movies. Its specialty is in adding one new movie every day while maintaining only 30 movies in its library at a time. That means you’ll need to keep on your toes if you want to watch everything it has to offer on any given day.

This addon requires a subscription to MUBI, which comes with a 7-day free trial.

You’ll find the MUBI Kodi addon in the FLX Apps repository.

30. Court TV

court tv kodi addon

Move over Judge Judy. Court TV is where you’ll find real court shows, shot live in real US courts (none of that arbitration stuff you’ll find with entertainment TV courts). Court TV also offers a free live stream on its website, which you can access through the new Kodi addon.

If you find the stream doesn’t work in your country, try connecting to a VPN server in the US first.

This Kodi addon is available in the official Kodi addon repository.

31. Freeform

freeform kodi addon

Formerly known as ABC Family, the Freeform Kodi add-on gives you access to all of the free content currently available through the Freeform website. Freeform is typically only available on cable TV, but it offers a wealth of ad-supported TV shows through the website. All of Freeforms content is original, so if you’re looking for something new that is only available on Freeform, the Kodi addon is a good place to start.

Freeform uses geographic content blocking. You’ll need a VPN to stream Freeform content outside the US. 

This addon is available to download through the official Kodi Addon Repository. 

32. Binge

Binge Kodi Addon

Binge is a newer streaming service from Australian broadcasting giant Foxtel. It offers a huge selection of TV shows and movies including blockbuster hits like Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Game of Thrones, and now you can use this service directly through Kodi.

Note that you will need a paid account ($10 AUD per month) to sign in. Also, this service is only available in Australia.

The Binge addon for Kodi can be found in the SlyGuy repo.

33. HBO Max


It was only a matter of time until HBO Max arrived on Kodi. This addon has actually been out since the service debuted in the US, but a recent update ironed out some issues that had been affecting those not using the Android version of Kodi.

As you’ll see in the screenshot above, this addon requires an HBO Max subscription to use. Currently, these cost $15 USD per month. It’s worth noting that you’ll also need a US IP address.

The HBO Max Kodi addon can be found in the SlyGuy repo.

34. Paramount+

After updating the HBO Max addon just recently, developer Matt Huisman has brought another of the most popular streaming services of the last year to Kodi. This time, it’s Paramount+, a platform that lets you stream CBS channels live, as well as access thousands of top-tier TV shows and movies. You will need an account to watch ($4.99 USD per month), and an American IP address to watch, though.

You can install Paramount+ directly from the SlyGuy repo.

35. 7Plus


If you’re an Australian hoping to stream live TV through Kodi, things just got significantly easier. Developer Matt Huisman has created an addon for watching free-to-air network Channel 7, and there’s no login required.

The 7plus Kodi addon can be found in the SlyGuy repo. There are also 9now and 10play addons here too!

36. Free Live TV

Free live TV
You won’t have any issues finding something to watch with this addon! As you might expect, it lets you stream dozens of free-to-air TV channels from around the world without the need to register or pay anything. While some channels require a US IP address to watch, but the majority can be streamed from anywhere.

You’ll find the Free Live TV addon in the developer’s repo. Note that you’ll have to be running Kodi 19.3 or later for it to work correctly.

37. discovery+

Discovery +

Discovery+ is a new offering from (who else) the Discovery Channel. However, it also offers a huge collection of content from channels like TLC, Animal Planet, HGTV, The Cooking Channel, and Food Network. Not bad for $4.99 USD per month, right?

Here’s the best part: you can now access this service directly in Kodi. In fact, Dis90 has tested their addon with almost a dozen regional libraries, so you’ll be able to watch regardless of whether you signed up in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, or anywhere else.

There is one minor issue: you have to run a script to grab saved cookies from your browser, rather than just logging into the app directly. Still, the developer has provided instructions on how to do this, and hopefully a workaround can be found in the future.

Versions for Kodi 18 and 19 can be downloaded directly from Dis90’s GitHub.

38. Quest

Newest addon this month – see top of page for more info.

Movie trailer Kodi addons

Looking for upcoming movies? There are two great options for catching movie trailers on Kodi.

YouTube Kodi addon

This one is somewhat of an obvious option. You can easily use the YouTube Kodi addon to find and watch all of the latest movie trailers. To find movie trailers using the YouTube Kodi addon, go to the “Search” section, and type in “movie trailers”. Then, go to “Channels”. Under “Channels” you’ll see a long list of YouTube channels dedicated to movie trailers. Alternatively, you can search for a specific movie if you’re looking for something in particular. Kodi addon

HD Trailers kodi addon is one of the best movie trailer websites around. Thankfully, there’s an HD-Trailers Kodi addon available.

You can find this addon in the official Kodi addon repository.

This addon is incredibly easy to use. Browse for trailers by Latest, Most Watched, Library (alphabetical listing for all trailers), Opening This Week and Coming Soon. HD-Trailers pulls its trailers from a long list of sources, including,, YouTube, and directly from the website.

Unofficial Kodi addons for streaming TV and movies

The following addons are ones we have seen listed on other websites as good recommendations. Below, we explain what each addon is, how it provides pirated content, and why we do not recommend you use it.


seren kodi addon

Seren was made by the developer who designed the popular Incursion Kodi addon, Seren ups the ante quite a bit. It focuses on using integration with debrid services but also scrapes directly from some popular file lockers.

Long story short, Seren has little use for anyone looking to stream movies and TV shows on Kodi legally. Seren pulls from mostly illegal sources. And although there are some videos pulled legally from YouTube, most are coming from unofficial sources that break copyrights.


Among the many Exodus forks, Yoda is an addon designed to scrape through multiple streaming sources to deliver content through Kodi. The biggest problem, of course, is that the majority of the content it accesses is copyright-infringing. So while users can access it for movies and TV shows, it’s not recommended due to a lack of verified licensing.


Debrid services that offer access to file lockers at a cost are popular among third-party Kodi addon users. Realizer is currently one of the most popular of these types of services, and one that should be avoided. Debrid services charge money to gain access to unlicensed content, and Realizer, in general, does not provide any functionality without a Real-Debrid account.


This addon works the same way as Realizer. The only difference is the debrid service is works with. This service only works with Premiumizier accounts, which are also popular among third-party Kodi addon streamers but are as equally illegitimate and infringing.

How to install Kodi addons

To install these addons on Kodi, you’ll first need to set up their respective repositories. A repository is like a library full of addons you can install at will from within Kodi. Some repositories require manual installation, while others like Fusion allow you to use a simple addon installer.

Ypu can learn how to install Kodi addon repositories like Smash, Kodil and Filmkodi in our dedicated article.

Addons that you can directly download via a zip file do not require you install a repository first.

Do you know of more TV and movie addons for Kodi that we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

How to watch Kodi TV & movies on a Fire Stick, Android, iPhone, or Mac

Kodi v19.4 “Matrix” is the latest stable version of Kodi available for download, and due to significant changes in the code, some of the addons we have listed require won’t work on older versions. On devices with standard web browsers, simply download the app from the official website and install it to get started. Once installed, you may download addons from the official repository or install new repositories. Check out this tutorial on how to set up Netflix as an example.

iOS is a bit trickier because Kodi is not available from the App Store. If you want to install Kodi on an iPad or iPhone without jailbreaking it, we recommend using the Cydia Impactor app to move Kodi from a desktop to your iOS device.

Android-based streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku require a bit more work to get Kodi installed an running. To download Kodi on a Fire TV Stick will require sideloading apps or using the Downloader application. The only way to get Kodi running on Roku without, is to “cast” or “mirror” another device.

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