If you’ve heard of the Kodi media player, you may be wondering whether there is a smart TV app for it or whether you can install Kodi on a smart TV. The short answer is that it depends on what kind of operating system your smart TV runs on. The rest of this article will answer these questions in detail.

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What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open-source software media player. If it is installed on your device, it can often reduce the need for a web browser or separate apps for each media source you want to play. This can allow you to integrate all of your media into one piece of software, making it easier to find and play movies and TV shows you want to see. Kodi also blocks advertisements from many online TV & movie sites. Kodi can be installed on PC, Mac, Amazon Fire Stick, Android or iOS smartphone, Apple TV, and some smart TVs.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Always use a VPN with Kodi

Whenever you use Kodi through a smart TV or some other device, you should always use a VPN to protect your privacy and security. If you do not use a VPN, your ISP will know that you are watching video and may slow your internet speed if it thinks you are using too much bandwidth. Online TV & movie providers may also block you from watching certain content based on where you are located. In addition, hackers may use man-in-the-middle attacks to steal your data if it is not encrypted by a VPN or through some other method.

Not all VPNs are useful for online TV and movies. Most of them don’t have apps for TV devices like the Amazon Fire Stick. Others aren’t fast enough to handle high-definition video. Still others keep logs of customers’ behaviour or don’t have servers in enough countries to get around geoblocks.

Because of these reasons, we recommend IPVanish for Kodi users. In our tests, we found that it streamed high-def video with no buffering. It has servers in over 60 countries, keeps no logs, and has a native app for Amazon Fire TV Stick and Nvidia Shield.

BEST VPN FOR KODI:IPVanish is our top choice. Has a large uncongested network of servers and achieves good speeds. Strong security and privacy features make IPVanish a favorite for Kodi and Amazon Fire TV Stick users. Try it risk-free with the 7-day money back guarantee.

Is there a smart TV Kodi app? Can you use Kodi on a smart TV?

So how do you know if your TV is compatible with Kodi? Kodi only works on four systems: Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. If your smart TV runs on one of these operating systems, there is probably a Kodi app for it. Even if there isn’t a Kodi app for it, you can still side-load Kodi onto it as long as it runs on one of these systems. If your smart TV doesn’t use one of these systems, then it isn’t compatible with Kodi.

If your smart TV isn’t compatible, you can still attach a TV device to it, such as an Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV and play Kodi through this device. In some cases, you can also “cast” Kodi videos to a smart TV using a mobile device or a Roku.

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How to install Kodi 17 Krypton on an Android OS or other compatible smart TV

Since there are few Windows, iOS, or Linux based smart TVs, the vast majority of Kodi-compatible ones are Android based. If you have a smart TV that runs Android OS, here are the steps to install the current version of Kodi (Kodi 17 Krypton). In the unlikely event that you do have a smart TV running Windows, iOS, or Linux, the steps for these systems will be similar.

  • Connect to the Google Play Store (or other app store)
  • Search for “Kodi”
  • Click Kodi
  • Click install

How to side-load Kodi 17 Krypton if your Android TV can’t access Google Play

Some Android TVs may restrict users from accessing the Google Play store. If this is the case, you can still install Kodi by “side-loading” it. Here are the steps for doing so.

  • From your PC or mobile device, navigate to the Kodi download page found here.
  • Click Android
  • Using the buttons at the bottom of the dialogue box, choose your version of Android. For example, ARMV7A (32BIT), or ARMV8A (64BIT). This will download the Kodi .apk installation file to your device
  • Connect your PC or mobile device to your smart TV.
  • From within your smart TV menu, select settings → security restrictions. Make sure unknown sources is enabled
  • Using the Smart TVs file manager menu, navigate to the place where the .apk file is stored. Click to install.
  • You may be asked what program you want to use to run the file. If so, select package installer or Google Play. It may take a minute or two for Kodi to finish installing.

How to install Kodi 18 beta versions on an Android TV

You may not want to use the current, stable version of Kodi if a newer, beta version has features you need. Beta versions of Kodi are not available in the Google Play store. You’ll need to side-load Kodi if you want to run one of them. Doing this requires using a different .apk file than the one discussed above. Here is how to get the correct .apk file to install Kodi 18 Leia.

  • From your PC or mobile device, navigate to the Kodi download page found here.
  • Click Android
  • Using the tabs at the top of the dialogue box, click development builds
  • Using the buttons at the bottom of the dialogue box, choose your version of Android. For example, ARMV7A (32BIT), X86, or ARMV8A (64BIT)
  • A list of Kodi installation .apk files will appear. The top file is the latest version. Click this file or whatever other version you want to install
  • Now that you’ve got this file saved, the rest of the steps are identical to those of the previous section. Follow the last four steps from “how to side-load Kodi 17 Krypton” above to finish installing Kodi 18 Leia.

How to play Kodi content on a Roku smart TV

While you can’t install Kodi on a smart TV with Roku built in, there is a workaround that will allow you to “cast” Kodi videos to it from a mobile device. Here are the steps to accomplish this.

  • From your Roku TV menu, go to settings → system
  • Click screen mirroring
  • Make sure that enable screen mirroring is checked
  • Using your mobile devices settings menu, enable screen mirroring.

For more info, read our guide to casting Kodi videos to Roku.

What to do if your smart TV isn’t compatible with Kodi

If your smart TV uses a proprietary OS other than Roku, don’t despair. You can still use Kodi on your TV by purchasing a TV device, such as Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV. These devices typically cost less than $100. Alternatively, you can buy a small computer such as a Raspberry Pi or Odroid that runs on LibreELEC (a version of Linux) for about the same price.

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If you’ve got a smart TV and would like to install Kodi, you may have been wondering whether there is a smart TV app or whether Kodi can be installed on a smart TV. The answer is that Kodi can be installed on Android smart TVs or any other smart TVs that use a compatible OS, such as Windows, Linux, or iOS. If your smart TV is not compatible, you can still cast Kodi videos to it from a mobile device or else just install a new TV device to play Kodi videos on your TV.

If you’ve found the information in this article to be useful, please check out our other guides, such as how to watch movies, anime, and sports on Kodi.

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