How to watch the Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees on Kodi

The first Major League Baseball (MLB) games in Europe will be played on June 29 and June 30, 2019. The Boston Red Sox face off against the New York Yankees in a doubleheader matchup at London Stadium. Although streaming of the event will be limited to a few providers you can still watch the Red Sox vs. Yankees London game on Kodi.

Important note: Our guide only recommends official Kodi addons. Watching baseball is a pastime for many and the MLB London series is bound to pique interest even outside of the US and the UK. This doesn’t mean that fans have to turn to unofficial streams, however. There are several official Kodi addons which will allow fans to stream the MLB London Series without the piracy or security risks associated with many third-party addons.

You will need a VPN to watch the MLB London series if you are outside of the UK and US. We’ll explain how and which ones work.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

How to watch MLB’s London Series 2019 on Kodi with a VPN

June 29th Game: UK customers will be able to view the game on TV on BT Sport. If you are a cord-cutter then you can view the action using BBC iPlayer, the BBC Sport website, or through the BT Sport apps and US customers can watch the game on FOX.

June 30th Game: UK customers can again watch this game on TV on BT Sport. Alternatively, UK viewers can turn to BBC’s iPlayer or the BBC Sport website. US customers can watch this game through ESPN.

There are Kodi addons available for many of these services that make it easy to watch the Red Sox vs. Yankees game live.

Do the following to get started with your VPN:

  1. Register for service with a trusted VPN provider. We recommend IPVanish for most services on Kodi. However, you will have to use another service such as  ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhost to access the BBC iPlayer services on Kodi.
  2. Install the relevant VPN app on the same device Kodi is installed on. It is possible to install a VPN directly on your router. This option protects all devices connected to your network. However, this setup can be more complicated. We instead recommend that you install the VPN app on the same device you use Kodi on such as the Nvidia Shield or Amazon Firestick.
  3. Connect to a US or UK based server. If you wish to access a UK-based service such as the BBC iPlayer to view the London series, you will need to connect to a UK VPN server.
  4. Install and stream from a Kodi Addon offering access to MLB London Series streaming.

Please note that Kodi addons aren’t perfect. We also can’t guarantee that you will be able to access any Kodi addon from abroad or through a VPN. For these reasons, we recommend that you test your addon and VPN options before the MLB London Series games begin. This will give you time to explore possible alternatives if needed.

You’ll be able to watch the MLB London Series for free via a few sources. If you already have the BT Sport Pack on BT TV or via Sky TV, you can use your login information to access these services through the BT Sport Kodi addon. Otherwise, the BBC iPlayer Kodi addon since this service can be accessed for free. British law requires that live TV needs to be covered by a TV license whether it is viewed using conventional TV or streamed using a laptop, PC, mobile device, etc.

Kodi addons for US streams from FOX and ESPN are also available, with some limitations.

How to watch MLB’s London Series on Kodi

UK viewers can choose to watch the games using the BT Sport Kodi addon or the iPlayer WWW Kodi addon. US viewers can access ESPN and Fox through Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. Sling TV’s Orange Package will grant access to ESPN while the Blue Package will allow access to Fox. PlayStation Vue’s access package will give viewers access to both Fox and ESPN.

iPlayer WWW Kodi addon – International access to MLB London Series

iplayer www

The BBC iPlayer is available to MLB fans globally. Viewers outside of the UK will need to connect to a UK VPN server through a provider such as ExpressVPN. You can access iPlayer’s functionality through the iPlayer WWW Kodi addon.

The iPlayer WWW Kodi addon is available through the official Kodi addon repository.

You should be able to access the London Series from the Watch Live section of the iPlayer WWW addon.

PS Vue Kodi addon – Free trial subscription available (US)

ps vue masters golf

Playstation Vue (PS Vue) is another option for US-based viewers to catch the MLB London Series. The Access package offers both ESPN and FOX which means that if you sign up for a trial you will be able to catch both of the series’ game days. You can access PS Vue through the PS Vue Kodi addon.

The PS Vue Kodi app is available from the official Kodi addon repository.

To use PlayStation Vue on Kodi, you’ll need to create a free trial account. PlayStation Vue offers a 5-day free trial which you can cancel after the London Series games.

Head to the PS Vue website and select the Access package to sign up. Note that a US-based payment method is required to sign up for the service. Unfortunately, this means that most people outside of the US won’t be able to use this service unless they have a US-based payment method.

In those cases where you do have a US-based payment method but you’re outside of the US, you’ll need to a US VPN server in order to create your free trial PS Vue account.

After creating your PS Vue account and downloading the Kodi addon, you can connect your account to the addon using the login information you used when signing up for the Access package.

Sling TV Kodi addon – Free trial subscription available (US)

Sling TV kodi us masters

Sling TV is an internet TV streaming service similar to PlayStation Vue. You can access 30+ channels including FOX and ESPN via the service.

Download the Sling TV Kodi addon from the official Kodi addon repository.

To get ESPN and/or FOX through Sling TV to view the MLB London series, first go to the website. Your best option is to sign up for the Sling Orange & Blue package. This option provides access to both ESPN and FOX. You could sign up for one of the lesser packages (Sling Orange or Sling Blue) but the Orange package only gives you access to ESPN while the Blue package only gives access to FOX.

Do not choose the 40% off deal, as this requires prepayment and offers no free trial. Regular subscriptions will offer you a 7-day free trial.

Similarly to PS Vue, if you are outside of the US but have a US-based payment method, you may be able to sign up for the service after connecting to a US VPN server.

The email and password you used to sign up for Sling TV can be used to login to the Kodi addon.

MLB’s London Series 2019: Promoting baseball internationally

Baseball actually originated in the UK around 1749, but the game as we know it today developed in the US. MLB is seeking to follow the example of the NFL and NBA, and promote its predominantly US-based sport in new markets. MLB has previously hosted games in Mexico, Japan, Australia, and Puerto Rico but this is the first time it’s hosting games in Europe.

The London Series is part of a 2-year agreement to host a few MLB games in Europe, so expect to come back and watch these games next year as well.

Initiatives like this will help to grow the sport globally and interest is strong among the British public. Ventures like this can also attract non-US youth to the game so it will be interesting to see if there are future MLB events hosted in Europe.