Alice in Borderland Season 2

Alice in Borderland Season 2 will premiere on December 22 2022, keeping fans waiting for two years since the first season of the Japanese thriller was released in 2020. Season 2 will air exclusively on Netflix, but if you want to watch from abroad while you’re traveling, you’ll need a VPN.

We never endorse unlicensed streaming platforms as they are illegal, often bad quality, and may be taken offline without warning. Instead, we recommend using official methods to enjoy the best viewing experience.

When Alice in Borderland Season 2 arrives, it’ll only be on region-locked platforms, so you’ll need to obtain a regional IP address with a VPN to continue watching from abroad.

How to stream Alice in Borderland Season 2 online with a VPN

If you want to watch Alice in Borderland Season 2 from abroad, a virtual private network (VPN) is the best way to do it. A VPN establishes an encrypted connection between your computer and its server, which masks your IP address and makes it appear as if you’re accessing content from another country.

For example, with a European VPN server, you can access any geo-restricted content available for streaming in Europe. This allows you to stream Alice in Borderland Season 2 without worrying about regional restrictions.

Here’s how to watch Alice in Borderland Season 2 abroad with a VPN:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN provider and sign up for an account. We recommend NordVPN, but Surfshark and ExpressVPN are also capable alternatives.
  2. Download and install the provider’s VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a server from the country you want to access Alice in Borderland Season 2.
  4. Open your streaming platform of choice (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, etc.) and start watching!
  5. You can change servers if necessary to prevent connection issues or clear your cookie and browser cache.


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Where can I stream Alice in Borderland Season 2?

Where can I stream Alice in Borderland Season 2?

Alice in Borderland season 2 will get a global release on Netflix on December 22, 2022. Much like season 1, Netflix holds exclusive broadcasting rights, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stream the series on any other platform. If you’re traveling outside your usual location and want to access Netflix, the platform may be geo-restricted, so you’ll need to use a VPN. NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is great if you’re on vacation.

What is Alice in Borderland Season 2 about?

Alice in Borderland Season 2 will have plenty of material to work with. It’ll cover the remaining 33 chapters of Haro Aso’s manga series. At the end of the first season, Arisu had lost his friends Chota and Korube but managed to get through several deadly games before figuring out that Momoka was the ‘Witch.’ This leads him and Usagi to a control room with a stranger called Mira, who announces new upcoming games taking place in Tokyo City – so Arisu’s time in this dangerous game isn’t over yet! Get ready for an even more intense Alice in Borderland Season 2, as we’re bound to uncover some deeper secrets this time around.

Who is in the cast of Alice in Borderland Season 2?

The season 2 cast includes Kento Yamazaki as Ryohei Arisu, and Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi from season one. Joining them will be:

  • Keita Machida as Daikichi Karube
  • Sho Aoyagi as Aguni Morizono
  • Yuki Morinaga as Chota Segawa
  • Nijiro Murakami as Shuntaro Chishiya
  •  Ayaka Miyoshi as Ann Rizuna
  • Aya Asahina as Hikari Kuina
  • Riisa Naka as Mira Kano.

Many viewers were shocked to see Dori Sakurada return for Alice in Borderland’s second season. Sakurada plays Suguru Niragi, one of the antagonists from the first season.

Along with the above cast members, it’s confirmed an additional six faces will appear in the second season.