Watch Black Mirror s6 online

The entire sixth season of Black Mirror was released on June 15 and you can watch it right now from anywhere by using a VPN. If you aren’t already caught up, the first 5 seasons (and of course, the first “choose your own adventure” episode, Bandersnatch) are also available to stream. Below, we’ll let you know how to stream every episode of Black Mirror online for free.

We’ll only be recommending official sources. While shady streaming sites thrive on unofficial uploads of popular shows, we strongly advise against using them. To begin with, they often offer low-resolution videos, and to make matters worse, their content can be taken down at any time for copyright violation. You can watch Black Mirror for free anyway, so there’s no reason to use unauthorized sources.

Black Mirror will primarily be shown on Netflix, a region-locked streaming service. If this show isn’t available on your country’s version of Netflix, you’ll need a VPN to watch it.

How to stream Black Mirror season 6 online

For most people, it’ll be easy to stream Black Mirror season 6 online. As far as we know, Netflix will be releasing this show globally, so you should always be able to watch, even if you’re traveling between countries.

Don’t panic if you don’t already have a Netflix account: this service comes with a one-month free trial. With just 28 episodes in total, you should have enough time to watch the entire show. Not entitled to a free trial or need a little more time? Netflix’s prices vary based on your location, but generally, you can expect to pay around $8.35 USD per month for a standard subscription.

Why can’t I watch Black Mirror on Netflix?

Netflix has occasionally allowed international networks to air its shows in specific countries in the past (House of Cards was shown by Sky in Germany, for instance). Additionally, there are a few countries where Netflix isn’t available (China, North Korea, Crimea, and Syria). This means that not everyone will be able to watch Black Mirror on Netflix. Currently, there are no confirmed international broadcasters other than Netflix, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared just in case.

You can use a VPN to spoof your location and access another country’s version of Netflix abroad. This method will even allow you to sign up for Netflix in countries where it usually isn’t available (although you’ll have to purchase a gift card with the currency of the country your VPN server is in).

Don’t have a VPN yet? We recommend NordVPN. This high-speed VPN offers over 5000 servers in 60 countries and can unblock numerous popular platforms including Netflix US, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu abroad. Best of all, NordVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free. If you’re unsatisfied or only need a VPN to watch Black Mirror, you can cancel to receive a full refund.

How to unblock Netflix abroad with a VPN

If Netflix is blocked in your country or Black Mirror isn’t available in your regional library, you can simply bypass these restrictions using a VPN. Follow the steps below to stream Black Mirror season 6 from anywhere:

  1. First, sign up for a suitable VPN. We’ve already mentioned NordVPN, but Surfshark and ExpressVPN are excellent alternatives too.
  2. Next, download and install the VPN software. There are usually apps for several different operating systems so be sure to get the right one for your device.
  3. Connect to a server in a country where Black Mirror is on Netflix. Most major VPNs can unblock Netflix US, so we recommend using an American server.
  4. Log in and try playing a video.

It should begin immediately but you may see an error saying You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.” Clear your cookies and cache, then refresh the page. If it still doesn’t work, try a different server or contact your VPN provider for further support.

Is Black Mirror available on Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, no. Currently, Netflix is the only streaming service offering Black Mirror, and given the success of the show, it’s unlikely that this will change any time soon. On the plus side, Netflix is available in more countries than Amazon Prime Video, so it’s easier to watch Black Mirror when travelling.

What do we know about season 6 of Black Mirror?

Netflix recently released a trailer for the sixth season of Black Mirror and it seems that this series is going to center around a quasi-fictional streaming service called Streamberry. The new season, like those before it, will put our relationships with technology under a microscope and pose questions about the morality and ethics of tech and also the streaming industry. Below, we’ve provided a brief overview of all five upcoming episodes:

  • S6 E1: Joan Is Awful. A young woman finds her life stolen and broadcasted to the world as part of a trial to provide dedicated content to Streamberry subscribers. The episode stars Selma Hayek and Annie Murphy from Schitts Creek.
  • S6 E2: Loch Henry. A young couple travels to Scotland to film a pilot documentary – accidentally becoming embroiled in a sinister murder mystery.
  • S6 E3: Beyond the Sea: In a divergent 1969, two individuals embarking on a perilous high-tech mission find themselves grappling with the repercussions of an unfathomable tragedy.
  • S6 E4: Mazey Day: A tormented celebrity is relentlessly pursued by intrusive paparazzi as she navigates the aftermath of a hit-and-run incident.
  • S6 E5: Demon 79. Set in 1979 in northern England, a timid sales assistant receives a haunting directive that she must engage in dreadful deeds to avert an impending catastrophe.

Black Mirror season six cast

Black Mirror has always had a cast of recognizable faces and season six will be no different. Below, you’ll find some of the actors and actresses who make an appearance in each episode

Joan Is Awful cast

  • Annie Murphy as Joan
  • Salma Hayek Pinault as herself
  • Avi Nash as Krish
  • Himesh Patel as Krish
  • Rob Delaney as Mac
  • Ben Barnes as Mac
  • Michael Cera as Beppe

Loch Henry cast

  • Samuel Blenkin as Davis
  • Myha’la Herrold as Pia
  • Daniel Portman as Stuart
  • Monica Dolan as Janet
  • Gregor Firth as Kenneth
  • John Hannah as Richard
  • Tom Crowhurst as Iain Adair

Beyond the Sea cast

  • Aaron Paul as Cliff
  • Josh Hartnett as David
  • Kate Mara as Lana
  • Auden Thornton as Jessica
  • Rory Culkin as Kappa

Mazey Day cast

  • Clara Rugaard as Mazey
  • Zazie Beetz as Bo
  • Danny Ramirez as Hector

Demon 79 cast

  • Anjana Vasan as Nida
  • Paapa Essiedu as Gaap
  • David Shields as Michael Smart
  • Katherine Rose Morley as Vicky
  • Shaun Dooley as Len Fisher
  • Nicholas Burns as Keith Holligan