watch Freeform online

Freeform is Walt Disney Television’s young adult television network, but due to licensing restrictions, it is blocked outside of America. This guide explains how anybody can unblock Freeform from overseas using a VPN.

If you want to stream Freeform on vacation, you will need to access an IP address in the US. The easiest way to do this is by using a reliable VPN for Freeform. Not all VPNs are fast enough to watch HD Television streams of Freeform, so you must choose a VPN carefully.

In this guide, we explain how to watch Freeform with a VPN. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions to unblock Freeform and recommend the best Freeform VPNs for the job.

Our VPN recommendations also provide watertight online privacy. The encryption provided by the best VPNs lets you unblock Freeform at work or on campus without being tracked—perfect if your employer is blocking Freeform or any other US TV network.

How to watch Freeform with a VPN

The step-by-step guide below explains the entire process of watching Freeform or any other region-locked US TV service from abroad. Later in this guide, we list official streaming services compatible with Freeform. This will get you streaming as quickly as possible.

Here’s how to watch Freeform anywhere with a VPN:

  1. Pick a reliable VPN for Freeform. We suggest NordVPN due to its high-speed servers in various regions, which are well-suited for streaming platforms that offer Freeform. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, Surfshark is an outstanding choice for streaming Freeform affordably. Alternatively, you could opt for ExpressVPN – a versatile choice that boasts exceptionally fast speeds and servers in over 20 US states that are optimized for streaming.
  2. Follow our link to subscribe to your favorite Freeform VPN. Following our link will implement an automatic coupon code. This allows you to subscribe to a VPN compatible with Freeform at the lowest possible price point.
  3. Download the VPN app. Our recommended VPNs to watch Freeform have apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Stream your favorite shows on any device – at home on a smart TV or a mobile device on the move.
  4. Install the VPN software and launch the application on your streaming device.
  5. Choose a VPN server in the US.  Our recommendations have a choice of fast US servers you work to watch Freeform on Hulu, Fubo TV, or any other over-the-top US platform that carries Freeform.
  6. Navigate to your streaming provider and log in to your account while connected to the VPN.

That is all there is to it! Once your VPN has connected, you will have a valid US IP address that lets you log in and stream to Freeform. If you are a cable subscriber (rather than a cable cutter), you can still stream Freeform by logging into the website using your cable TV provider details. If you don’t have a cable provider or a streaming account, then keep scrolling for a list of options.

If you have any problem streaming Freeform while connected to your VPN, we advise clearing your cookies and cache. Trackers left in your browser during previous sessions can cause a conflict with your VPN by revealing your real location. Once these are cleared you will be able to log in and steam Freeform without any error messages.

What is the best VPN to watch Freeform?

A VPN for Freeform is only reliable if it can provide secure access to US servers optimized for watching streaming services that carry Freeform.  Later in this guide, we will provide various official options for streaming Freeform online. US streaming services require a VPN to stream from abroad.

If you prefer to shop around, we’ve compiled a list of the top VPNs to access Freeform. Each VPN on our list lets you get a US IP address from abroad and includes robust security measures to stream Freeform privately at work.

Note that each VPN has unique characteristics, so check each summary to get the VPN that best suits your needs. Whether you’re a novice seeking an easy-to-use VPN or a family that needs a VPN for multiple devices, we have pinpointed options to suit everyone.

Here are the best VPNs to watch Freeform:

  1. NordVPN: Best VPN to watch Freeform. Offers secure streaming with servers in 111 countries for accessing both US and international content. It features high-speed NordLynx connections, strong encryption, and a strict no-logs policy. Also compatible with Netflix US. 30-day money-back guarantee included.
  2. Surfshark: Budget-friendly VPN for Freeform. Boasts excellent security and fast speeds, with servers in over 100 countries. It supports a strict no-logs policy and allows access to US platforms that carry Freeform, like Hulu and YouTube TV. 30-day money-back guarantee for new users.
  3. ExpressVPN: Secure and reliable. ExpressVPN offers fast, secure connections in over 100 countries, perfect for streaming Freeform and other US platforms abroad or at work. It includes a kill switch, default obfuscation for OpenVPN, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. A little bit more expensive than our top picks.
  4. CyberGhost: An easy choice for beginners. CyberGhost provides labeled streaming servers within its app. It offers servers in over 100 countries, strong encryption, and is perfect for privately unblocking Freeform at work. It comes with a generous 45-day money-back guarantee and is compatible with most major streaming services.
  5. PureVPN: Extremely affordable, PureVPN offers excellent streaming capabilities with servers in 65+ countries. Its apps are feature-rich, optimized for HD streaming via the fast WireGuard protocol, and ensure secure encryption. Offers a money-back guarantee to test its service risk-free to watch Freeform on vacation.
  6. ProtonVPN: ProtonVPN suits tech-savvy users with advanced features like port forwarding, multi-hop, and stealth capabilities. It’s fast for streaming Freeform and ensures privacy for data-intensive activities like torrenting. Includes a no-logs policy, live chat support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


NordVPN is offering a fully featured, risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. You can use the VPN rated #1 for Freeform with no restrictions for a month—great if you need time to test if it’s the right VPN for you.

There are no hidden terms—just contact support within 30 days if you decide NordVPN isn't right for you, and you'll get a full refund. Start your NordVPN trial here.

Where can I watch Freeform online?

If you want to stream Freeform, you’ll need a subscription with a US streaming provider that carries the network. Freeform’s parent company, Disney-ABC, has broadcasting deals with various US streaming services that give you plenty of options to watch Freeform online.

Below, we’ve included a list of streaming providers that carry Freeform in America. You can watch Freeform using any of these services but they are all region-locked to the US. If you go on vacation or live outside of the US, then you will need a VPN to watch Freeform.

How do we pick the best VPNs for Freeform?

The online VPN market is crowded with competing services. Many of those services fall short, offering inferior apps, sluggish servers that are no good for streaming, and even a lack of vital security and privacy features.

As many VPNs compromise on crucial features like strong encryption and fast server speeds, it is easy to end up with a VPN that struggles to support HD streaming on platforms like Freeform.

To help you out, our experienced VPN review team uses a detailed VPN testing methodology, developed over many years. For this guide, we evaluated leading VPNs to find services that uphold stringent privacy standards and work seamlessly to watch Freeform.

Each VPN recommended in this guide has been rigorously tested to ensure it performs well for watching Freeform abroad or on restricted networks. For added clarity, we’ve included the main criteria used to select the best VPNs for Freeform below:

  1. US servers optimized to access Freeform and other popular streams.
  2. High-speed VPN connections to stream Freeform in HD without interruptions.
  3. Advanced privacy tools to ensure confidential streaming at work or in school
  4. A strict no-logs policy and robust encryption for secure access to restricted websites and streaming services abroad or at work.
  5. An extensive global server network to facilitate access to major streaming services across different continents. Extra points if it works with popular services like Netflix US or BBC iPlayer.
  6. Servers fine-tuned for popular online activities, including streaming, gaming, torrenting, and video calling.
  7. Apps compatible with all major platforms to enable Freeform streaming on any device.
  8. Round-the-clock live chat support is ready to help you set up or use the VPN to watch Freeform.

Can I use a free VPN to watch Freeform?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. We have not been able to find any free VPNs with servers in the US that work to watch Freeform on its website or streaming services like Hulu, DirecTV, or YouTube TV.

American streaming services know that consumers try to avoid region locks by using a VPN, this is why they work hard to detect and block as many VPNs as possible. Free VPNs have very few servers, which means it is easy for streaming services to spot and block their IP addresses. As a result, free VPNs are always the first to go.

Besides failing to provide access to popular streaming platforms, free VPNs also have slow speeds. This is usually caused by congestion due to the many users connected to the free VPN worldwide. Free VPNs are a poor choice for streaming and other data-intensive tasks.

Finally, we recommend against using most free VPNs for privacy reasons. Studies have revealed that most free VPNs lack encryption, suffer from leaks, have app and server vulnerabilities, and even hide spyware in their apps.

Free VPNs also have invasive privacy policies that allow them to collect user data and sell it to third parties. Using this type of VPN will cause your browsing habits to be sold to unwanted third parties, such as marketing companies and data brokers. This is the opposite of what a reliable VPN does, which is to provide you with online privacy.

Watching Freeform anywhere with a VPN – FAQs

Why is Freeform blocked outside of the US

Disney’s content is popular all over the world. This makes it easy for Disney to sell its original shows to international streaming platforms the world over.

To be able to license content to foreign streaming services, it is important for US platforms like Freeform to be unavailable internationally. US streaming providers block foreign viewers from subscribing and streaming.

In order to abide by the licensing agreements that Disney Entertainment imposes on them, streaming services monitor each visitor’s IP address. If the user is found to be outside of the US, the platform will serve them a location error message.

Unfortunately, these blocks also affect US citizens on vacation or traveling for work. This is why it is necessary to use a reliable VPN to watch Freeform 0, regardless of why you are outside America.

Do I need a fast VPN to watch Freeform?

Yes. Hundreds of competing VPNs are on the market and they do not all invest in fast servers. Many VPNs cut corners by running their network on cheap servers that easily become congested. This makes most VPNs unsuitable for streaming HD content.

The VPNs we recommend in this guide have fast servers and protocols designed to let you watch Freeform without buffering. You can connect using the Wireguard protocol, or a custom protocol that will keep your VPN running quickly and load videos without negatively affecting playback quality.

Is it legal to stream Freeform outside of the US?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN to access US streaming services like Freeform from abroad is legal, and there have been no known prosecutions for streaming Freeform outside of the US.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that many streaming services state that using a VPN to access their platform from outside the US is against the Terms of Service. This is why streaming services work hard to block as many VPNs as possible.

What can I watch on Freeform?

Freeform is an entertainment network for young adults. It shows content produced by Disney Entertainment and ABC Family Worldwide. Below, we have included a list of popular shows you can watch on Freeform:

  • Grown-ish
  • Chrissy & Dave Dine Out
  • Melissa & Joey
  • Baby Daddy
  • Young and Hungry
  • The Fosters
  • Switched At Birth
  • Siren
  • Motherland: Salem
  • Stitchers
  • Good Trouble
  • Shadowhunters
  • Unexpected
  • Secret life of a American teenager

Can I watch Freeform at work with a VPN?

Yes. Many US workplaces block streaming services that carry Freeform. Blocks on Freeform are imposed to prevent employees from becoming distracted at work. Similar blocks are often also imposed on campus to prevent students from watching TV when they are supposed to be studying.

You can use a VPN to bypass these restrictions in many cases. When you connect to a VPN server at work, you appear to be outside of the work’s wifi. This makes all the local restrictions melt away, allowing you to stream, play games, access social media, or use another website that is usually blocked at work or in school.

The VPNs we have recommended all employ robust encryption. This means you can not only bypass workplace restrictions, but also do so with complete privacy.

That said, we do recommend using common sense. Streaming TV during work could get you in trouble, so it is a good idea to stick to using a VPN on your personal devices and during work breaks and lunch. Use of a VPN is always at your own risk.