watch Hard Knocks - the jets online

Hard Knocks returns on August 8, with a five-episode series focused on the Jets. It’ll air at 22:00 ET (19:00 PT) every Tuesday, although the team was allegedly against being on the show at all, so it’ll be interesting to see what that means for this season. Below, we’ll explain how to stream Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the New York Jets online from anywhere.

Please don’t be tempted to try watching Hard Knocks via unofficial sources. Not only are these notoriously unreliable, they often only offer the bare minimum in terms of video quality. There are plenty of legitimate ways to watch, even outside of the US, and a little further down, we’ll be explaining how you can watch Hard Knocks season 20 for free. In other words, there are simply no benefits to using third-party streams!

The services showing Hard Knocks are all geo-blocked. If you’re traveling abroad and hoping to watch the show on your usual streaming platforms, you’ll need a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

How to stream Hard Knocks online from abroad

VPNs enhance your online privacy by encrypting your web traffic and hiding your true location. This latter feature also lets you access region-specific services from anywhere in the world.

Here’s how to watch Hard Knocks (season 20) from anywhere:

  1. Before we begin, you’ll have to decide which VPN you’d like to use. We recommend NordVPN. That said, Surfshark and ExpressVPN are two top-tier alternatives.
  2. Once you’ve signed up, install the VPN app onto your preferred streaming device. It’s fine if you have a few; most providers let you secure at least five at once.
  3. Choose one of the official broadcasters from the list below.
  4. Log into the VPN and select a server in the appropriate country. You’d use a US server for watching on HBO or a British one for unblocking Sky.
  5. Finally, try to play a video on your chosen service. If it fails to load, we’ve always found that clearing your cookies and refreshing the page fixes most issues. Still struggling? You might want to contact your VPN’s support team for personalized, step-by-step assistance.


NordVPN offers a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. You can use the VPN rated #1 for watching HBO with no restrictions for a full month. This is perfect for anyone hoping to stream the latest episodes of Hard Knocks from abroad.

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How to watch Hard Knocks on US TV

watch Hard Knocks on US TV

New episodes of Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the New York Jets will be added to Max at the same time that they’re shown on traditional TV (22:00 EST every Tuesday). Max costs $9.99 USD per month with ads or $15.99 per month without, and unfortunately, there’s no free trial. However, if you’re already an HBO TV customer, you can just sign into Max with your cable provider details instead.

Things are slightly more difficult if you’d like to watch live. HBO has slowly been removing its live channels from streaming services, and is now only available on YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV (for an additional $15.99 per month).

Of course, recently-aired episodes will be added to these platforms’ on-demand libraries too, so don’t worry if you miss one. Normally, you’d have to pay $72.99 per month for YouTube TV, but it comes with a two-week free trial. In other words, if you can wait a few weeks after the premiere, you’ll be able to sign up, watch all five episodes, and cancel before your payment method is charged.

Max, Hulu, and YouTube TV are all geo-restricted, so you’ll need a VPN to use them abroad. NordVPN includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you the chance to try it completely risk-free. If you’re unimpressed, cancel within 30 days to claim a full refund, no questions asked.

Where else can I watch Hard Knocks online?

Even though football is primarily for an American audience, Hard Knocks has fans all over the world, and is being shown in several countries. Here’s everything we know about streaming Hard Knocks season 20 internationally:


watch Hard Knocks on Canada TV

While previous seasons of Hard Knocks have been exclusive to DAZN in Canada, there’s been no word regarding season 20. We’ll keep an eye out and update this if there’s any news. If Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the New York Jets does come to DAZN Canada, you can expect to pay $24.99 CAD a month or $199,99 annually. Unfortunately, there’s no longer the option of a free trial.

DAZN has different content for different countries. However, if you’re outside of Canada, you can still watch Hard Knocks with the help of a Canadian VPN server. 


watch Hard Knocks on UK TV

Hard Knocks usually airs on Sky Sports Action although we don’t have a confirmed date or broadcaster just yet. Assuming nothing changes (and that you’ve already got a Sky TV subscription), you should be able to watch online using your Sky Go app. Alternatively, it’s possible to stream Sky Sports live online via Now TV, provided you have a Sports Membership. This costs £34.99 per month with no free trial.

Of course, Sky Go and Now TV are both geo-restricted services so you’ll need a VPN if you’re outside of the UK.


watch Hard Knocks on International TV

If you don’t mind waiting until after the initial live broadcast, you can stream episodes of Hard Knocks: the Jets on NFL Game Pass. This streaming service operated by the NFL is available in most countries worldwide. Prices vary by country but, as an example, a subscription in the UK costs £151.

What can we expect from season 20 of Hard Knocks?

Hard Knocks season 20 will follow the New York Jets as they prepare for the upcoming season. However, the team didn’t actually want to be featured, and were essentially forced into it as no other squad volunteered. As such, the filming crew may not have as much access as they usually do, and fans might not get to see the most dramatic moments, such as when players are cut.

On the other hand, we can look forward to a behind-the-scenes look at stars like Aaron Rodgers and Robert Saleh. Additionally, the Jets are something of an underdog this season, so if things go well, we’ll get a closer look at the hard work that goes into making a championship team.