How to watch Outlander Season 5 online

Outlander season 5 will premiere on February 16, and promises to be markedly different than in previous years. With Jamie busy setting up a militia and a grand wedding on the cards though, there’s still plenty to look forward to. Below, we’ll let you know how to live stream Outlander season 5 from anywhere, even abroad.

This article will only cover official sources. Although there will probably be websites that carry pirated streams of Outlander, they may contain malware or have other security problems. In addition, unofficial streams often have laggy, low-resolution video. We do not recommend using unofficial sources to stream Outlander.

The fifth season of Outlander will only be available on region-locked platforms. This means that if you’re abroad and looking to watch on the same services you’d use back home, you’ll need a VPN.

How to watch Outlander season 5 online from abroad

VPNs allow you to spoof your location and access geo-blocked services abroad. Even if you’ve never heard of a VPN before, they’re simple to set-up in just a few minutes.

Here’s how to watch Outlander season 5 online from anywhere in the world:

  1. First, sign up for a suitable VPN. We recommend NordVPN but ExpressVPN and Surfshark are both great alternatives.
  2. Download and install the VPN app, making sure to get the right version for your device.
  3. Decide which service you’d like to unblock and connect to a server in the appropriate location. You’d use a US server for STARZ, for instance, or a British server to watch Amazon Prime Video UK.
  4. Now, create an account on your chosen service. Note that you may need a payment method linked to a local address.
  5. Finally, try watching something. In most cases, your stream should load immediately. If it doesn’t, you can fix many issues by clearing your browser’s cookies and reloading the page.

How to live stream Outlander season 5 on US TV

USA flag

Outlander season 5 will be available exclusively on STARZ in the US. If you already receive this channel as part of your cable package, you can just sign into the website and watch at no added cost.

Looking to stream Outlander without cable? In that case, you have plenty of options. First, you could sign up to STARZ directly; this costs $8.99 USD per month and includes a free seven-day trial, making it ideal for anyone looking to get caught up before the new series starts. Alternatively, if you have a subscription to an over-the-top TV service, you may find that STARZ is included already; Sling TV, Hulu, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV Now all offer this channel as standard.

All of these services are region-locked, so if you’re traveling outside of the US, you’ll need a VPN to access them. NordVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can use it to stream Outlander risk-free. If you’re unsatisfied, just cancel to claim a full refund, no-questions-asked.

Where else can I watch Outlander season 5 online?

STARZ has licensed Outlander to different streaming services in different countries. Here is where to watch Outlander in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.


Canadian flag

In Canada, Outlander season 5 is available on W Network. Each new episode airs at 9 PM EST, the same time as it’s shown in the US. To watch online, navigate to the official W website and log in with your TV provider. W hasn’t said what day or time each episode will be posted to the website. But the usual practice for most networks is to post new episodes either the night they air or the day afterward.

W Network is geo-blocked, so you’ll need a VPN to use it from outside of Canada.


British flag - union jackBritish flag - union jack - UK

In the UK, new Outlander episodes are available the day after they air through Amazon Prime. UK residents can sign up for Amazon Prime Video at a cost of £7.99/month, with a 30-day free trial. If you don’t want to subscribe to Prime, another option is to rent Outlander episodes the day after they air for £2.49 apiece.


australia flag

In Australia, Outlander is broadcast on Foxtel every Monday at 7:30 PM AEST beginning with the premiere on February 17. New episodes can be viewed online through the Watch Foxtel app and website. Alternatively, users can sign up for a Foxtel Now subscription and watch without cable. This costs $25 AUD/month for the least expensive option.

Can I stream Outlander with a free VPN?

Instead of charging a subscription fee, free VPNs record data about what customers are doing online. They then sell this information to advertisers. This practice raises concerns about privacy.

Free VPNs also have data limits that are usually too low to allow for streaming video. And they have thousands of users trying to connect to poor infrastructure that is hardly ever upgraded. Their limitations and privacy concerns make them a very poor option for most activities, even web browsing.

We only recommend VPNs that have high speeds and robust privacy protections. Unfortunately, no free VPNs that we know of currently fit that description. However, many excellent VPNs offer subscriptions as low as $3-$7 per month if you sign up for a long enough term. Check out our list of the Best VPNs in 2020.

Outlander: The story so far

Outlander is a TV drama based on the series of books by Diana Gabaldon with the same name. It was developed by Ronald D. Moore (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Battlestar Galactica, Helix). It stars Catriona Balfe as Claire Randall (later Claire Fraser) who finds herself transported back in time after visiting Craigh na Dun. She ends up in the 18th century, where she meets some Scottish highlanders being chased by British troops.

Claire falls in love with one of the highlanders named James Frazer. In the process, she gets caught up in the Jacobite rebellion as it spreads into France. Fans of Outlander love the way it weaves historical facts into the plot of the story. There is information about the Scottish-British wars of the 1700’s, the Jacobite rebellion in France, and many other events in European history. They also enjoy the complex plot twists, gory action scenes, and strong characters of the series.

If you want to catch up on the previous seasons before watching the new one, the entire series is available on the STARZ app and website in the US and Amazon Prime in the UK.