How to watch Amazon Prime UK abroad

Amazon Prime Video UK offers some exclusive content that isn’t available in other versions. For example, it has the rights to broadcast some English Premier League (EPL) football matches. However, Amazon Prime Video restricts content based on your location, so if you try to watch Amazon Prime UK when traveling abroad, you won’t have access to all the content you want.

Thankfully, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help. A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through another server in a location that you choose. You’re assigned an IP address from that location making it appear that you’re located there. This can trick websites into granting you access to content that is otherwise blocked.

That said, Amazon Prime Video has very strict geo-restriction measures that only some VPNs can bypass. Those that do work with the service tend to focus on granting access to the US version from abroad, so even fewer can get you into the UK version. One VPN that definitely works is NordVPN. We’ll explain more below, but this top-rated provider offers incredible speeds, tight security, and a 30-day no-fuss money-back guarantee.

How to watch Amazon Prime UK abroad with a VPN

A VPN sounds a bit complex, but setting one up is straightforward. Just follow the simple steps below.

Here’s how to watch Amazon Prime Video UK abroad with a VPN:

  1. Subscribe to your chosen VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN.
  2. Download the appropriate app for your device.
  3. Install the app and log in using your new credentials.
  4. Connect to a server in the UK.
  5. Log in to your Amazon Prime Video UK account and you should be able to access it as normal.

If you run into issues, it may be a simple case of clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and trying again.

Amazon Prime Video restrictions

Amazon Prime Video is available in countries across the globe. However, like streaming giant Netflix, it offers a different library of content depending on where you’re located. This is because when it obtains rights to broadcast a show, movie, or event (for example, a football match), those rights only apply to certain regions. The exception is Amazon’s own original content which it can broadcast wherever it wants.

When you sign up for Amazon Prime Video, you can access a library of content that’s specific to the region in which you signed up. When you travel to another region, the content you have access to may depend on where your account originates from and where you’ve traveled to.

In some cases, you can unlock Amazon Prime content from abroad using a VPN no matter where your account originates. For example, my account is registered in Canada, but by connecting to a VPN server in the US, I can unlock Amazon Prime US.

Amazon Prime UK works a bit differently. In this case, you need a specific Amazon Prime UK account to watch content through That said, it’s possible to sign up for a UK account from another country (outside the UK). You don’t need a UK payment method to do this. However, when outside the UK, you will see that some content is unavailable. Depending on licensing, you may have the option to purchase the content separately or no option to watch at all.

For example, here’s what I see when I want to watch a geo-restricted piece of UK-only content while in Canada:

A piece of blocked content.

Thankfully, by connecting to a NordVPN UK server, I can now view the restricted content. I see a blue Watch Now or Continue watching button and the video plays with no issues.

The above piece of content unblocked.

I was also able to watch EPL games (both live and replays) with no issues.

Can I unblock Amazon Prime Video UK on mobile?

In short, yes, but only if your original account is based in the UK.

Things work a little differently on mobile as you can’t watch through the Amazon UK website. Below you can see that using a NordVPN UK server at first appears to unlock restricted content on the mobile site, similar to desktop.

Blocked and unblocked mobile content.

However, when you try to play the content, you’re directed to the Amazon Prime Video app. The restrictions in the app are different from those on the site and you can only play content that is available in your home country. For example, my account is in Canada, so if I try to watch UK content, I get the following error messages:

“The video you’re trying to play is available in the United Kingdom, but your account is in Canada. To change your account, please contact Amazon Customer Service.”

“Problem Occurred We’re unable to load TV details. Please try again later.”

Note that you may see different error messages depending on your location and device.

Error messages when trying to watch Amazon Prime UK abroad on mobile.

If your original account is in the UK and you try watching from abroad, you won’t run into this issue. Instead, when you connect to a UK VPN server, you should be able to watch as normal.

Unblocking other Amazon Prime Video libraries

This is where things get a bit complex. For some countries, including the US and the UK, you can watch Amazon Prime Video content directly through the Amazon website (via desktop). Viewing content from these libraries is simple when traveling abroad. All you need to do is use the steps outlined above to watch as normal.

However, in other regions (including Canada and Australia), you can no longer watch content directly through the corresponding Amazon site, for example, Instead, when you select Prime Video content, you are redirected to the website.

This works differently from the Amazon site but similarly to the mobile app. This means that you will only ever have access to your home library of content on the site. This library is restricted when you travel abroad. For example, if your account is in the US, you will have access to content that is available in the US and the country you are traveling to. That said, using a VPN, you can access your entire home library.

Summary of access to Amazon country versions

The table below summarizes the information provided above. Note that this is based on our tests, but you may find that you have different experiences depending on your location and where your account originates. In addition, Amazon seems to switch things up regularly in terms of Amazon Prime Video access, but we will aim to keep this page as up to date as possible.

 Desktop - When abroad you can watch on:Mobile - When abroad you can watch on:
Amazon Prime (need a dedicated UK account to access) or (can only access full UK library if account originates in the UK)The Prime Video app (can only access full UK library if account originates in the UK)
Amazon Prime (don’t need a dedicated US account) or (can only access full US library if account originates in the US)The Prime Video app (can only access full US library if account originates in the US)
Amazon Prime (can only access full Canada library if account originates in Canada)The Prime Video app (can only access full Canada library if account originates in Canada)
Amazon Prime (can only access full Australia library if account originates in Australia)The Prime Video app (can only access full Australia library if account originates in Australia)