Pennyworth season 3

Pennyworth season 3 is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, October 6. The first three episodes will drop on the 6th, with subsequent episodes arriving a week apart. According to early speculation, season 3 will begin to focus more closely on the evolution of each character’s involvement with the original Batman canon.

If you’re traveling outside the US, you’ll find that Pennyworth season 3 is unavailable to stream due to licensing agreements. Luckily, you can use a VPN to unblock HBO Max and live stream Pennyworth season 3 from anywhere.

We’re only recommending official sources to watch Pennyworth season 3 online. You may find unauthorized streams, but they’re likely to be taken offline for copyright infringement. Furthermore, they’re usually low resolution and with a lot of buffering. By using the official sources listed below, you can ensure you’re watching in the highest quality without the risk of missing out.

Pennyworth season 3 will only be shown on region-locked platforms. To watch abroad via your regular home streaming services, you’ll need to connect to a VPN.

How to watch Pennyworth season 3 online with a VPN

A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and provides you with a different IP address. As most geo-restricted websites rely on this to tell your location, you can trick them into granting you access abroad by connecting to a server in another country. VPNs aren’t just useful for beating geo-blocking: they also encrypt your data, helping to keep you anonymous online.

Here’s how to watch Pennyworth season 2 online from anywhere:

  1. The first step is to sign up with a VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN although Surfshark and ExpressVPN are two strong alternatives worth considering.
  2. Next, you’ll need to download and install the appropriate VPN app (or browser extension) for the device on which you want to watch Pennyworth season 2.
  3. Open the VPN app before connecting to a server in the United States. This is how you obtain a US IP address for unblocking and streaming HBO Max abroad.
  4. Now you can go to HBO Max and log in to your account (or sign up if you don’t have one already). All HBO Max content should now be unblocked in your location.
  5. Still blocked? You may need to clear your browser’s cookies or connect to another server for a different IP address.

Pennyworth season 3 will be available exclusively on HBO Max. To avoid missing out on the season premiere, you should test your VPN with HBO Max in advance. Having trouble? It’s a good idea to contact your VPN customer support for further assistance.


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How to watch Pennyworth season 3 on US TV

watch Pennyworth season 3 online in the USA

Seasons 1 and 2 of Pennyworth were previously available exclusively on Epix. However, after nearly being canceled forever, Pennyworth has now moved to HBO Max. This is fortunate for fans of the show – but not a surprise – considering that Time Warner is the parent company of both HBO Max and DC Comics.

Unfortunately, this does mean that anybody wanting to watch Pennyworth season 3 will need to pay for an HBO Max subscription. This will cost you $14.99 per month.

Remember that HBO Max is region locked for licensing reasons. This means that you will need to connect to a VPN server to watch Pennyworth on vacation. A VPN will give you a valid US IP address no matter where you happen to be traveling.

Our recommended VPNs have been tested and all have servers in the US that work to watch HBO Max abroad.

You can even try them risk-free thanks to their money-back guarantee. If you decide a VPN isn’t for you, or you have any trouble watching your HBO account from abroad – simply ask for a full refund.

Where else can I watch Pennyworth season 3?

It’s important to keep in mind that Pennyworth will premiere on HBO Max. However, there will probably be other ways to watch season 3 once it has finished airing.

The best bet is to keep an eye on your local streaming services – and if HBO Max is available where you live – take out a subscription, as it should be available right away.

Bear in mind that HBO Max is now available in 61 territories worldwide and you will be able to watch the premiere of Pennyworth on October 6 in all of those locations. Below, we have included a list of countries where you will be able to watch Pennyworth on HBO Max:

  • 39 territories in Latin America
  • The Caribbean
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Moldova
  • Montenegro
  • Netherlands
  • North Macedonia
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • Iceland
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania


watch Pennyworth season 3 online in Canada

Pennyworth season 3 is coming to Showcase in Canada. The premiere will be available on Tuesday, October 11 at 9 ET.

You can watch Showcase via select cable TV providers. In order to watch online, simply sign in via Global TV using your cable TV login details. You can also log in and stream Showcase via Novus, Execulink, River TV, Shaw, Rogers, Bell, and Cogeco, and various other platforms.

If you don’t have a cable TV provider, you can watch Showcase on StackTV via Amazon Prime Video Channels. In Canada, Amazon Prime Video costs $7.99 CAD per month while StackTV is available as a $12.99/month add-on.

Remember that all the options above are region locked to Canada. This is because Showcase exclusively licenses shows for the Canadian market. As a result, you will need to use a VPN to get a valid Canadian IP address to stream Pennyworth season 3 abroad.


watch Pennyworth season 3 online in the UK

Pennyworth season 3 should also be coming to the UK. This was the case for season 1 and 2 which aired on StarzPlay nearly three months after their initial release. Just bear in mind that there is no UK release date yet, so hardcore fans in the UK may want to connect to a US server to watch it in HBO Max.

You can watch StarzPlay online via the StarzPlay app or via Amazon Prime Video. Either way, it costs £5.99 per month.

StarzPlay is only available in the UK, so you will need to connect to a UK VPN server to get a UK IP address. This will allow you to watch Pennyworth while abroad, if it dies eventually come to the platform.

What can we expect from Pennyworth season 3?

Pennyworth season 3 should consist of 10 episodes in total. It is expected to be set around 5 years after the end of season 2.

According to early rumors, the new season will start to delve more closely into the development of each character in the original Batman canon. Pennyworth will be focused on the Raven Society’s attempts to take over the British government and Alfred will team up with the No Name League, which includes Batman’s future parents in its ranks.

This is what Warner’s official press release says:

“the civil war is over, and a cultural revolution has changed the world for better or worse – ushering in a new age of superheroes and supervillains.”

It is also worth noting that the official name for the show has now been changed. It is now called: Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler.

Which cast members are returning for Pennyworth season 3?

All of the key cast members are back for Pennyworth season 3. This of course includes Jack Bannon as the eponymous Alfred Pennyworth. Expect to see plenty of familiar faces including Deon ‘Bazza’ Bashford (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett), Wallace ‘Dave Boy’ MacDougal (Ryan Fletcher), Mrs Pennyworth (Dorothy Atkinson), and Bet Sykes (Paloma Faith). James Purefoy will return as Captain Gulliver Troy, Edward Hogg as Colonel Salt, and Jessye Romeo as Katie Browning.