watch Sanditon season 3

If you want to stream the premiere of Sanditon season 3 online, you have a few options. The new series will drop on March 19th on PBS Masterpiece in the US and March 19th on Brit Box in the UK. If you are currently on vacation outside of the US or the UK, you will need to use a VPN to watch the show.

Not all VPNs have fast enough servers to access leading streaming services like PBS Masterpiece and BritBox. In addition, streaming providers have now blocked many VPNs to prevent people from bypassing regional locks. This means that you must pick a VPN for Sanditon carefully.

Our recommendations have servers in the US that provide a valid American IP address. They also have UK IPs that work to log in and stream from a UK BritBox account abroad. We tested each of our VPN recommendation’s servers to ensure they work to watch Sanditon on vacation from anywhere.

Sanditon is only available on region-locked streaming services. If you want to continue watching on your usual platforms while traveling abroad, you’ll need the help of a VPN.

Scroll down for a detailed guide that explains how to watch Sanditon season 2 with a VPN. We have included the best VPNs to watch Sanditon abroad – and various regional options for streaming Sanditon season 3 online.

How to watch Sanditon Season 3 with a VPN

Using a VPN to watch season 3 of Sanditon abroad is easy. We already scoured the internet searching for VPNs that work to watch Sanditon on vacation. This means you can simply follow the instructions below to watch the premiere of Sanditon as soon as it drops.

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Here’s how to watch Sanditon Season 3 online from anywhere:

  1. Choose a VPN for Sanditon that works. We recommend NordVPN because as the best all-around VPN to securely access Sanditon abroad. Alternatively, Surfshark is reliable, fast and very cheap – and ExpressVPN is extremely well respected.
  2. Follow our link to subscribe to the VPN. As mentioned, our link will help you sign up for your VPN subscription at the lowest possible cost.
  3. Download the VPN app onto your device. Our recommended VPN for Sanditon has apps for all platforms. That means you can watch Sanditon online on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.
  4. Install the VPN app and log in using your credentials.
  5. Choose a VPN server where the streaming provider is located and click connect. Now head over to your preferred streaming service to watch Sanditon. 

To stream Sanditon Season 3 you will need a subscription with a streaming service that carries the show. To help you out, we have provided information about where to watch the hotly anticipated second season of Sanditon below.

If, for some reason, your streaming service still serves you an error while connected to the VPN, we recommend that you check with your provider to make sure you are using the right server. Each VPN has servers that are specially assigned for accessing streams, so check in with the live chat agents. If you still have problems, clear the cookies and cache in your browser.


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Where can I stream Sanditon online?

The section below provides information about where to watch Sanditon season 3 online in various countries. All the services we have recommended are official and can only be accessed within their valid regions. This is why it is necessary to use a VPN if you leave the country on vacation.

How to watch Sanditon online in the US

How to watch Sanditon online in the US

In the US, PBS has signed on to broadcast season 3 of Sanditon. This means that anybody in America can watch S3 of Sanditon when it debuts on March 19th. To stream PBS Masterpiece online, it is necessary to have an Amazon Prime Video subscription. As long as you have a Prime account, you can pay an additional $5.99 monthly for the PBS Masterpiece add-on.

Please note that PBS Masterpiece is exclusively available through Amazon Prime in the US. If you are currently subscribed to a different streaming platform, such as Hulu, DirecTV, or Sling TV, you cannot watch the new season of Sanditon.

As with other popular streaming services, PBS Masterpiece is geo-restricted. This means it is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers in the USA. If you leave the country on vacation, you must connect to a VPN server in America to get a valid IP address there.

The good news is that our top recommendation is the #1 most recommended VPN for Amazon Prime Video USA. It has a choice of US servers across the country so that you can get the best possible speeds no matter where you are.

How to watch Sanditon online in the UK

How to watch Sanditon online in the UK

British fans of Sanditon will be thrilled that ITV has picked up the rights to broadcast Sanditon season 3 on March 19th! The new season will air live on ITV1, which is available on terrestrial TV at no added cost.

If you don’t have terrestrial TV, you can catch the live streams on ITVX, but you’ll need to create an account to start watching.

If you cannot catch the live stream, you’ll be able to catch the show on-demand via ITVX after it airs.

As you probably already know, ITV is geo-restricted. This means anybody with a UK ITVX account must have valid UK IP to log in and stream content. The good news is that you can use any VPNs recommended in this guide to connect to a VPN server in England and watch Sanditon abroad.

Can I stream Sanditon season 3 online in Canada?

How to watch Sanditon online in Canada

The good news for Sanditon fans in Canada is that PBS launched its online streaming service PBS Passport there in 2021. This means that Canadian viewers will be able to watch the show’s premiere simultaneously with viewers in America. A subscription to PBS Passport costs $60 CAD per year and can be set up to be paid in monthly installments of $5.

The Canadian version of PBS Passport is region-locked, which means it is only available to viewers located in Canada. As a result, it will be necessary to connect to a VPN server in Canada. This will give you a valid Canadian IP address, which means you can log in to watch Sanditon on PBS passport while on vacation.

How to watch Sanditon Season 3 online in Australia

How to watch Sanditon online in Australia

Australian viewers will be happy to find out that Sanditon season 3 will be available on Foxtel’s BBC First channel. A subscription to stream Foxtel online costs AU$59 per month, which is fairly pricey. However, it does come with over 50 channels and comprehensive sports coverage.

Those interested in a cheaper option will be happy to learn that BBC First is also available via the Australian TV streaming service BINGE, which costs AU$10 per month for the basic plan. Australian fans of Sanditon must be a little patient. The show will premiere on March 22.

Just remember that both Foxtel and BINGE are geo-restricted for viewers in Australia only. If you leave the country on vacation or for work, you must connect to a VPN server in Australia to watch the show. This will give you a valid Australian IP address.

How many episodes are there in Season 3 of Sanditon?

The fan-favorite period drama reaches its epic conclusion in these six thrilling episodes of Sanditon.

  1. In Episode 1, Charlotte returns to the society event of the year with her fiancé—only to find her feelings for Colbourne resurfacing. 
  2. In Episode 2, Georgiana is presented with an almost impossible task…but help comes from a surprising place. 
  3. Episode 3 sees a surprise visit and the Colbourne’s shooting party going ahead while Charlotte confronts everything she’s lost.
  4. Episode 4 has Charlotte desperately trying to keep her distance from Colbourne while Georgiana looks for a way to protect herself.
  5. Meanwhile, in Episode 5, love flourishes elsewhere as Arthur’s heart gets broken. 
  6. And in the finale—Episode 6 – Charlotte finally wants to reveal her true feelings…but is thwarted by a shocking revelation. Will Georgiana’s worst fears come true? Find out how it all ends now!

What is Sanditon about?

Sanditon is the TV adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished last book of the same name. The steamy period drama originally aired on the UK’s ITV channel. However, it was later shock-dropped after just one season; causing a huge uproar from fans. Thankfully, PBS, which aired the show in America, eventually teamed up with BritBox to bring the show back, and it has now been green-lighted for both seasons 2 and 3.

In Season 1, Sanditon follows the story of Charlotte Heywood, a young English woman who decides to join an entrepreneur called Tom Parker and his family in Sanditon, a seaside resort that the rich family is developing. The show primarily centered on the social aspects involved in the town, with steamy romance at the forefront.

Season 1 also portrayed the female protagonists organizing a sugar boycott to protest against slavery connected with the sugar trade.

In season 2 of Sanditon, the allure of military men, a mainstay in Austen novels,  enticed the eligible women of Sanditon with their experience in romance. As a result, Season 2 continues with the theme of romantic entanglement, with various new men coming onto the scene to woo the English ladies.

In season 3, it’s an exciting time in Sanditon as Charlotte Heywood returns with her eager fiancé! The occasion? Georgiana Lambe’s 21st birthday and a lavish celebration. But the reunion between Charlotte and Alexander Colbourne brings up old feelings and new questions.

While there’ll be plenty of grand parties and witty banter, the ladies of Sanditon will also face dilemmas they must tackle head-on. Yet, through it all, their friendship remains strong—no matter what challenges arise.

And that’s not all… Mysterious alliances, plot twists, and unexpected love stories await in Season 3! Step into the world of Sanditon this season, where friendship, resilience, and secrets intertwine to deliver a captivating experience.

What is the cast for Sanditon season 3?

Head to the seaside resort of Sanditon, and you’ll find a wealth of familiar faces in Season 3! There’s no shortage of intrigue from Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris) to the mysterious Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes, The Crown). But that’s not all–the tireless Parker family returns with Tom (Kris Marshall, Death in Paradise), his wife Mary (Kate Ashfield, A Confession), and brother Arthur (Turlough Convery, Les Misérables). There’s Lady Denham (Anne Reid, Last Tango in Halifax) and her double-dealing nephew Edward (Jack Fox, Cheaters). Don’t forget about Colbourne’s tomboyish daughter Leonora (Flora Mitchell) or his rebellious niece Augusta (Eloise Webb, The Queen’s Gambit). Whom will she fall for?

The captivating cast will be joined by some exciting new faces as well! Lady Montrose (Emma Fielding, Cranford) is determined to find matches for her grown children: Lydia (Alice Orr-Ewing, The Theory of Everything) and Lord Henry Montrose (Edward Davis, Emma). Meanwhile, Rowleigh Pryce (James Bolam, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner) brings an intriguing past with him, while Samuel Colbourne is a charming lawyer who has come up from London.

With so many charming characters already present at Sanditon and more on the way – what romantic possibilities await us? Get ready to find out when the action kicks off in Season 3!