Top Gear (Season 28)

Season 28 of Top Gear starts at 8 PM GMT (3 PM EST / 12 PM PST) on January 26. There’ll be six episodes in total, with a new one every Sunday night. If you’re looking to live stream Top Gear while abroad on vacation, you’re in luck: below, we’ll let you know exactly how to unblock and watch Top Gear online free from anywhere in the world.

It’s important to mention that we’ll only be recommending official Top Gear broadcasters. Although unlicensed streams will almost certainly be available, we don’t recommend using these. For one, the video quality is often very poor. More importantly, though, these streams are often taken offline by the copyright holder partway through. The good news is that you can watch Top Gear season 28 for free online anyway, so there’s no need to use shady streams.

Note that Top Gear will only be shown on region-locked streaming platforms. This means that if there’s no official broadcaster in the country you’re in, you’ll need a VPN to access your home streaming services.

How to stream Top Gear online abroad with a VPN

Often, streaming services are only available in specific countries, and they usually find the user’s location by examining their IP address. VPNs let you change your IP address to one from a location of your choice, so it becomes incredibly simple to bypass regional blocking. Below is a quick guide to unblocking Top Gear from abroad.

Here’s how to watch Top Gear (Season 28) online free from anywhere:

  1. First, you’ll have to sign up for a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN but CyberGhost and NordVPN are both excellent low-cost alternatives.
  2. Next, download and install the appropriate version of the app for your device.
  3. Connect to one of your VPN’s British servers. The city you choose doesn’t matter, although you can expect a slightly slower connection the further away you are.
  4. Create a free BBC iPlayer account. Note that you’ll have to provide a postal code, but any valid British postal code with work.
  5. Finally, try playing a video on BBC iPlayer. It should load right away but if not, you can fix most issues by clearing your browser’s cookies and reloading the page.

New episodes of Top Gear will be broadcast live, so we recommend spending a few minutes ahead of time making sure your VPN works as expected. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing the start of an episode since you’ll have plenty of time to get help from your VPN’s customer support team.

How to stream Top Gear for free on UK TV

British flag - union jackBritish flag - union jack - UK

Season 28 of Top Gear will air exclusively on BBC2, which means you can stream it live online via BBC iPlayer. This service is completely free to use, although you will have to create an account first. This should only take a minute since all you have to do is enter some basic personal information and verify your email address.

You should note that British legislation requires you to have a TV license to watch anything on BBC iPlayer. Despite this, the service doesn’t actually verify whether you have one or not and operates on an honor system.

BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted and only available in the UK. However, if you’re abroad on vacation, you can access it using a VPN. Don’t have one yet? ExpressVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to stream Top Gear risk-free. If you’re unimpressed, just cancel to receive a full refund.

Where else can I watch Top Gear online?

While there are plenty of international Top Gear spinoffs, season 28 of the British version is only being shown in a couple of countries. Take a look below to find out how you can stream Top Gear season 28 online outside of the UK:


USA flag

BBC America has broadcast prior seasons of Top Gear and there’s no reason to suspect anything will be different this time around. There is no confirmed broadcast date, although it’s likely to air in the US shortly after its UK release.

If you already receive BBC America as part of your cable TV package, you can simply sign in and start watching at no extra cost. Don’t worry, though, there are plenty of ways to stream Top Gear online without cable too, since you can log in using a fuboTV, YouTube TV, or AT&T TV Now account. These are all paid services although some offer free trial periods. You’ll need a US payment method to sign up.

The above services are region-locked, so if you’re outside of the US, you’ll need to use one of your VPN’s American servers.

What can fans expect from season 28 of Top Gear?

Given how varied prior seasons of Top Gear have been, it’s almost impossible to predict what is to come. However, the trailer for season 28 does give us some clues. Chris Harris, Paddy McGuiness, and Freddie Flintoff will all be returning as hosts, and the first episode will be another “how far can the hosts get in a really inexpensive car”-type adventure across Nepal.

Other highlights include a drag race against an F-35 fighter jet, doing doughnuts on a golf driving range, and driving down the side of a dam. It’s unclear how exactly these segments will all fit together, but one thing’s for sure: this season looks to be as action-packed as ever.