Young Rock season 3

The third series of Young Rock will officially premiere at 20:30 ET/PT on November 4. According to the show’s co-creator Nahnatchka Khan we can expect the new season to explore Dwayne Johnson’s film career – meaning that this season should pick up the story of the Rock’s life from 2002. In this guide, we will explain how to watch Young Rock season three online, even if you’re currently traveling abroad.

We will only recommend official streams, and while unofficial ones may be available, we recommend against these because they are low quality, expose you to the threat of malware, and are subject to takedowns for copyright violation. With lots of ways to watch Young Rock legitimately, there’s really no reason to resort to unlicensed streams.

Young Rock will only be broadcast on region-locked streaming services. If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to watch on the same channels you’d use back home. 

How to stream Young Rock online from abroad

A VPN is a tool designed to give you online privacy. It works by encrypting your data and giving you an IP address in a remote location. By connecting to a server back home, you can watch your usual streaming services from abroad.

Not all VPNs have a valid US IP address that works to watch Young Rock abroad. Below, we have pinpointed the best VPNs to watch Young Rock on vacation.

Here’s how to watch Young Rock season 3 online from anywhere:

  1. The first step is choosing the right VPN. We recommend NordVPN, although Surfshark and ExpressVPN are both excellent, high-performance alternatives.
  2. Next, download your VPN onto the device you use for streaming. Our recommendations have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android to let you watch Young Rock anywhere.
  3. Log in and select a server in your home country. This will get you a local IP address, making it seem like you never left.
  4. Now, simply visit your country’s Young Rock broadcaster and watch the show. If you have any problems, clear your cookies and cache and refresh the page.

Young Rock season 3 will be broadcast live, so we encourage you to make sure your VPN works as expected ahead of time. This only takes a few minutes and can save you from missing the start of a new episode. All of the VPNs mentioned above offer 24/7 live chat, making it as easy as possible to get help.


NordVPN offers a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. You can use the VPN rated #1 for streaming Young Rock with no restrictions for a full month. As such, it’s great for anyone hoping to watch new episodes while on a short trip abroad. 

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How to watch Young Rock season 3 online on US TV

US Flag

NBC has exclusive rights to show Young Rock season 3 in the US. If you’re with a supported cable TV provider, you can sign into the website and start streaming live at no added cost.

Alternatively, watching Young Rock without cable is possible by logging in to fuboTV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, or Sling TV. While most of these services include a free trial, they’re fairly expensive afterward, so we wouldn’t recommend them unless you’re really wanting to watch the new season live.

Instead, we suggest signing up for Peacock. Episodes will be uploaded the day after they air (starting November 5), and the entire first two seasons are available to watch with a free account. It’s unlikely that season 3 will be free as well, but premium plans are only $4.99 (GBP £3.78) per month.

The services above are all geo-restricted, so you’ll need a VPN to use them outside of the US. NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you try it risk-free before making a decision. If you’re not impressed, just cancel during this window for a full refund.

Where else can I watch Young Rock online?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has become an unavoidable figure in the last decade and naturally has fans worldwide. Here’s a short breakdown of international broadcasters for Young Rock season 3:


Australia flag

In Australia, Binge is the official broadcaster for Young Rock. It currently has the first two seasons of Young Rock – and will start adding new episodes from November 6.

The cheapest Binge plan costs AUD$10 per month. The good news is that you can give it a test run using its 14-day trial. This means that if you’re willing to wait until the season is over, you can just sign up, stream it, then cancel within two weeks to avoid being charged.

Alternatively, you can also watch season 3 of Young Rock on Foxtel’s FOX8 channel.

Bear in mind that both of these services are region locked to Australia. This means that you will need to use a VPN to get a valid Australian IP address if you want to watch Young Rock on vacation.


British flag - union jackBritish flag - union jack - UK

In the UK, most of Peacock’s content is made available on Now TV. However, there’s no official word on when we can expect to see the third season of Young Rock.

Last time, British fans had to wait about six months after the US premiere. We recommend that you keep an eye on the local press to find out exactly when Young Rock season 3 will be arriving across the pond.

Now TV is region-locked, so you’ll need to connect to a British VPN server to access it while traveling abroad.

What do we know about season three of Young Rock?

There’s a short promo video for Young Rock season 3, but it doesn’t really tell us anything about what is going to happen in season 3.

However, series co-creator Nahnatchka Khan has stated that it will begin to focus on the period in Johnson’s life when he began starring in movies. This is what she said in a previous interview:

“That is all to come. We haven’t even scratched that. The fact that he becomes a movie star. He’s gotta become The Rock first and then that’s gotta be like, ‘Uh…hey, maybe I want to get into movies.’ The path to The Rock, to being the biggest wrestling superstar on the planet, and what happened then? Why did he decide, ‘Oh, I want to go into movies.”

Who’s starring in Young Rock season 3?

Naturally, Dwayne Johnson plays himself. However, he’ll be joined by Adruan Groulx, Bradley Constant, and Uli Latukefu, all of whom portray him at different points in his life. It’s impossible to create a show about The Rock without a colorful crew of secondary characters, though; here’s a quick who’s who of the Young Rock main cast:

  • Joseph Lee Anderson as Rocky Johnson
  • Stacey Leilua as Ata Johnson
  • Adam Ray as Vince McMahon
  • Matthew Farrelly as Ric Flair
  • Brett Azar as The Iron Sheik
  • Kevin Makely as Randy Savage
  • Emmett Skilton as Ed Orgeron
  • Rich Morrow as Michael Irvin

Can I watch Young Rock Season 3 with a free VPN?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Free VPNs are oversubscribed which makes them too slow for streaming.

They also have very few servers, which makes them easy for streaming providers to spot and block. As a result, we know of no free VPNs that work to access NBC, Peacock, Binge, or other platforms that carry Young Rock.

Ultimately, if you want to use a VPN for free to watch Young Rock we recommend making use of NordVPN’s 30-day money-back trial period. This will let you get a sense of how a VPN works and will let you watch Young Rock for free while you are abroad.