Does Betternet work with Netflix

Netflix is far from the only streaming service that region-locks its content. However, it goes much further than most others, with individual content libraries for almost every country in the world. So what does this mean for you? Essentially, you’re at the mercy of the service while traveling; perhaps you’ll be lucky and visit somewhere with a decent Netflix catalog, but there’s also a chance you wind up somewhere with an underwhelming selection of content.

On the plus side, it’s not that difficult to securely access your home country’s library. Since it finds the user’s current location by examining their IP address, you can simply connect to a VPN to stream your usual content from abroad. This assumes Netflix hasn’t already blacklisted your chosen provider, though: read on to see if Betternet works with Netflix.

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Does Betternet work with Netflix?

Betternet doesn’t work with any Netflix libraries. Even if it did there are several reasons to avoid it. For instance, while a large part of this service’s popularity is down to the fact that it’s free, unless you pay, you’ll only have access to American servers. Additionally, you’re limited to 500MB of data per day: that’s enough for about half an hour of 480p video, meaning it’s not exactly ideal for bingeing Netflix shows.

Instead, we recommend using NordVPN. This service doesn’t track you and provides secure access to over a dozen regional libraries including Netflix US, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, and India. Best of all, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it entirely risk-free.

How to watch Netflix from anywhere with a VPN

We understand that this may be your first time using a VPN. While VPNs may sound a little complicated, the reality is that they’re quick and easy to use. In fact, all you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Here’s how to stream Netflix from abroad using a VPN:

  1. Start by signing up for a suitable VPN service (we recommend NordVPN).
  2. Download the app. Major VPNs usually allow at least five connections at once, so it’s a good idea to install it on all of your most frequently-used devices.
  3. Next, log in and connect to a server in the country whose Netflix library you’d like to access. For example, a British server to watch Netflix UK abroad.
  4. Visit Netflix. You should be able to watch all of the same shows and movies that were available back home.
  5. Having trouble? Clear your cookies and try again. If problems persist, get in touch with your VPN’s support team for more in-depth assistance.


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Which VPNs are best for watching Netflix?

Best VPNs for watching Netflix:

  1. NordVPN: Best VPN for Netflix. Works with over a dozen Netflix libraries. Fast speeds coupled with strong security. No-logs VPN with 24/7 support.
    TIP In our testing we found that the cheapest NordVPN plan (Standard) works perfectly for Netflix.
  2. Surfshark: Best value VPN. Securely access 30+ Netflix libraries. High-speed connections and unlimited simultaneous connections. Double VPN servers.
  3. ExpressVPN: Servers covering 94 countries. Reliable option for streaming Netflix. Fast speeds and secure with high-end encryption. No identifying logs.
  4. CyberGhost: 7,000+ servers in total. Stream Netflix US lag and buffer-free. Can be used on up to seven devices at once. 24/7 support available.
  5. PrivateVPN: Works with more Netflix libraries than most VPNs. Fast speeds for streaming. No-logs service with beginner-friendly, highly secure apps.
  6. Private Internet Access: Good server speeds and strong privacy protection. Works well with Netflix US as well as BBC iPlayer. Secure up to 10 devices.
  7. Atlas VPN: Stream Netflix US and UK from overseas. One of the fastest VPNs tested. Lets you connect as many devices as you like simultaneously.

Streaming Netflix abroad: FAQs

What’s wrong with using a free VPN for Netflix?

First off, free VPNs usually have very small networks. This means that you’ll be competing with other users for bandwidth and will likely experience very slow speeds. In fact, during peak times, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to stream at all. Also, as free services tend to cluster their servers in high-traffic areas like the US, they’re almost useless for anything but the most popular Netflix catalogs (assuming they aren’t already blocked, which is a real possibility). 

VPNs are primarily designed to improve your online privacy; their streaming abilities are just a helpful secondary function. However, choosing the wrong free service could actually do the opposite. There are dozens of malware-carrying “free VPNs” on major app stores, and to make matters worse, plenty of seemingly legitimate free providers fail to encrypt data or include any meaningful security features at all. The best way to protect yourself is with a VPN that doesn’t keep logs and that has a proven record of standing up for its users’ privacy, not a free service.  

Will I get into trouble for using Netflix with a VPN?

It might surprise you to learn that streaming Netflix using a VPN isn’t actually illegal in most countries. It does go against Netflix’s Terms of Use, but this isn’t a crime, and the worst that’s likely to happen is you’ll be asked to turn the VPN off. Even if you don’t, you may still be able to stream content, although only the titles that are available in whichever country you signed up in. 

Which country has the best Netflix library?

Which Netflix library is best really depends on what you value more: the number of titles on offer or their quality. If you’re of the opinion that more is better, then Netflix US, Netflix, Canada, and Netflix UK are the best, with around 6,000 titles on each. However, the Portugal and Azerbaijan catalogs have the highest average IMDb rating (7.13 out of 10), despite listing fewer titles. 

What internet speed do I need for Netflix?

Netflix recommends that you have a minimum internet download speed of 3Mbps to watch its content in standard definition (SD). To stream in high definition (HD), you should have at least 5Mbps. There’s a larger jump to stream in 4K however — this requires speeds from 25Mbps. While using a VPN can slow your connection somewhat, the fastest VPNs all comfortably exceed the above requirements.

Will a VPN slow down my Netflix connection?

You can generally expect a VPN to slow down your Netflix connection to an extent. The reason for this is that a VPN encrypts your internet traffic and re-routes it to its own server. Thus the data has to travel further as a result. As evidenced by Betternet, not all VPNs work with Netflix and even some of those that do aren’t fast enough for streaming.

The best VPNs for Netflix allow you to continue streaming as normal with no noticeable dip in performance. Thanks to their fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth, you can stream in 1080p HD and even 4K with no lag. This means that while even the fastest VPNs can slow down your Netflix connection, this needn’t be noticeable. Furthermore, a VPN may improve your connection if you’re already suffering from excessive bandwidth throttling from your ISP.

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