The Fire TV Cube combines the features of the Amazon Fire Stick and Echo Dot, allowing you to both stream video to your TV and control multiple devices with voice commands. It’s a very useful device to have in your home. But you may wonder how to install Kodi on it so that you can watch free TV shows and movies without ads. This article will explain how to install Kodi on the Fire TV Cube. It will also list some of the best Kodi addons for the Fire TV Cube.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free software media player. It can be used to play videos or music stored on a device or streamed from the Internet. It can be installed on Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire Stick, or Fire Cube.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Warning: Always use a VPN with Kodi

Whenever you use Kodi to stream video from the Internet, you should always use a VPN to protect your privacy.

If an ISP knows you are streaming video, it may throttle your speed. This can lead to buffering, ruining your enjoyment of a show or movie. ISPs often do this because streaming video takes up a lot of bandwidth on the network, and the provider may lack infrastructure needed to deal with this problem. Additionally, some ISPs are starting to reduce video quality in order to get users to pay for more expensive data plans. Using a VPN will keep your streaming activity private, often preventing ISP speed throttling.

VPNs also help to get around geographic content blocks and man-in-the-middle attacks by hackers.

Not all VPNs are good for Kodi users. Most don’t have apps for the Fire TV Cube, Fire Stick, or Nvidia Shield. Many keep logs of users’ activities. Some don’t have servers in enough countries to get around geoblocks effectively.

We suggest IPVanish for Kodi users. It has an app for Fire TV Cube, FireStick, and Nvidia Shield. It keeps no logs. It has servers in over 60 countries. IPVanish is a great way for Kodi users to protect themselves against ISP speed throttling, geographic content blocks, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

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How to install Kodi on the Fire TV Cube

The Amazon Fire TV Cube uses the Android operating system. And since there is an Android version of Kodi, there is no question that Kodi can run on it.

The only two problems are that Kodi is not available in the Amazon App Store and that the Google Play Store is not easily accessible on the Fire TV Cube. This makes installing Kodi more complicated than on other devices, but it is still possible.

You can install Kodi on the Fire TV Cube using one of two methods. The first method is to use a program from the app store such as Downloader to download Kodi from the Kodi Foundation website. The second method is to use another Android device to download Kodi from the Google Play Store, then transfer Kodi to the Fire TV Cube using Apps2Fire.

Some Kodi websites claim that you can also side-load Kodi into the Fire TV Cube using an iPhone or iPad.  We have read other reports that this used to be possible but no longer works. Despite this conflicting information, we include instructions for how to install Kodi on a Fire Cube using an iPhone or iPad. We have not tested this method out, but it is provided here in case you want to try it yourself.

Here are instructions on how to install Kodi on Fire TV Cube using each method.

Installing Kodi on Fire TV Cube using downloader

  • From your Fire TV Cube main menu, select settings → system
  • Scroll down and select developer options
  • Turn on apps from unknown sources
  • fire cube unknown sources screenshot
  • When the warning appears, select yes to confirm that you want to allow apps from outside the Amazon App Store
  • Go back to the main menu of your Fire TV Cube. Open the search box and type downloader
  • Select Downloader, published by (the one with the orange and white logo)
  • Fire Stick Downloader
  • When the app finishes installing, select open
  • fire tv downloader
  • In the url field, type (this will redirect you to the latest stable version of Kodi from the Kodi Foundation website)
  • Check to make sure you didn’t make any typos, then click download
  • kodi fire tv stick 3
  • When the file finishes downloading, the downloader app will prompt you to ask if you want to go ahead and install or cancel. Select install
  • kodi fire tv stick 1
  • After a few seconds, Kodi will finish installing. To load Kodi, just go to the app menu and find it in the list

Installing Kodi on Fire TV Cube using another Android device

  • From your Fire TV Cube main menu, select settings → system → developer options and enable apps from unknown source
  • When the warning appears, click yes
  • Go back to the settings menu and click system → about → network
  • fire tv cube about network
  • When it appears on the screen, write down the IP address of your Fire TV Cube
  • Grab your Android phone, tablet, or other device and load the Google Play Store
  • Search for Kodi, download and install it. Do the same for Apps2Fire
  • apps to fire
  • Load Apps2Fire. Tap the three dots icon to open the menu
  • Tap setup
  • In the field where it says IP address of your Fire TV, type in the IP address
  • Tap save
  • Now tap the three dots once again to open the menu
  • Tap upload apps → local apps → Kodi. Kodi will install on your Fire TV CubeTo load Kodi, select it from your Fire TV Cube app menu

Sideloading Kodi onto a Fire TV Cube using an iPhone or iPad

  • From the main menu of your Fire TV Cube, go to settings → system → developer options and enable apps from unknown sources
  • Load the app store on your iPhone or iPad, search for Browser and File Manager for Documents. This will allow you to download files from the official Kodi website.
  • Open the app you just downloaded and navigate to
  • Tap download Kodi
  • The Fire TV Cube uses the Android operating system, so select Android from the list
  • Once the file finishes downloading, go back to the app store and search for Sideloader for Fire TV
  • Download and install this app or a similar one. Note: there may be a charge for this app or it may not be available
  • Tap select Fire TV device
  • Select the name of your device
  • Tap files. You should see a message saying “no files are currently available”
  • Go back to the home screen and navigate to your downloads folder
  • Select the three dots (menu icon) to the right of the Kodi installation file
  • Choose open in
  • Tap copy to Sideloader. Sideloader should open and display the Kodi installation file
  • Choose the Kodi installation file
  • Tap send APK
  • When the file finishes transferring, go back to the home screen on your Fire TV Cube. You should see an icon that says “Kodi ready to launch”
  • Selects apps. Find Kodi in the list and click to launch.

Best Kodi addons for Fire TV Cube

Now that you have Kodi installed on your Fire TV Cube, it’s time to install addons so that you can start watching movies and shows right away. Here are some of the best Kodi addons for Fire TV Cube.

Tubi TV

TubiTV Kodi addon

The Tubi TV kodi addon streams from, a free streaming video site with a library of over 50,000 titles. It carries family movies, horror, sci-fi and fantasy, reality TV, crime TV, anime, a section for movies that are highly rated on rotten tomatoes, and more.

Some of the titles on Tubi TV are geoblocked to users outside of particular countries. For example, there are many U.K. films not available on the Canadian or US versions and vice-versa. However, these geoblocks can be unlocked with a VPN.

There’s also a Tubi TV app available for Fire TV through the Amazon App Store. However, this app will play commercials, while the Kodi addon will not. Kodi filters out ads from Tubi TV and other ad-based services.

The Tubi TV Kodi addon can be found in the Kodi1 repo. Follow these instructions to install Tubi TV for Kodi.


Official Crackle Kodi addon

The Crackle Kodi addon streams from, another free streaming-video site. It has a smaller catalog than Tubi TV, but still has many quality titles. Crackle is especially useful for finding films and shows in 1080p HD resolution. In addition to hosting syndicated content from major networks and studios, Crackle also carries some original series that are popular, such as Startup and Cleaners.

Like Tubi TV, Crackle has an official app available in the Amazon App Store. But this app interrupts the content with commercials every 15 minutes or so. The Kodi addon plays all of Crackle’s content commercial-free.

Users outside the U.S. need a VPN to access Crackle.

The Crackle Kodi addon was originally part of eracknaphobia’s repo. However, it has recently been added to the official Kodi repository. To install, begin at the Kodi main menu and click addons → download → video addons → crackle → install.

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Pluto.TV Kodi addon is another great Kodi addon for watching free live television. It offers over 100 live channels, including IGN, Anime All Day, Flicks of Fury, Bloomberg, RT America, World Poker Tour, Impact Wrestling, TheOnion, Crime Network, and lots more.

Users outside the US will need a VPN to access is in the official Kodi repository. To install, click addons → download → video addons → → install. Here is more info on how to install and use for Kodi.


Popcornflix Kodi addon

The PopcornFlix Kodi addon streams from It carries many different genres of movies, including romance, sci-fi, mystery, family, foreign films, documentaries, etc. Notable titles include There Will Be Blood, Primal Fear, Braveheart, and The Doors, amongst many others.

Like some of the other addons on this list, there is an Amazon Fire TV app for Popcornflix. But it interrupts content with commercials every few minutes, whereas the Kodi addon does not do this.

Popcornflix is part of the official Kodi repository. To install, click addons → download → video addons → popcornflix → install.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to installing and using Kodi for Fire TV Cube. If you’d like more information about Kodi, you may want to read some our other articles on the subject, including the 123 best Kodi addons, how to watch YouTube on Kodi, and the best Kodi addons to watch movies.

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