Kodil Kodi Repository

The Kodi Israel (usually shortened to “Kodil”) repo was extremely popular for quite a while. Though it did include a handful of legitimate addons, such as the now-defunct FilmRise, Kodil’s main draw was that it offered high-profile piracy add-ons such as Covenant. This repository has been unavailable for years now but don’t worry; in this article, we’ve provided a few alternatives that you might like instead.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Always use a VPN with Kodi

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What was the Kodil repo?

The Kodil repo was best known for its large collection of copyright-infringing addons, such as Covenant, Exodus, StreamHub, and Placenta. Naturally, this drew a huge amount of interest from Kodi users who weren’t interested in watching anything legally. This popularity would actually be Kodil’s undoing since, after being kicked off of GitHub, the owner couldn’t afford to maintain a website that was allegedly pulling in 50 million unique users per day.

Best alternative to Kodil: the official repo


If you’re looking for something to watch, there’s a good chance the official Kodi repo has what you need. It includes all kinds of fully legal addons, including those that provide free live TV streams, films, news, and sports. Here are just a few of our favorite official Kodi addons that still work in 2024:

  • iPlayer WWW (free British TV, live and on-demand)
  • Pluto.tv (hundreds of linear broadcasts, with no payment needed)
  • Crackle (a free-to-use service with hundreds of movies and TV shows)
  • Adult Swim (free-to-watch anime and comedy)
  • PBS Kids (hundreds of hours of kid-friendly content, free of charge)

Interested in learning more? Why not check out our guide to the best Kodi movie and TV addons.

Streaming on Kodi: FAQs

Which are the best Kodi repositories to use?

You’ll often find little-known repositories recommended on forums, but we’d caution against using these in most cases. That’s because there’s no easy way to tell if the addons inside are safe, legal, or even still functional.

Instead, your best bet is to rely on the official Kodi repo. This contains dozens of addons that not only pull from official sources but which all have their own dedicated support page on the official Kodi forum in case anything goes wrong.

Is the Kodil repo safe?

The Kodil repository is no longer operational but even when it was, it was known for including a large number of broken, abandoned, or outright illegal addons. If you’re looking to use Kodi legitimately, we’d suggest only installing addons that pull from official sources — you’ll find a large selection in the official Kodi repo.

Where can I get the Exodus Redux Kodi addon?

Exodus Redux is a copyright-infringing addon that scrapes content from a variety of piracy sites. As such, you’ll never find it hosted by any legitimate Kodi website or repository.

It’s not as simple as scouring shady websites, either. There’s no way of telling whether the site owner has repackaged the addon with malware, cryptominers, or keyloggers. No amount of free movies is worth having your identity stolen, so we strongly advise staying away from Exodus and addons like it.