How to watch Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz live online

Mark October 31 on your calendar. That’s when you’ll be able to live stream the upcoming Davis vs Santa Cruz title fight.  The event starts at 6 PM EST with and culminates in one of these two boxers walking away with the WBA Super Featherweight/ WBA Lightweight World Championship title. This is one of the few events in the past year that will have an in-person audience at Alamodome in San Antonio, TX. Most of us, however, will be streaming online in the US or abroad.

This post will only recommend official sources. As of this time of writing, there’s just one streaming source available for Davis vs Santa Cruz, regardless of where you’re located. That means this fight is likely going to be heavily pirated. We strongly recommend you avoid pirated streams, which can come at a risk to your security from compromised sites, or can be quickly blocked by ISPs. Some ISPs also monitor user activity and work with copyright holders to take action against users who stream from pirated sites.

The Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz fight will be geo-blocked. If you’re outside of the US and want access to your usual streaming services, you’ll need two things: A US-based payment method (gift cards work) and a VPN.

Best VPN for Leo vs Santa Cruz: ExpressVPN

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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide a strong layer of security between you and the VPN servers. When you connect to a VPN, you can access all parts of the web, including websites and video streams that are typically geo-locked for your region. VPNs also help you maintain your identity online by anonymizing your data. This helps you avoid ISP snooping, or spying and or attacks from anyone sharing your network connection (such as on public Wi-Fi).

We recommend ExpressVPN as the most reliable option to help bypass content restrictions or quality throttling from ISPs. This service maintains thousands of VPN servers in hundreds of locations around the world, including many in the US.

In testing, we’ve found that you can not only sign up for ExpressVPN with a 30-day free trial but also take full advantage of the company’s no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s a useful offer that allows you to sign up, connect to a US-based VPN server, access the Davis vs Santa Cruz boxing match, and then,  if you choose, to cancel the subscription after the event.

How to live stream Davis vs Santa Cruz from abroad with a VPN

Unlike the Lomachenko vs Lopez fight, which was widely available on services and came at no added cost, the title fight between Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz is locked behind a fairly strict pay-per-view paywall. Additionally, the only legitimate place to watch it (as of this time of writing) is Showtime PPV, which is geo-blocked outside of the US. As such, the only way to access Davis vs Santa Cruz is to:

  • Have or acquire a US payment method, and
  • Connect to Showtime using a VPN

Here’s how to watch Davis vs Santa Cruz live online from anywhere:

  1. Create a VPN account. We recommend ExpressVPN, but you may also find that NordVPN or Surfshark work well for this purpose.
  2. Install the VPN software, then connect to a US-based server
  3. Create a free trial account on Showtime. Again, this requires a US-based payment method
  4. Login to your Showtime account. Once the fight is available, you’ll be able to purchase PPV access.
  5. Make sure to test the stream with your VPN before the event starts.

PRO TIP: Showtime streams all PPV boxing events free on its service after the event airs. If you can manage to stay away from the news and social media for 24-48 hours, you can likely watch the event on Showtime (and only on Showtime) free the next day. Showtime shifts its PPV boxing events over to free replay following each event.

How to watch Lomachenko vs Lopez on US TV

Loma vs Lopez live stream on US TV

If you’re in the US, this is easy. Just sign up to Showtime and live stream from there. You won’t need a VPN to watch the fight if you’re in the US, but you won’t be able to get around the PPV cost. Your sign-up is simple:

  • Head over to the Showtime website (
  • Create a free trial account (30 days)
  • Once the PPV event is ready, purchase access using the link PPV provides

After the fight, go ahead and cancel your Showtime account. Or binge watch some shows like Billions, Shameless, or Homeland and then cancel your account. Just make sure you do so before the 30-day free trial ends, or you’ll be on the hook for the $9.99/month fee.

While you don’t need a VPN to access this fight, you may find a VPN helpful for preserving the quality of the fight, especially if you’re watching on mobile. Many mobile data providers reduce your streaming quality unless you’re paying for the top-tier (and most expensive) data plans. If you aren’t, you can still maintain higher quality streams for the fight by anonymizing your connection with a VPN provider like ExpressVPN. Your mobile provider won’t be able to see where your data is coming from or going to, reducing the potential for video quality throttling.

Davis vs Santa Cruz: Full schedule

The 12-round Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz will begin streaming at 6 PM EST / 12 PM GMT+1. The event will have a live audience at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, with the live streaming event broadcasting through Showtime PPV. Thirty-two-year-old Santa Cruz will be attempting to fend off 25-year-old Davis from taking the WBA junior lightweight belt currently in Santa Cruz’s possession.

The two boxers are the only ones on the ticket. The event will also feature:

  • Mario Barrios vs Ryan Karl
  • Regis Progais vs Juan Heraldez

Be sure to check Showtime’s website leading up to the fight for any changes to scheduling, time, PPV costs, and other updates.