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Spotlight is an unflinching drama about systemic abuse (and subsequent coverups) in the Catholic church during the 1970s. It was originally released in 2015, and received widespread critical acclaim; a breakout hit during a year already stunning audiences with blockbuster after blockbuster. Now, at long last, you can watch Spotlight at home, free of charge, and we’ll explain how below.

We strongly advise against using shady streaming sites to watch Spotlight online. Not only are these unreliable and unethical, but to make matters worse, they rarely provide decent-quality video. Besides, Spotlight is available for streaming all over the world, and in many cases, you can watch for free, so there’s no need to use unauthorized sources.

Spotlight is only available on region-locked streaming platforms. Travelers looking to use the same streaming services they would back home will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

How to watch Spotlight online from abroad using a VPN

Bypassing geographic restrictions is far easier than you might think. Follow the steps below to unblock and stream Spotlight from anywhere in the world.

Here’s how to watch Spotlight (movie) online from anywhere:

  1. First, decide which VPN to use. We recommend ExpressVPN but NordVPN and Surfshark are both fantastic low-cost options.
  2. Download the VPN app and install it on any device you use regularly. Normally, you’ll be able to connect five or so devices at any one time.
  3. Decide which streaming service you’d like to unblock.
  4. Open the app, log in, and connect to a server in the appropriate location (you’ll need a British server for Netflix UK or a US server for IMDb TV, for instance).
  5. Visit your chosen service’s website and try to watch something. In most cases, your video should play immediately, but if it doesn’t, clear your cookies and try again.

How to stream Spotlight (movie) for free on US TV

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For most, the easiest way to watch Spotlight is on IMDb TV. This service is completely free to use, although you will have to create an account beforehand. The whole process should only take a minute, though: just enter your details, verify your email address, and start streaming.

American viewers can also choose to rent Spotlight from a variety of services. This might be a better option, for instance, if you want to watch on a Smart TV with a limited selection of apps. Even if IMDb TV isn’t available, it’s likely Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV, Fandango Now, Vudu, or Redbox is. Prices vary from one service to another but most platforms allow you to rent Spotlight for around $3.99 USD.

All of the platforms mentioned above are geo-restricted. As such, you’ll need a VPN to stream Spotlight on them from outside of the US. ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it risk-free. If it fails to impress, just cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

How to watch Spotlight (movie) on Netflix UK/Australia

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It’s extremely simple to watch Spotlight in the UK and Australia because this movie is included in both countries’ Netflix libraries. Netflix subscriptions start at £5.99 per month (or $9.99 AUD in Australia), but this service comes with a one-month free trial. This means that you could sign up, stream Spotlight for free, and cancel your account to avoid being charged.

Netflix has particularly strict geo-blocking measures and changes its content based on your location. However, you can watch Spotlight from abroad by connecting to a VPN.

Where else can I watch Spotlight online?

This movie has actually seen quite a wide international release, so it’s fairly easy to watch it online, regardless of where you are in the world.


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Unfortunately, there’s no free way to watch Spotlight in Canada. You can stream it for a reasonable price by renting it from your favorite video-on-demand service though. Google Play, Cineplex, and YouTube Movies all offer Spotlight for $3.99 CAD, or you could buy a digital copy to keep for $9.99 instead.

These services are all region-locked, so if you’re outside Canada, you’ll need a VPN.

Spotlight (2015): Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spotlight based on a true story?

Yes — Spotlight details a real-life investigation into abuses within the church. However, while this movie shows events that really happened, as with any movie, some artistic license was taken. For instance, several people portrayed in the film have claimed that they were misrepresented.

Did Spotlight win an Oscar?

Spotlight was nominated for six Academy Awards and eventually walked away with the coveted Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay Oscars in 2016. Even more impressive, it did so in the face of extremely stiff competition — this was the year that Leonardo Di Caprio famously won Best Actor for his work in The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road entered with 10 separate nominations.

Who are the main cast members of Spotlight?

Spotlight has an ensemble cast, with plenty of recognizable faces, both center stage and in minor roles. Here’s a brief rundown of the main cast:

  • Mark Ruffalo as Michael Rezendes
  • Michael Keaton as Walter Robinson
  • Liev Schrieber as Marty Baron
  • Rachel McAdams as Sacha Pfeiffer
  • Brian d’Arcy James as Matt Carroll
  • John Slattery as Ben Bradlee Jr.