ESPN 3 Kodi Addon: How to watch ESPN on Kodi

For a long time, the ESPN 3 addon was one of the best ways to stream sports on Kodi. However, while this addon is still available, it only works with Kodi 18, and the cracks are beginning to show, with users complaining about having to re-authenticate constantly.

Don’t worry, though: we’ll let you know of an alternative addon that works reliably with Kodi 19, and which offers access to ESPN+ content. We’re talking, of course, about SlyGuy’s addon, simply called “ESPN”. Note that you’ll need a cable TV subscription or an ESPN+ account to actually use this addon, though.

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Installing the ESPN 3 Kodi addon

The ESPN 3 Kodi addon is available to download from the Kodi repository but won’t show up if you’re using Kodi 19 or later. Here’s how to install ESPN 3:

  1. Click Add-ons on Kodi’s main screen
  2. Next, hit the box icon in the top-left
  3. Select Install from repository
  4. Choose the Kodi Add-on repository
  5. Scroll down and click on ESPN 3, before clicking on Install
  6. After a moment, your addon will finish installing and you should be able to stream sports as normal after authenticating in the addon’s settings menu

Best alternative to ESPN 3 for Kodi Matrix

ESPN addon from the SlyGuy repository

If you’re running Kodi 19 (Matrix) or later, you won’t be able to install the ESPN 3 addon. Don’t worry, though, there is a better option: The ESPN addon from the SlyGuy repository. Below, we’ll explain how to install and configure ESPN for Kodi:

  1. Click the gear icon on Kodi’s main screen and select System
  2. Hover over Add-ons on the left and make sure Unknown sources is turned on
  3. Download the SlyGuy repo from the developer’s GitHub
  4. Return to Kodi’s main page and click Add-ons, then click the box icon on the following screen
  5. Select Install from zip file and find the repo you just downloaded
  6. Now, choose Install from repository. Enter the SlyGuy repo and scroll down until you see ESPN
  7. Click the ESPN addon and hit the Install button

What is the ESPN Kodi addon?

Essentially, this addon does everything you’d expect. It lets users stream live sport from a variety of ESPN channels, and even enables ESPN+ subscribers to view content from this service alongside regular ESPN content. That’s huge, especially considering that ESPN+ doesn’t have its own Kodi addon just yet. You can also sign in with your cable TV provider if you’d prefer.

So is the ESPN Kodi addon safe to use? Well, there’s no way of guaranteeing any addon is 100 percent safe. However, the developer is well-respected and actually built this addon around the source code from ESPN 3. It helps that the addon is hosted on GitHub, so anyone can examine its code and see what it does.

ESPN on Kodi FAQs

Can I watch sports on Kodi?

There are tons of addons specifically designed to help Kodi users watch sports. In fact, there are so many, we’ve had to create specific posts detailing which ones to use for which sport. For instance, you might want to check out our guides to streaming soccer, boxing, NHL, NFL, UFC, or baseball on Kodi.

Why isn't Kodi working properly?

Kodi is extremely customizable, but that strength can also make it a little more confusing than it really needs to be. For instance, it means that a simple issue like buffering can be extremely difficult to troubleshoot. Don’t worry, though: we have posts designed to help you speed up Kodi, fix common problems, and find addons that still actually work.