How to watch NFL on Kodi: Best NFL Kodi addons 2019

Kodi addons can be used to access a wide range of content, including live NFL streams. However, with so many addons available, users are often unsure of which to use. With the regular season starting on September 9, we’ve compiled a list of the best Kodi addons for live streaming the NFL. We’ve also listed some of the most commonly-recommended unofficial addons, along with an explanation of the risks they pose.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Best VPN for Kodi users: IPVanish

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If you use Kodi without a Virtual Private Network (VPN), your internet provider can see exactly what you get up to online. However, by connecting to a VPN, you can encrypt your traffic, ensuring it stays anonymous at all times. We recommend IPVanish: it offers a balance between speed, security, and unblocking ability, at a very reasonable price.

IPVanish can also protect you from certain threats posed by Kodi addons. Kodi addons can be hijacked and updated with malicious code used to distribute malware, steal private information, or mine cryptocurrency. A VPN can head off the most dangerous of these attacks.

Fast speeds, strong security:IPVanish is a fast, reliable VPN with servers in 60 countries, powerful security and privacy protections, and a no-logs policy. It also includes a seven-day money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

How to watch NFL on Kodi

To watch NFL on Kodi, do the following:

  1. Load the latest version of Kodi (version 18 Leia)
  2. Open the Addons page on the left
  3. Click on the Package symbol on the top left
  4. Click on Install from repository
  5. Locate and select the appropriate addon repository
  6. Select Video addons
  7. Find and install the addons listed below
  8. Load the addons from the Addons menu on the home page

That’s all! You can also bypass geographic content restrictions imposed by some of these services using VPN. We’ll explain in more detail below.

How to stream NFL live on Kodi

Below, you’ll find our list of the best Kodi addons for watching the NFL 2020/21 season. These addons offer a mixture of free and paid content. Most are easily available in the Official Kodi Addon Repository, although given the fast-changing nature of Kodi’s addon development scene, you may need to look elsewhere for some of the most recently updated versions.


Install DAZN Kodi addon

DAZN, or “Da Zone”, is a streaming service originally from the UK. It is now available in a number of different countries, including Germany, Japan, the US, and Canada.

DAZN Canada currently shows every NFL game and costs CA$20 per month. You can find the DAZN Kodi addon in the official Kodi addon repository. Note that you’ll have to create a DAZN account before using it, though, since you can’t watch anything without logging in.

Note: DAZN blocks IPVanish connections. To use DAZN to watch NFL games outside of the US, try using ExpressVPN and connecting to a Canadian server.


Sling TV is a streaming service with a $30 USD per month plan that lets you watch NBC, FOX, and ESPN. The corresponding Kodi addon is simple and easy to use: just install it from the Official Kodi Addon Repository, log in and start streaming.

This service is only available in the US, so you’ll need a VPN to use watch the NFL via Sling TV from outside of America.

NFL Game Pass

nfl game pass nfl games on kodi

Update: Only NFL Game Pass Europe is currently working with Kodi. You can find the addon here. If you’re outside of Europe, you’ll need a VPN.

NFL Game Pass offers up almost every game available for the 2020-2021 season, although in the US, it only lets you watch preseason matches. Users in other countries, however, can watch most of the regular season live for around $99 USD.

This addon can be found in the Official Kodi Addon Repository. You just need to connect to your account using your login information, and you’ll be ready to live stream NFL games to your heart’s content.

As of 2019, NFL Game Pass is the primary NFL provider in a growing list of countries. Additionally, you can now use NFL Game Pass in more Asian countries, including:

  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Laos

This also means that you have more options for locations to connect to via VPN if you’re traveling outside of these regions and want to watch NFL on Game Pass.

iPlayer WWW

BBC iPlayer Kodi addon

The BBC iPlayer is likely not a service many sports fans consider when it comes to NFL content. However, there is a sizable American Football fanbase in the UK, and the BBC has a highlight show every Saturday at 3:55 PM BST.

Additionally, the Superbowl has been live cast on the BBC for a few years, making the iPlayer a great place to catch the biggest game of the 2019-2020 NFL season.

The BBC iPlayer can be accessed by any UK resident with a valid TV License. Those traveling outside of the UK can also access the BBC iPlayer using a VPN to bypass geographic content blocking.

How to safely and privately use Kodi addons for NFL

If you’re looking into streaming NFL games on Kodi, there are a large number of addons that will get you there. However, there are notable privacy and security risks associated with both official and unofficial Kodi addons.

Perhaps the biggest risk to all Kodi users is addon hijacking. This is when someone releases malicious updates to a well-known addon and infects the user’s system or turns it into part of a botnet. Kodi addons can also be used to spy on user information, access hard drives, and collect personal information through man-in-the-middle attacks, so this is a serious issue.

Thankfully, you can protect yourself from addon hijacking by turning off Kodi’s automatic updates. To do this, click the gear icon on Kodi’s home screen, navigate to System > Addons > Updates and change the setting to Notify, but don’t install updates.

Where to watch NFL regular season 2020

The NFL has very expensive contracts in place with the following US-based networks:

This means any streaming service that gives you access to some or all of these will allow you to watch NFL games. Several great streaming options exist that provide adequate, legally-available coverage at a relatively low cost. Those include:

Of these, you’ll find that and OTA digital TV antenna is the cheapest option, but you’ll only be able to watch local games.

Sling TV is probably the best, cheapest option if you want to see almost every game made available through cable TV. Through Sling TV, you can get access to NBC, Fox, NFL Network and ESPN for $40 per month. You’ll need to order Sling’s Orange+Blue package to get all four. The only channel you won’t get is CBS, as CBS restricts its live streaming to only over-the-air antennas and its CBS All Access streaming service.

That said, the other options on the list all come in under $65 per month and provide a mixture of ways to watch most NFL games, including regular season match-ups.

Unofficial live streaming NFL addons for Kodi

One of the primary reasons many users turn to Kodi is the prospect of “free” tv and movies. However, the vast majority of Kodi addons that promise this type of content do so through pirated streams. Although there are many legitimate third-party addon developers in the community creating perfectly legitimate options for Kodi users, a large number of third-party addons focus on pirated streaming.

The problem is that it’s often hard to tell which addons are official and which aren’t, especially when they come so highly recommended on various forums. To this end,  we’ve listed some of the most popular unofficial addons below, not as a recommendation, but as a clarification:


What it is: SportsDevil is a Kodi addon that streams from all of the networks listed above. SportsDevil draws from pirate sites that stream live content through various channels. That includes pirated streams for paid cable network channels such as ESPN and broadcast networks. SportsDevil is one of the more popular Kodi addons for pirated live streaming.

Why should you avoid it? Simply put, SportsDevil offers no legal streaming options. Its emphasis on sports streaming, in particular, makes it a significant pirate streaming outlet considering the fact that no sports streams are legally available here. Additionally, SportsDevil lives in many different repositories. Downloading the wrong one could lead to installing malware. We do not recommend users turnt o SportsDevil for sports streaming.


What is it? Castaway is an old and unsupported addon. However, Castaway still has some regular users. Castaway utilizes many of the same sources as SportsDevil.

Why should you avoid it? Castaway’s streams should be considered in the same manner as those found through SportsDevil. Legal streaming options do not exist through here for OTA networks or paid cable networks. We do not recommend using Castaway for streaming NFL games. Additionally, given Castaway does not receive support anymore, it’s a particularly bad choice even without support because it pirates streams.

cCloud TV

What is it? cCloud TV is one of the most popular live TV streaming addons for Kodi. This live TV and on-demand streaming addon for Kodi includes live video from all of the networks that stream NFL games. cCloud TV offers few legal channels. cCloud specializes particularly in pirated streams for which it does not have a right to offer.

Why should you avoid it? cCloud TV offers a fair number of good streaming options through for over-the-air and cable networks, but also offers this content through dubious means. We do not recommend cCloud TV for live streaming NFL content, given that cCloud and the sites that it uses do not have a right to access and rebroadcast the content.