Power Book II: Ghost season 4

Power Book II: Ghost season 4 will premiere on June 7, with an episode released each Friday for 5 weeks. Only five weeks, you say? Yep, because to add to the suspense, this season will be released in two parts of five episodes each. The second part will begin on September 6, 2024.

This will be the final season of the crime drama, but that doesn’t mean the action is going to slow down at all. We’ll see Brayden and Tariq attempt to make their plans a reality, though they should bear in mind that sometimes, the most significant threats come from within.

In this article, we’ll list all the places you can watch the final season so you don’t miss a minute of the drama. We’ll only be recommending official sources, however, because unlicensed streams are not only illegal but provide a terrible viewing experience and can’t be relied upon to remain available for any length of time. Luckily, streaming Power Book II: Ghost online via legitimate channels is easy, as we’ll explain in a moment, so you don’t need to resort to unlicensed streams.

Power Book II: Ghost will only stream on geo-restricted services, so you’ll need to use a VPN to continue watching from abroad.

How to watch Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 online with a VPN

Using a VPN might seem a bit complicated but they’re actually quite straightforward. A VPN lets you connect to a server in another country to obtain a virtual IP address. Once you have that, you’ll be able to stream content only available in that region.

Here’s how to watch Power Book II: Ghost Season 4 online with a VPN:

  1. Grab a huge discount on a NordVPN subscription with our exclusive discount link. Or opt up for Surfshark or ExpressVPN as our next best-recommended VPN alternatives.
  2. Download and install the VPN app for your chosen device, and log in if required.
  3. Connect to a server in a country that supports StarzPlay. We’d recommend choosing a server in the US.
  4. Visit StarzPlay via a web browser or app and start streaming.
  5. If you have connection issues when loading StarzPlay, clear your cookies and browser cache and then retry. Alternatively try a different server or contact your VPN’s support team for more help.

We recommend checking your VPN connection ahead of the premiere date, that way, if anything goes wrong, you’ll have time to get help without missing the start of the show.


Users can sign up for Nordvpn using this link to take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee.

That means you can use NordVPN for a month and get a refund if you're not 100% satisfied, letting you stream the first episodes of Power Book II: Ghost season 4 and then canceling for a full refund if you aren't 100% satisfied.

How to watch Power Book 2: Ghost online in the US

Power Book II: Ghost USA
The fourth season of Power Book II: Ghost will be exclusively available on Starz. There’s a deal at the moment that’ll get you your first three months for $3 USD each, though this will rise to $9.99 afterward. Of course, if your cable plan already includes Starz, you can just sign into the website and watch online at no added cost.

If you’re heading on vacation and want to carry on watching Power Book, you’ll need a VPN with US servers to get an American IP address. Such as NordVPN which comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to watch Power Book II: Ghost online in the UK

Power Book II: Ghost season 4 UK

The last season was broadcast on Lionsgate+, but the service has now been shut down, so it’ll be hopping over to MGM+. This service costs £4.49 per month and includes a seven-day free trial.

If you travel abroad and want to watch Power Book II: Ghost season 4 on MGM+, you’ll need to use a VPN to get a UK IP address.

Where else can I watch Power Book 2: Ghost online?

Power Book II: Ghost season 4 International
Although Power Book II: Ghost will premiere on Starz, viewers worldwide can stream the TV show by adding STARZ to their local streaming provider service. For example, viewers in Canada can add STARZPLAY to their Amazon Prime Video service or as an add-on to Crave.

How many episodes of Power Book 2: Ghost season 4 will there be?

Just like before, the final season of Power Book II will be made up of 10 hour-long episodes. They are being released in two blocks, the first half in June and the second half in September.

Power Book II: Ghost season 4 cast

Season four will feature plenty of familiar faces from old seasons. Here are a few of the returning castmates present in Ghost season 4:

  • Mary J Blige (Umbrella Academy) as Monet
  • Michael Rainy Jr (Orange is the New Black) as Tariq
  • Lovell Adams-Gray (Slasher) as Dru
  • Woody McClain (The Harder They Fall) as Cane
  • Berto Colon (Orange is the New Black) as Lorenzo
  • LaToya Tonodeo (The Oath) as Diana
  • Shane Johnson (Saving Private Ryan) as Cooper
  • Method Man (Garden State) as David
  • Gianni Paolo (Ma) as Brayden