watch Raised by Wolves s2 online anywhere

Raised by Wolves Season 2 is set to premiere on Thursday, February 3. The new season of the science fiction drama series sees androids Mother and Father, along with their six human children, join a newly formed atheistic colony located in a mysterious tropical zone of Kepler-22b. Note, if you want to watch Raised by Wolves Season 2 online while traveling abroad, you may well need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) due to geographic restrictions.

You may come across unlicensed streams of Raised by Wolves season 2. However, they’re likely to be low resolution and suffer from lag and buffering. Besides, such streams may even be taken offline for violating copyright. For these reasons, we’re only recommending official sources for watching Raised by Wolves season 2. That way, you can watch in the highest quality without any risk of missing out on the season 2 premiere.

Raised by Wolves is only streaming on region-locked platforms. A VPN is required to continue watching via your usual home streaming service while traveling abroad.

How to watch Raised by Wolves season 2 online with a VPN

With a VPN, you can watch Raised by Wolves season 2 online from anywhere in the world. Connecting to a server in another country and changing your IP address allows you to access geo-restricted streaming services and their content.

Here’s how to watch Raised by Wolves season 2 from anywhere using a VPN:

  1. The first step is to sign up with a VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN. However, Surfshark and ExpressVPN are reliable and high-quality alternatives.
  2. Next, you’ll need to download the app that’s compatible with your streaming device. The above recommended VPNs are available for all major operating systems.
  3. Log in to the VPN app before connecting to a server in the country of the streaming platform you wish to use. For example, a server in the US for HBO Max.
  4. You can now go to the streaming service and sign in. Its content should now be available to stream in your location without any geographic restrictions.
  5. Note that you may need to clear your cookies for changes to take effect. If this doesn’t work, try connecting to another server to change your IP address. Otherwise, it’s worth troubleshooting the issue with your VPN’s customer support.


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How to watch Raised by Wolves season 2 online in the US (and more)

U.S Flag

Raised by Wolves will premiere on its original network of HBO Max on February 3. Launched in the US in May 2020, it has since expanded to dozens of other countries including Brazil, Norway, and Spain (here’s the full list). However, it has yet to arrive in countries such as Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

HBO Max subscription prices vary somewhat from country to country. However, in the US, an ad-free subscription costs $14.99 (GBP £11.06) a month while there’s also a more affordable, ad-supported plan for $9.99 (GBP £7.37) monthly. A 7-day free trial is also available for new customers.

If you try to access HBO Max from a country in which it’s not yet available, you’ll find its content to be region-locked. However, you can access it by connecting to a server in another country (such as the US) and changing your IP addressNordVPN works well with HBO Max and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you the chance to try it out risk-free.

Where else can I watch Raised by Wolves season 2 online?

The good news is that, for Raised by Wolves season 1, licensing agreements were reached with streaming providers in some countries in which HBO Max is not yet available. As such, we can expect to be able to stream Raised by Wolves season 2 in the following countries:


Canadian Flag

Raised by Wolves season 1 episodes aired on CTV Sci-Fi on the same date as they were released on HBO Max. While there’s not yet been any confirmation regarding season 2, this looks the most likely cable TV destination. If you have a cable TV subscription in Canada, simply sign in to CTV using the same login credentials you use with your TV provider.

Fortunately, there’ll also be a cable-free option in Canada. You can get HBO Max via the Crave streaming service for CAD $19.99 CAD a month while there’s also a mobile plan for CAD $9.99/month. As with HBO Max, there’s the option of a 7-day free trial which is available for new customers. CTV and Crave are only available in Canada which means you’ll need a Canadian IP address via a VPN to watch them from abroad.

United Kingdom

Britse vlag

We don’t yet have a specific release date for Raised by Wolves season 2 in the UK. What we do know is that it will be coming to Sky Atlantic sometime in March. If you’re a Sky customer, all you need to do to watch online at no extra cost is sign in to the Sky Go app.

However, Raised by Wolves season 2 will also be available on Now. The TV streaming service offers an Entertainment package consisting of 14 channels, Sky Atlantic included. This costs £9.99 a month once the 7-day free trial comes to an end. Traveling abroad? Connect to a VPN server in the UK for a UK IP address to watch Sky Go and Now.


Australian Flag

As with season 1, Raised by Wolves season 2 will be coming to Foxtel in Australia on February 3. Existing Foxtel customers need only access the Foxtel Go app to stream the new episodes of the show. Thankfully, Foxtel also provides a way in which you can watch without having to commit to a lengthy cable contract: Foxtel Now. The platform offers access to on-demand content as well as live channels including Fox Showcase.

A Foxtel Now subscription costs AUD $25 AUD each month if you only select the Essentials base pack. A 10-day free trial (in which you have access to all packs) is available. Remember that if you’re traveling outside Australia, you’ll need a VPN and Australian IP address to continue watching Foxtel Go.

What do we know about Raised by Wolves season 2?

Raised by Wolves season 1 consisted of 10 episodes and, from what we’re hearing so far, the episode count for season 2 is likely to be at eight or 10 episodes. There’s plenty more for fans to look forward to however. Creator Aaron Guzikowski has stated in the past that he has a five or six-season story arc in mind for the show.

If the season 2 official trailer is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat. The plot revolves around Mother and Father as they relocate to a newly-formed atheistic colony in Kepler-22b’s mysterious tropical zone, along with their six human children. However, the emergence of Mother’s “natural child” poses an imminent threat to the survival of humanity.

Who is in the cast of Raised by Wolves season 2?

The Raised by Wolves cast members are returning for another season. This includes Amanda Collin as Mother, Abubakar Salim as Father, and Travis Fimmel as Marcus. However, we can also expect a number of new cast additions. Joining the main cast are the likes of Peter Christoffersen as Cleaver, Selina Jones as Grandmother, and Morgan Santo as Vrille.