How to watch the US Open with Kodi

Are you interested in watching the 2018 US Open golf tournament live on Kodi? In this post, we’ll be explaining which addons will be showing the US Open and where you can find them.

The US Open is a major golfing event which draws some of the sport’s biggest names every year. As a result, there are several sporting networks eager to broadcast it. Because so many of these platforms have online streaming services, you can take advantage and follow the tournament in real time with Kodi.

Kodi has become one of the most popular media center applications thanks to its vast customizability and ease of use. It has a highly active community of addon developers and, as a result, addons to suit almost every purpose. Kodi also boasts extensive multi-platform support; it can be installed on all the most popular platforms including Android, Amazon Firestick, and Apple TV. Best of all, mobile versions maintain most of Kodi’s functionality, so if something works on your PC it’ll likely work on your cell phone or tablet too.

You should note that we’ll only be recommending official addons. Unofficial streams are almost always available for high-profile sporting events, but since the US Open will be available on several major networks, there’s really no reason to watch low-quality, unreliable third-party streams.

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor Comparitech advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

Watching the US Open on Kodi: Use a VPN

Some people think Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are only used to hide unlicensed streaming from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, the truth is that there are many reasons why you should use a VPN, even if you only stream from legitimate sources.

VPNs encrypt your traffic, preventing it from being read by any outside observers. This includes your ISP, network administrators, and anyone using a Man-in-the-Middle attack. You might think that you have nothing to hide, but ISPs can and do arbitrarily throttle your connection speeds if you’re doing something they disapprove of, like heavily streaming HD videos.

There are hundreds of VPN services to choose from, but not all of them are suitable for watching live content. Some might be slower than others, some might offer fewer security features, and some might not actually protect you at all. Remember that your VPN provider is supposed to safeguard your private information. Because of this, it’s important to choose a provider you can trust.

We recommend using IPVanish to watch the US Open. It has servers all over the world and offers speeds fast enough to watch live, HD content with no noticeable buffering. Best of all, it can be installed on almost any platform and offers dedicated apps for Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV devices.

BEST VPN FOR KODI:IPVanish is our top choice. Has a large uncongested network of servers and achieves good speeds. Strong security and privacy features make IPVanish a favorite for Kodi and Amazon Fire TV Stick users. Try it risk-free with the 7-day money back guarantee.

How to watch 2018 US Open on Kodi

FOX Sports is the official US Open broadcaster in America. While there are other avenues for watching, for instance, Sling TV, DirecTV, and Sky Sports, none of these have official Kodi addons. This means that there are just a couple of ways to watch the 2018 US Open with Kodi.

FOX Sports Go

Fox Sports Go Kodi addon

If FOX Sports is included in your cable package or one of your streaming subscriptions (Hulu, Sling TV, DirecTV, fuboTV, YouTube TV, or PlayStation Vue), you can watch at no extra cost by using the FOX Sports GO Kodi addon. FOX will be covering the entire event from start to finish, making this addon the easiest way to watch on Kodi.

This addon offers live and on-demand coverage for a wide range of sports including football, baseball, and golf. While selected content is available from outside of the US, most of it is region-locked, so you’ll have to connect to an American server first.

FOX Sports Go can be found in the official Kodi addon repository.

PlayStation Vue

PSVue Kodi addon

PlayStation Vue is an over-the-top streaming service that provides access to FOX Sports, and as a result, the 2018 US Open. You should note that you don’t need the sports package to watch; FS1 and FS2 are both included as part of the standard, $39.99 a month subscription.

The basic package also offers live streams for ESPN and ESPN2, so it’s good for people who occasionally watch sports. This service is only available from selected locations within the US and overseas users will be unable to register without a native friend willing to help.

PlayStation Vue recently tied with Netflix and Twitch for customer satisfaction. And despite the name, the service does not require you to have a PlayStation in order to sign up.

The PlayStation Vue addon is available from the official Kodi addon repo.

Alternative addons to avoid

Both of the sources we’ve mentioned above are completely legitimate. However, we see the same unofficial addons mentioned again and again on other websites and forums. We’ve included a short list of these third-party addons below not as an endorsement, but to remove any doubt as to whether they’re legitimate or not.

  1. SportsDevil
  2. UK Turk’s Playlists
  3. Sport365
  4. Sportie
  5. Sports Live TV
  6. Football Today

Why should you avoid these addons? By using these addons, you’re preventing the players, broadcasters, and networks from being paid for their work. This loss of profit could lead to tighter DRM and region-locking measures, and actively makes the US Open more difficult to watch each year.

You should also consider the quality of an unlicensed stream. Since these addons scrape links from unauthorized sources, it’s possible that the stream could cut out part way through as the result of a DMCA takedown. Plus, without the means to support a high-profile stream, some providers will reduce its quality to standard definition or worse.

Finally, official Kodi addons are extensively tested during the development process. Third-party addons tend to have more lax standards, however, and as a result, could contain uncaught vulnerabilities which allow an attacker to target your system. With unofficial addons dying out left and right, there isn’t even any guarantee that it’ll still be usable by the time the 2018 US Open begins.

For these reasons, we do not recommend installing any of the addons in the list above.

2018 US Open FAQs

golf 2018 US Open

When does the tournament begin?

The 2018 US Open begins on June 14 and ends on June 17. Sports fans will have a serious decision to make, since this coincides with the first matches of the World Cup’s group stage.

How does the US Open work?

In previous years, players competed to have the lowest stroke count over 18 holes. However, the 2018 Open is changing things slightly in an attempt to keep the sport fresh and exciting. This time, players will each play two holes, and the one with the lowest aggregate score will win.

Should two or more players tie, they’ll enter a sudden death playoff. In this instance, the tied golfers play additional holes until one player comes out on top.

Who are the players to watch?

Dustin Johnson is the current favorite to win this year, but Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy are also both expected to do very well.

Of course, it’s hard not to address the sport’s biggest talking point: Tiger Woods. He returned to the sport in early 2018 after a series of scandals and has yet to fully return to form. Nonetheless, he’s an experienced golfer and has been given fairly good odds to win the tournament.

The start of the US Open is still a while away. If you’d like to watch other sports whilst you wait, why not check out our guide to the best sporting addons? We’ve also covered the best addons for movies, live TV, and cartoons, so you can set up a media center that the whole family can enjoy.

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