watch KonoSuba online anywhere

If you love anime, you have probably been looking for somewhere to watch KonoSuba online. Unfortunately, it is not available everywhere in the world. This means that if you go on vacation, you may not be able to watch the show like you would at home without the help of a VPN.

The good news is that anyone can use a VPN to access their favorite anime streaming platforms from home. This means you can still enjoy your Crunchyroll, HBO Max, or Funimation account while overseas. But not all VPNs have servers fast enough to watch KonoSuba abroad. This means you must pick carefully to avoid disappointment.

Our experts have tested the market and found a few VPN providers that have servers that work. Below, we will explain exactly how to use a VPN to watch KonoSuba abroad, and we will give you VPN recommendations so you can get down to business and start streaming.

How to stream KonoSuba online from anywhere

KonoSuba is available to stream on multiple international streaming platforms, which means you have options if you want to stream it online. If you already have an account with a streaming platform that carries KonoSuba, the good news is that you can still watch episodes abroad.

You can use a VPN to get an IP address back home and access your streaming platform as usual, without the stress of error messages and regional blocks. Just follow the steps below:

Here’s how to watch KonoSuba abroad:

  1. First, pick a suitable VPN for KonoSuba. We recommend NordVPN because it has fast servers that work with all platforms that carry KonoSuba
  2. Subscribe to the VPN and download the VPN app onto your streaming device. Our recommendations have apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android—to let you watch KonoSuba on any device
  3. Install the VPN and log in. Select a server in the country where your streaming service is based and click connect
  4. Head over to the streaming service’s website to watch KonoSuba. The video will now play because you have a valid IP address

If you experience any issues or error messages, try clearing your cookies and restart your browser. Failing this, check with your VPN’s live chat support to find out which server is optimized for streaming in your target country.


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How to watch KonoSuba online on US TV

How to watch KonoSuba online on US TV

If you are a US resident and want to watch KonoSuba, your only option is to get a subscription with HBO Max. This popular American streaming service has exclusive US rights to both seasons of KonoSuba. This means that you will need to pay $7.99 per month to gain access (this is the cheaper ad-supported plan).

Remember that if you leave the US on vacation, you will need to get a valid US IP address to use your HBO Max account. This is because the platform is geo-restricted elsewhere.

The good news is that all the VPNs recommended in this guide have US servers that work with HBO Max. But beware, HBO is extremely good at blocking VPNs, so you must stick to our recommended providers to avoid disappointment.

Where else can I stream KonoSuba online?

In addition to HBO Max in the US, there are various popular platforms that currently carry the animated series KonoSuba. To help you out, we have included those options below. If you live elsewhere, you may need to do some research to find out which regional streaming service offers it in your area.

The good news is that all of our recommended VPNs have fast global server networks. This means you can use any of our suggestions to connect to a server in your home country and watch KonoSuba on vacation.


Stream KonoSuba in Canada

If you live in Canada, you can stream both seasons of KonoSuba online because they are both currently available on Crunchyroll. A subscription to Crunchyroll will set you back CA$6.95. This is a very reasonable cost if you are an anime fan, because the service is home to hundreds of hours of anime series and movies.

As with other streaming platforms, Crunchyroll is region-locked to comply with licensing agreements. If you leave Canada on vacation, you will need to connect to one of our recommended VPNs to get a valid Canadian IP address. That way you will be able to log in and watch KonoSuba from anywhere in the world.


Stream KonoSuba in UK

Anime fans in the UK can also stream KonoSuba on Crunchyroll. In fact, this is the only service that is currently home to the animated show. In England, a premium subscription to Crunchyroll costs £6.50 per month. The good news is that you can trial the service for seven days to get an idea of what is available.

As is the case with other British streaming services like iPlayer and ITV Hub, Crunchyroll UK is geo-restricted. This means that you will need a VPN to log in and stream KonoSuba while traveling for work or on holiday. Luckily, our top pick NordVPN has a choice of servers across the UK, with a number of servers optimized for streaming.


Stream KonoSuba in Australia

To stream KonoSuba online in Australia, you will need a subscription with Funimation. The good news is that Funimation is home to both seasons of the show, so it is well worth getting a subscription. This will set you back AU$7.95, but you can trial the service for free for 14 days!

Just remember that if you leave Australia on vacation, you will require a fast VPN with servers down under to watch KonoSuba. The VPN recommendations on this page are some of the few VPNs that provide an Australian IP that works for streaming on Funimation.

Best of all, they are also super secure, can also help you to access torrent sites, and let you use the internet without constant government surveillance.

Can I use a free VPN to watch KonoSuba abroad?

No. Although there are some free VPNs available on the market, they are not suitable for streaming online on platforms like HBO Max, Funimation, and Crunchyroll.

Free VPNs have very few servers, and those servers are often cheap and inferior. They are also highly congested with free users from all over the globe. This makes them a terrible option for streaming because they will result in constant buffering.

In addition to this problem, streaming services go out of their way to block as many VPNs as possible. Without fail, free VPNs, which are the easiest for streaming platforms to spot, are the first to go. In fact, in 2024 even most premium VPNs have been blocked, which is why you must choose a VPN with great care.

These performance issues aside, we highly recommend steering away from free VPNs. Studies have revealed that free VPNs lie about the level of protection they provide, harvest user data to sell it to third parties, have critical vulnerabilities, suffer from DNS and IP leaks, and even hide spyware in their apps. This makes using free VPNs a massive risk to the health of your devices and your digital footprint.

What is KonoSuba about?

The series follows protagonist Kazuma Sato as he is offered a second chance to live by a goddess called Aqua. Following his unexpectedly early death, Aqua tells Sato he may go and live in another world and can choose to bring a single thing along with him.

In a moment of inspiration, Sato decides to bring the Goddess herself to the new world. The show then follows the pair’s adventures in a fantastic world that is presided over by a demon king.

The shows consist of 20 episodes that are split into two series and two standalone OVA anime movies.