Marc Dahan

Marc is a technology journalist with over 15 years experience. He specializes in content related to emerging technologies, cybersecurity, big data, privacy, artificial intelligence, and the politics of technology. He has worked for some of the largest tech companies, such as Deluxe Digital, Sony and Autodesk. During his time at Autodesk, he gave a series of talks on digital security and privacy, designed to give people the means to secure various aspects of their digital lives. Marc is passionate about online privacy and digital freedom.

Articles by Marc

Rooting your Android phone enables you to do some cool things with your phone you couldn't otherwise do. But what is rooting? How does it work? And what are the risks associated with rooting your Android phone?
By Marc Dahan in Information Security on October 29, 2020
The latest attempt by the U.S. government to undermine encryption is a piece of legislation called the EARN IT act. In this post, we break it down and discuss how it could affect privacy, free speech and encryption.
By Marc Dahan in Blog on November 10, 2021
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