watch Young Sheldon season 4 online

Young Sheldon season 4 will premiere on Thursday, November 5, at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST) with new episodes airing weekly. The fourth season of this The Big Bang Theory prequel will pick up from where season 3 left off as Sheldon graduates from high school. If you’re traveling abroad, you may find that Young Sheldon season 4 is region-locked. In this post, we’ll explain how you can use a VPN to unblock and watch it online from anywhere.

We’re only recommending official sources for watching Young Sheldon season 4. Unauthorized streams may be taken offline for copyright violation, making them highly unreliable. Furthermore, many unlicensed streams are low resolution and may suffer from excessive buffering and lag. The good news is that we’ll cover the official sources for streaming Young Sheldon season 4 so you don’t need to worry about missing out.

Young Sheldon season 4 will only be shown on region-locked platforms. For this reason, a VPN is required to watch abroad via your regular home streaming services.

How to watch Young Sheldon season 4 online with a VPN

In connecting to a VPN server, you receive a different IP address. This is what most geo-blocked sites use to find your location, so by changing it, you can make it look as if you’re browsing from another country. This in turn allows you to access websites that would otherwise be unavailable where you are.

Here’s how to watch Young Sheldon season 4 online from anywhere:

  1. First of all, you’ll need to sign up with a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN. However, NordVPN and Surfshark are two value-for-money alternatives.
  2. The next step is to download the appropriate VPN app for your device. Note that the above VPNs also offer the option of browser extensions.
  3. Open the VPN app before connecting to a server in the United States. This ensures you get a US IP address so you can unblock CBS All Access while traveling abroad.
  4. Go to CBS All Access and sign up for an account if you don’t have one already. This requires some personal data including a US zip code (any US zip code will do).
  5. Still blocked? You should clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Alternatively, try connecting to another server in case your current IP address has been blacklisted.

Young Sheldon season 4 will broadcast live on CBS. That’s why we recommend you test your VPN with CBS in advance of the season 4 premiere. If you encounter any issues, you’ll have enough time to get in touch with your VPN’s customer support for further assistance.

Where to watch Young Sheldon season 4 on US TV

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In order to watch the Young Sheldon season 4 premiere online, you’ll need to go to CBS All Access. Fortunately, you don’t need cable TV to watch. However, a monthly subscription is required. There are two plans available: with ads ($5.99 USD/month) and without ads ($9.99). A one-week free trial is available in both cases while you can also save 15% off the monthly price if you choose an annual plan. Signup requires you to provide your name, date of birth, email address, and zip code. Note that any US zip code is accepted.

CBS All Access is only available in the United States. This means you’ll need to use a VPN to watch it abroad. Simply connect to a server in the US for a US IP address, and the content should be unblocked. ExpressVPN unblocks CBS All Access and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. As such, you can try it out risk-free. If you decide not to continue, all you need to do is request a refund within the 30-day period for your money back.

Where else can I watch Young Sheldon season 4?



While there aren’t many other options for watching Young Sheldon season 4 online, it will be shown on CTV in Canada on November 5. However, you’ll need a cable TV subscription. To watch online, simply sign in using the same login details you use with your cable TV provider (a username or email address and password). Note that if you’re traveling outside Canada, you’ll also need to connect to a VPN server in Canada for a Canadian IP address.

What can we expect from Young Sheldon season 4?

Young Sheldon season 4 is scheduled to premiere on November 5 with new episodes airing each week. The season 3 finale was originally set to see Sheldon graduate from high school. However, filming was cut short due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This means that we will finally see this happen in the season 4 premiere. Sheldon will also experience “a nervous breakdown” as he questions whether he’s ready for college.

Who are the cast members of Young Sheldon season 4?

Of course, Iain Armitage is back as Sheldon Cooper. We can also expect to see the following key cast members returning: Zoe Perry (Mary Cooper), Lance Barber (George Cooper Sr), Montana Jordan (Georgie Cooper), Raegan Revord (Missy Cooper), and Annie Potts (Connie ‘MeeMaw’ Tucker).