The Little Mermaid Live! online

The Little Mermaid Live! aired on November 5, 2019. If you missed the live broadcast, don’t worry! We’ll explain where you can find it to rewatch it again and again! Note that you’ll need a VPN in order to watch The Little Mermaid Live! from abroad. That’s because the content is region-locked and only available in the US. Fortunately, there are some high-quality VPNs that can easily get around such geographic restrictions.

We’re only recommending official sources for watching The Little Mermaid Live!. While there are plenty of unauthorized sources, they tend to be of inferior quality with low resolution. Furthermore, some unauthorized streams are taken offline for violating copyright. You can avoid all of this hassle by watching The Little Mermaid Live! via one of the official sources covered below.

The Little Mermaid Live! will only be available on region-locked platforms. For this reason, you’ll need a VPN if you want to watch it abroad (outside the US).

How to watch The Little Mermaid Live! online with a VPN

With a VPN, you can make it look as if you’re browsing from another country. This is very useful for unblocking geo-restricted content such as The Little Mermaid Live!. Can’t wait to get started? All you need to do is follow the simple steps below.

Here’s how to watch The Little Mermaid Live! Online abroad (outside the US):

  1. Sign up with a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN but CyberGhost and NordVPN are two affordable alternatives for watching The Little Mermaid Live! from abroad.
  2. Download and install the VPN app or browser extension for your device (the device from which you want to watch The Little Mermaid Live!).
  3. Connect to a server in the US for a US IP address. This will allow you to unblock ABC or Disney+ and watch them abroad (outside the US).
  4. To watch via ABC, you’ll need to sign in with a US cable TV provider. In the case of Disney+, a paid subscription is required.
  5. Go to ABC or Disney+ and select a video that should play without restriction. If the content is still blocked, you should clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

How to watch The Little Mermaid Live! on US TV

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At the time of writing, the only way to watch The Little Mermaid Live! is on ABC (though it will be coming to Disney+ on November 12, 2019). This requires you to have a cable TV subscription and to sign in to ABC using your cable TV login details. You can then watch via or the ABC app. While ABC is available via a number of popular streaming services including AT&T TV and HuluThe Little Mermaid Live! was only available to watch live on the day of broadcast and is not offered on-demand.

Please keep in mind that ABC is region-locked and only available in the US. However, you can still watch from abroad by connecting to a US server via a VPN. A good place to start is with ExpressVPN which offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can try ExpressVPN risk-free and claim a full refund if the VPN doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Where else can I watch The Little Mermaid online?

If you don’t have a cable TV subscription, the only other way to watch The Little Mermaid Live! will be on Disney+. The streaming service is due to launch in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands on November 12, 2019. A US Disney+ subscription is priced at $6.99 USD per month while the annual subscription is $69.99 (this works out slightly cheaper at $5.83 per month).

Disney+ will be coming to Australia and New Zealand in November 19, 2019. However, the likes of the UK, France, Germany, and Spain will have to wait until March 31, 2020. As such, you may have to use a VPN in order to watch The Little Mermaid Live! on Disney+, depending on your location. By connecting to a server in the USCanada, or the Netherlands, you’d have a US, Canadian, or Dutch IP address for unblocking the platform abroad.

What should I know about The Little Mermaid Live?

The Little Mermaid Live! is a musical TV special based on the 1989 animated film, The Little Mermaid. Created for ABC, it features a hybrid format in which the film was projected in front of a live audience and interspersed with live musical performances of songs from the film (as well as the Broadway stage version). The Little Mermaid Live! aired on ABC on November 5, 2019, and attracted 9.01 million viewers.

Who is in the cast of The Little Mermaid Live?

The cast of The Little Mermaid Live! is made up of various popular actors and singers. In particular, Auliʻi Cravalho stars as Princess Ariel while Jodi Benson, the original voice of Ariel, introduces the special. It also features Queen Latifah as Ursula, Shaggy as Sebastian, John Stamos as Chef Louis, Graham Phillips as Prince Eric, and Amber Riley as the emcee.

Which songs feature in The Little Mermaid Live?

The Little Mermaid Live! features all of the popular songs from the original animated movie, including Part of Your World and Under the Sea. Here’s a full list of the songs which are listed in order of appearance:

  • Fathoms Below – Eric, Grimsby, and Ensemble
  • Daughters of Triton – Emcee, Ensemble
  • Part of Your World – Ariel
  • Part of Your World (reprise) – Ariel
  • Under the Sea – Sebastian, Ariel, and Ensemble
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls – Ursula and Ariel
  • Her Voice – Eric
  • Les Poissons – Chef Louis
  • Kiss the Girl – Sebastian, Ensemble
  • If Only – Ariel, Eric
  • Poor Unfortunate Souls (reprise) – Vanessa, Ursula
  • Happy Ending – Cast