Deadliest Catch season 16

Deadliest Catch season 16 will premiere with a special two-hour episode on Wednesday, April 15, at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST). The new season brings its fair share of competition as American crab fishermen go up against their Russian counterparts. The trouble is that episodes of Deadliest Catch are region-locked. ThisHow to watch Deadliest Catch season 16 online means that if you’re traveling abroad (outside of the US), you’re going to have to connect to a VPN to watch online.

We’re only recommending official sources for watching Deadliest Catch season 16. You may find unauthorized streams of the show but we don’t recommend them. For starters, their poor quality (low resolution and excessive lag) make for a frustrating streaming experience. Secondly, many such streams are taken offline for copyright violation. We’ll reveal all of the official sources for streaming Deadliest Catch so you don’t miss the season 16 premiere.

Season 16 of Deadliest Catch will only air on region-locked platforms. If you’re traveling abroad and want to watch it via your usual home streaming services, you’ll need a VPN.

How to watch Deadliest Crab season 16 online with a VPN

So what is a VPN and how can it help you stream Deadliest Catch season 16 from anywhere? Simply, VPNs are services that encrypt your internet traffic, providing you with better online security and privacy protection. An added benefit is that by connecting to a VPN server in another country, you can change your IP address and unblock geo-restricted content (such as Deadliest Catch), regardless of where you are in the world. Here’s how:

  1. First, select a VPN service and sign up. We recommend ExpressVPN. However, NordVPN and CyberGhost are two alternatives offering excellent value for money.
  2. Next, download one of the VPN apps (or browser extensions) before proceeding to install it on your device.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to a server in the United States. You’ll then have a US IP address, allowing you to unblock Discovery Channel abroad.
  4. Go to Discovery and sign in with your TV provider. If you don’t have cable TV, you can also watch Discovery via various streaming services (more on these later).
  5. Finally, open the Discovery live stream or an on-demand episode of Deadliest Catch. Content should be unblocked. If not, clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

New episodes of Deadliest Catch will broadcast live on Discovery. Be sure to test your VPN with Discovery in advance to avoid missing out on the season 16 premiere. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to contact your VPN’s customer support to troubleshoot any issues.

How to watch Deadliest Catch on US TV

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You can watch Deadliest Catch season 16 online on Discovery. If you have a US cable TV subscription, all you need to do is go to Discovery and sign in using your TV provider credentials (username or email address and password). You’ll then be able to watch online at no additional cost.

Don’t have cable TV? Don’t worry! You can also watch Discovery via the following streaming services: FuboTV ($54.99 USD/month), Hulu + Live TV ($54.99/month), Philo ($20/month), Sling TV ($30/month), and YouTube TV ($49.99/month). Many of these services include free trials. You can also purchase individual episodes (from $1.99) and seasons (from $14.99) on Amazon Prime Video.

Watching Deadliest Catch on Discovery or via a streaming service from abroad requires a VPN. That’s because all of these platforms are geo-restricted and only available in the US. To bypass this geo-blocking while abroad, just connect to a server in the US for a US IP address. ExpressVPN includes a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out with Discovery risk-free.

Where else can I watch Deadliest Catch season 16?

Discovery is available in multiple countries worldwide — in some cases, its channels are branded as DMAX. While Deadliest Catch season 16 will premiere on the US and Canada versions of Discovery, we can expect it to reach these international versions in the near future.


canada flag

According to the Discovery Canada website, Deadliest Catch season 16 will premiere on April 14 at 10 PM EST. Like the US version of Discovery, it requires that you sign in with your TV provider to watch online. To watch abroad, you’ll also need to connect to a VPN server in Canada to obtain a Canadian IP address. Unfortunately, there aren’t any ways to watch the Canadian version of Discovery cable-free.

Where can I watch seasons 1–15 of Deadliest Catch?

While Deadliest Catch season 16 won’t be available in most countries just yet, you can watch previous seasons:


British flag - union jackBritish flag - union jack - UK

UK viewers can watch most seasons (with the exception of seasons 2–5) of Deadliest Catch on Sky TV. To watch online, simply use the Sky Go app. If you don’t have a Sky TV subscription, you can watch without cable via Now TV. The NowTV Entertainment Pass includes Deadliest Catch seasons 12–15. This costs £8.99 per month and includes a 7-day free trial. Watching Sky Go and Now TV outside the UK requires you to obtain a UK IP address via a VPN.


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As well as being on Discovery US and Canada, you can stream previous seasons of Deadliest Catch on international versions of Discovery. Seasons 1–15 are available online on Dplay in countries including Italy and the Netherlands. Needless to say, this content is region-locked which means you’ll need to use a VPN to stream it while traveling abroad.

What can we expect from Deadliest Catch season 16?

Having first aired in 2005, Deadliest Catch has proven to be a popular (and nerve-wracking!) reality TV series. Season 16 sees American crab fishermen going head-to-head with Russian crab fishermen. The Americans’ chances of winning rest very much on whether the captains can set their differences aside. There were 21 episodes in season 15 so we can expect something similar for season 16 with each episode running for roughly 40–45 minutes.

Who is returning for Deadliest Catch season 16?

Season 16 sees the return of Captain Jonathan Hillstrand. However, there’ll be no return for fan-favorite boat The Time Bandit which is currently up for sale. We’ll also see Captain Scott Campbell Jr. making a comeback as well as Captain Josh Harris and Captain Casey McManus with the Cornelia Marie. Captain Sig Hansen is back while his daughter Mandy Hansen will go out on her first solo trip. You can also expect to see Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski, Captain Keith Colburn, and Captain Steve “Harley” Davidson.