How to stream Hallmark channel

The Hallmark Channel is home to many original movies and TV shows that are perfect for family viewing. Unfortunately, Hallmark Channel is restricted to viewers in the US. When you go on vacation abroad, you must use a VPN to watch Hallmark Channel.

The good news is that various American streaming services carry the Hallmark Channel. As long as you have a valid US IP address, then you can watch Hallmark online without a cable subscription.

In this guide, we will explain how to stream Hallmark Channel on vacation, or on any network within the US where it is blocked. We provide details about official streaming services that carry Hallmark Channel, and we will recommend the best VPNs to use with those services.

In this guide, we only recommend fast VPNs with reliable US servers for streaming Hallmark Channel.

How to watch Hallmark Channel with a VPN

The good news is that it is easy to unblock Hallmark Channel with a VPN. Below, we explain the entire process step by step. Our method also works to bypass streaming blocks at work or in school. So, if the wifi network you are using has blocked Hallmark, you can follow the steps below to regain access.

Here’s how to watch Hallmark Channel abroad:

  1. Choose a VPN for Hallmark Channel. We recommend NordVPN because it has fast servers in 15 US cities that are perfect for watching the Hallmark Channel. Alternatively, you can use Surfshark, which offers superb speeds to watch US TV and is cheap, or ExpressVPN, which is a fantastic all-rounder.
  2. Subscribe to the VPN and provide a valid payment method. Subscribing for longer will reduce the cost of a subscription, so choose the best plan for your needs.
  3. Download the VPN software and install it. Our recommendations have apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, which means you can stream Hallmark Channel on any device.
  4. Choose a VPN server in the US and click Connect. Each VPN has a wide choice of servers in the US and they should all work for watching streaming services like Hulu, Sling TV, Direct TV, or Peacock. If you encounter a server that doesn’t work, then pick another or contact live chat support to find out which location is best for your streaming provider.
  5. Head over to your streaming provider’s website and log in! As soon as your VPN connects you will have a valid IP address in the US. You can log in and stream your account while on vacation abroad.

If you have any problems streaming Hallmark Channel while connected to your VPN, then we recommend clearing the cache and cookies in your browser. Alternatively, you can try logging in using incognito/private browsing mode. Cookies left in your browser may give away your location and interfere with the VPN’s proper functioning.


NordVPN is offering a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. You can use the VPN rated #1 for Hallmark with no restrictions for a month – great if you want to stream the Hallmark Channel while on vacation or at work. 

There are no hidden terms—just contact support within 30 days if you decide NordVPN isn’t right for you and you’ll get a full refund. Start your NordVPN trial here.

What streaming services carry Hallmark Channel?

Hallmark Channel is one of the most well-served channels in the US, which means that it is available via a large number of streaming services.

You can stream it without a cable TV subscription. You should be able to find a legitimate streaming service that carries Hallmark Channel within your price range.

Below, you can see a list of official US streaming services that carry the Hallmark Channel along with the cost of that service. You will need a subscription to one of these services to watch the Hallmark Channel with a VPN, so it is important to get a subscription if you haven’t already.

  1. Amazon Prime Video (Hallmark Movies Now add-on) – $15.99+$5.99 per month
  2. Philo – $25 per month
  3. Frndly TV – $6.99 per month
  4. Hulu+ Live TV – $69.99
  5. Sling TV Orange + Lifestyle Extra Bundle – $46 per month
  6. DirecTV Stream – $64.99
  7. Fubo TV – $74.99 per month
  8. YouTube TV – $72.99 per month
  9. Vidgo – $69.99
  10. Xfinity Choice TV – $20 per month
  11. Hallmark Movies Now – $5.99 per month
  12. Peacock Premium – $5.99 per month

As you can see, the cheapest options for streaming Hallmark Channel are Hallmark Movies Now and NBC Peacock.

Of these two options we would tend to recommend Peacock because it will also let you watch NBC content and it is home to some excellent originals such as The Resort. Peacock has a Hallmark Hub where you can access Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama channels.

If you prefer to have full access to the entire Hallmark catalog, then you may prefer to subscribe to Hallmark Movies Now instead.

What are the best VPNs for the Hallmark Channel?

When it comes to streaming Hallmark Channel, not all VPNs are created equal. Many VPNs suffer from slow app performance and sluggish servers. Additionally, due to the strict VPN detection policies of US streaming platforms, most VPNs have now been blocked.

Below, we have included the best VPNs for Hallmark based on our research and testing:

  1. NordVPN: The best VPN to stream Hallmark Channel. Reliable apps come with many advanced privacy features. Servers in the US and 59 other countries. Works with Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and US streaming services that carry Hallmark Channel. Strong security features to protect your data at home, at work, and on public wifi. 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Surfshark: Most affordable VPN for Hallmark Channel. Surfshark lets you use its service on an unlimited number of devices. Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firestick, and Linux let you watch Hallmark on any device. Works with Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, and many other popular US platforms. Solid no logs policy and strong encryption. 30-day money-back guarantee.
  3. ExpressVPN: A solid VPN with great speeds. Provides uninterrupted Access to Hallmark Channel at work, in school, on public wifi, or on vacation. Superfast speeds thanks to its proprietary Lightway protocol. Kill-switch, OpenVPN with obfuscation, and DNS leak protection. 30-day money-back guarantee.
  4. CyberGhost: Perfect for beginners who want to unblock Hallmark Channel abroad. Easy-to-use interface and streaming-optimized servers labeled within the app. Servers in over 90 countries, including 1450+ US servers. Seamless compatibility with Hulu, Netflix, Hallmark Movies Now, and many others. Fast WireGuard protocol and strong encryption. 45-day money-back guarantee.
  5. PrivateVPN: A super-secure Swedish VPN provider that is great for streaming and torrenting. Offers a choice of US servers that work with Hallmark Channel, Netflix, ESPN Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and tons of other streaming platforms. Watertight privacy protects your data and browsing habits. Port forwarding makes it perfect for streaming.
  6. AtlasVPN: A fast US-based VPN that makes it easy to unblock streaming services like Hallmark Movies Now at work or on vacation. Super-fast WireGuard by default. Works with Netflix, Hulu, and other popular platforms. Unlimited connections per account make it incredible value for money.
  7. VyprVPN: Decent speeds and servers in over 70 countries, including the US. Reliable no-logging policy, a kill switch, and strong encryption. Works to watch most US streaming platforms, but we do recommend testing it with yours using its 30-day money-back guarantee.

We have carefully selected and recommended the best VPNs to unblock Hallmark Channel based on the following criteria:

  • US servers that work to bypass geographical restrictions, allowing seamless access to Hallmark Channel from anywhere in the world.
  • High-speed servers that are capable of delivering HD streaming quality, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable viewing experience.
  • Apps for all devices to let you unblock TV services abroad, at work, or in school on any device.
  • A strict no-logs policy that guarantees your online activities remain private and secure.
  • Reliable customer support with  24/7 live chat to help you access Hallmark or any other US (or international service) that interests you.
  • A secure connection with robust encryption and advanced privacy features to safeguard you online. This makes the VPN useful for gaining online privacy, using public wifi safely, and preventing online tracking.

You can find out more about our VPN testing methodology here. This methodology allows us to find secure and reliable VPNs that are perfect for specific use cases, such as watching Hallmark Channel.

Hallmark Channel VPN FAQs

Can I use a free VPN to watch the Hallmark Channel?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Although there are a few trustworthy VPNs that offer a limited free plan to advertise their services, these reliable VPNs do not work to access streaming platforms that carry Hallmark.

The vast majority of free VPNs you can find online have dodgy privacy policies, lack encryption, suffer from app and server vulnerabilities, and have even been found to hide spyware in their apps. Most free VPNs present a huge risk to your data and the safety of your devices.

Trusted VPNs that have a free plan are very limited, and they implement download limits and bandwidth limits. They also have limited free server locations to pick from. This makes the free plan useful for people who need a VPN in an emergency (such as when governments enforce social media blocks during protests or elections) but not suitable for bypassing streaming blocks on vacation. 

If you want to watch the Hallmark Channel on vacation for free, your best bet is to make use of one of our recommended VPNs’ money-back guarantees. They will let you trial the premium service risk-free for between 30 and 45 days. After that time, you can either try a different VPN or continue with the service if it suits you. 

Why is Hallmark Channel blocked outside of the US?

The Hallmark Channel is blocked outside of the US due to licensing agreements. When TV networks like Hallmark Channel acquire content, they secure the rights to broadcast that content within specific geographical regions, such as the USA. Hallmark (and streaming services that carry Hallmark) must monitor visitors to their site and serve an error message if the viewer is located outside of the licensed region.

In addition, Hallmark often licenses its original movies and shows to third-party services around the globe. When it makes those agreements, it is under the condition that the content will not be available on other platforms. To ensure that this is the case, Hallmark must block access to its original content on US-based platforms.

To comply with copyright laws and licensing agreements, Hallmark Channel uses geolocation technology to track viewers to its website (the same is true of third-party services like Hulu and Sling TV). These services monitor your IP address and only let you watch if you are in the US.

Geo-blocking can be frustrating for viewers outside of the US who want to access Hallmark Channel’s content, particularly US subscribers who are on vacation. Luckily, you can use a VPN to bypass these blocks and access your account while abroad.

Do I need a fast VPN to stream Hallmark Channel?

Yes. Most VPNs are sluggish, which makes them unsuitable for streaming HD video content online. In order to enjoy uninterrupted streaming on Hallmark, you need a VPN that has fast servers and speedy VPN tunneling protocols such as WireGuard or OpenVPN UDP. This will ensure that you can watch Hallmark Channel movies or series without constant buffering. 

All of the VPNs recommended in this guide have been tested to watch US platforms while on vacation. They all have excellent US servers that have plenty of bandwidth. When you connect to those servers you have the speed you need to play games, torrent, or stream TV.

What can I watch on Hallmark Channel?

The Hallmark Channel is a popular US platform that provides family-friendly content. It is well known for its themed content that centers around holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving. 

Some of the popular movies you can watch on Hallmark Channel include:

  1. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (2021)
  2. The Magic Of Ordinary Days (2005)
  3. Once Upon A Christmas Miracle (2018)
  4. The Nine Lives Of Christmas (2014)
  5. The Lost Valentine (2011)
  6. The Wedding Veil (2022)
  7. A Season For Miracles (1999)
  8. November Christmas (2010)
  9. Beyond The Blackboard (2011)
  10. The Best Bad Thing (1997)

In addition to original movies, Hallmark is also famous for its TV shows. Hallmark channels offer dramas, comedies, and mystery series. These shows often focus on relationships, small-town life, and personal growth. Popular shows include The Good Witch, Heartland, When Calls the Heart, and Chesapeake Shores.

During the holiday season, Hallmark Channel hosts its “Countdown to Christmas” event, which always features a lineup of festive movies and specials. Hallmark Movie Now even has a section devoted to the Mysteries genre. This includes many mystery-themed movies and TV series – perfect for those who love detective dramas and like to dabble in armchair crime-solving!

Can I stream Hallmark Channel without cable?

Yes. Although it is possible to log in to the Hallmark website with a valid cable TV provider, this is not the only way to watch Hallmark online. In this guide, we have recommended numerous American streaming platforms that carry the Hallmark Channel. You can subscribe to various services that let you stream the Hallmark channel without a cable subscription. The cheapest option to stream Hallmark starts at just $5.99 per month as of time of writing.

Is it legal to stream Hallmark Channel outside of the US?

Bypassing region locks to watch your streaming account on vacation is not a criminal offense and you cannot be prosecuted for watching the content you paid for while on vacation abroad. The important thing to remember is that you are a paying subscriber, so when you use a VPN it is unlikely to ever cause you a personal problem.

Due to the licensing agreements that streaming services are obligated to comply with, they try to block as many VPN IP addresses as possible. This is why so many VPNs fail to work with popular platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

Technically speaking, you may find that using a VPN is against the Terms of Service. You could theoretically have your account terminated for using a VPN to watch content from abroad. In reality, streaming services want you to keep paying your bill each month. This is why they concentrate on blocking VPNs rather than the people who use them.

Although using a VPN is perfectly legal in most countries, we still encourage you to check local laws and restrictions because not every country is the same. Nothing in this article should be taken as legal advice, and you always use a VPN at your own risk.