Does PureVPN work with Netflix?

To cut to the chase, PureVPN does indeed work with Netflix, specifically the US and UK libraries. Read on to find out more about our testing and what you can expect.

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Gaining access to your usual Netflix library while abroad is often one of the primary reasons to employ the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Aside from providing security by encrypting your internet traffic, a VPN can spoof your location to make it appear that you’re somewhere you’re not. This means that, with the right provider, you can enjoy access to your home Netflix library, no matter where you go.

We regularly test a range of VPN providers to see which ones are working with popular streaming sites. Some users have reported that they cannot access their home Netflix library while abroad using PureVPN. We’ve put it to the test to see whether or not those reports are true.

Before we describe the tests, for those who want a quick reference, here’s a table showing some of the main results.

AppServer ChoiceWorked with Netflix US
WindowsSalt Lake CityNo
WindowsLos AngelesYes
Android (Netflix app)New YorkYes
Android (browser)New YorkNo
Android (Netflix app)MiamiYes
Android (browser)MiamiNo

Do the PureVPN desktop clients work with US Netflix?

We’ve tested PureVPN multiple times with US Netflix in the past and have typically had success. However, with Netflix cracking down on the use of VPNs to access its content, some providers that used to work won’t anymore. So to test the claims we’ve run a fresh set of tests.

First, we’ll look at how PureVPN fares using the Windows desktop client. This used to prompt you to select a mode (such as “Stream” or “Internet Freedom”) but this is no longer the case. Instead, you’re presented with a fairly standard VPN interface and can simply select your desired location from a list.

PureVPN US locations
There are lots of US locations to choose from

So, did Netflix work? Yes… sometimes.

We were able to securely access Netflix US using servers in major cities, but some locations (like Salt Lake City) resulted in an error. If you’re having trouble finding a server that works, ou can always contact a customer service representative for help.

Since Netflix is cracking down on VPN usage, it is often quick to block IP addresses that are known to be from VPN servers. It’s therefore fairly common to have to get in touch with customer support, even with top providers.

Do the PureVPN mobile apps work with US Netflix?

Sometimes, you might want to watch Netflix on-the-go. That’s why we’ve tested PureVPN on Android to see if it works with Netflix US.

First off, we tried watching via the phone’s browser. This failed, both on Firefox and Chrome. This isn’t unusual, given that mobile devices can cross-reference your IP address with location data.

Next, we tried streaming via the Netflix app. This worked on both servers we tested!

Again, if you’re not having any luck, you can contact a customer support agent via live chat and ask for an appropriate server address.

Can PureVPN access other Netflix libraries?

Netflix is available in most countries, but due to licensing restrictions, the catalog of shows and movies differs from region to region. While the Netflix US library is one of the largest and most popular of its global offerings, you may want to securely access the Netflix library of the country you are visiting.

We tested PureVPN with servers from several countries and were able to access Netflix UK and Netflix Japan with ease. Note that Netflix is constantly updating its VPN-detection methods, so these results could change.

To securely access other Netflix libraries, check out our dedicated posts for accessing Netflix Spain, Netflix Brazil, Netflix France, and Netflix Italy.

Can I just use the PureVPN browser extension to watch US Netflix?

In addition to desktop and mobile apps, a PureVPN subscription includes browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. In its literature, the provider often recommends to simply use one of these extensions for watching Netflix. To its credit, we never had any issues using Netflix with the proxy extension active.

purevpn extension streaming
The browser extension has servers specifically for securely accessing popular websites

That said, we’d recommend using a full VPN app instead. While a browser extension can mask your IP address and spoof your location, it’s worth noting that it is different from an actual VPN app. Extensions are typically proxies, which usually don’t stop DNS leaks and only route browser traffic. Therefore, if you’re just using the browser extension, you won’t be getting the same protection as you would with a VPN.

If you’re not worried about security, a browser extension can do the job.

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Does PureVPN work with other streaming sites?

Our latest testing shows that PureVPN can be used to securely access other streaming sites. Note that this is not an exhaustive list, just what we’ve tested recently.

  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Sling TV
  • BBC iPlayer

The verdict on whether or not PureVPN works with Netflix

In summary, we were able to seamlessly access US Netflix with the desktop and mobile apps. Even if you have to try live chat, an agent should be able to quickly direct you to an appropriate server.

While PureVPN worked with US Netflix, if you want to access libraries from other regions, you might need to keep looking.