VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are a popular means of accessing Netflix TV shows and movies that are not available in the user’s home country.

Netflix is an international service available in more than 100 countries, but each country has a different selection of TV shows and movies. A European Commission report estimates cross-border film availability on Netflix within the EU is just 31%. If a show you want to watch is available in another country and not your own, you can use a VPN to unblock it. Unfortunately, Netflix blocks connections from most VPN servers, which results in the following proxy error:

“Whoops, something went wrong. Streaming error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

Today, only a fraction of VPNs can bypass Netflix’s firewall. To make matters more confusing, each VPN’s unblocking ability varies by country—a VPN that unblocks US Netflix might not unblock the UK Netflix library. Plus, even VPN providers that do unblock Netflix typically only have a small selection of servers that are up to the task. All of this can make choosing a Netflix VPN difficult for users.

To assist you in your decision, Comparitech has conducted the most comprehensive study to date of which VPNs unblock Netflix in which countries. We tested 59 VPNs in 30 countries with Netflix in a desktop web browser and the Netflix iOS and Android apps. In all, our team ran more than 5,000 manual tests on real devices.

You can view the full results below. Use the search bar to filter results.

AustraliaAstrillDesktop, Android
AustraliaCyberGhostDesktop, Android
AustraliaExpressVPNDesktop, iOS
AustraliaibVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
AustraliaIPVanishDesktop, iOS
AustraliaIvacyDesktop, Android
AustraliaNordVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
AustraliaPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
AustraliaSurfEasyDesktop, iOS
AustraliaVPN TunnelDesktop, iOS, Android
AustraliaWindscribeDesktop, iOS, Android
BrazilAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
BrazilAvast SecurelineDesktop, iOS, Android
BrazilAvira PhantomDesktop, iOS, Android
BrazilHide.meDesktop, iOS, Android
BrazilHMADesktop, iOS, Android
BrazilHotspot ShieldDesktop, iOS, Android
BrazilibVPNDesktop, iOS
BrazilLe VPNDesktop
BrazilNorton Wifi PrivacyDesktop, iOS, Android
BrazilPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
BrazilSpeedifyDesktop, iOS, Android
BrazilTunnelbearDesktop, Android
CanadaAvira PhantomDesktop, iOS, Android
CanadaBulletVPNDesktop, Android
CanadaExpressVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
CanadaNordVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
CanadaNorton WiFi PrivacyDesktop, iOS
CanadaPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
CanadaSlickVPNDesktop, iOS
CanadaSurfeasyDesktop, iOS, Android
CanadaVPN BookDesktop, Android
DenmarkF-Secure FreedomeDesktop, iOS, Android
DenmarkPerfectPrivacyDesktop, iOS
DenmarkPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
FinlandAstrillDesktop, iOS
FinlandAvase SecurelineDesktop, iOS, Android
FinlandCyberGhostDesktop, iOS, Android
FinlandF-Secure FreedomeDesktop, iOS, Android
FinlandProtonVPNDesktop, Android
FinlandSaferVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
FinlandSpeedifyDesktop, iOS, Android
FranceAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
FranceBufferedDesktop, iOS, Android
FranceCyberGhostDesktop, Android
FranceExpressVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
FranceF-Secure FreedomeDesktop, iOS, Android
FranceGooseDesktop, iOS, Android
FrancePrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
FranceSlickVPNDesktop, iOS
FranceSurfSharkDesktop, iOS, Android
FranceVPN BookDesktop
GermanyBulletVPNDesktop, Android
GermanyCyberGhostDesktop, iOS, Android
GermanyExpressVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
GermanyGooseDesktop, iOS, Android
GermanyHide.meDesktop, iOS, Android
GermanyLiquidVPNDesktop, Android
GermanyNorton Wifi PrivacyDesktop, Android
GermanyPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
GermanySurfEasyDesktop, iOS
GermanyVPN AreaDesktop, iOS, Android
GermanyVPN BookDesktop
Hong KongAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
Hong KongExpressVPNDesktop, iOS
Hong KongHMADesktop, iOS, Android
Hong KongibVPNDesktop, iOS
Hong KongPureVPNDesktop
IndiaAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
IndiaExpressVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
IndiaLeVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
IndiaSurfSharkDesktop, iOS, Android
IndiaWindscribeDesktop, iOS
IsraelAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
IsraelSaferVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
IsraelTorguardDesktop, iOS
ItalyBulletVPNDesktop, Android
ItalyCyberGhostDesktop, iOS, Android
ItalyExpressVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
ItalyHide.meDesktop, iOS
ItalyPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
ItalyTigerVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
JapanExpressVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
JapanKeenowDesktop, Android
JapanNordVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
JapanPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
JapanSurfSharkDesktop, iOS, Android
JapanVPN AreaDesktop, Android
MexicoAvast SecurelineDesktop, iOS, Android
MexicoHMADesktop, iOS, Android
MexicoNorton Wifi PrivacyDesktop, iOS, Android
MexicoVPN TunnelDesktop, iOS, Android
NetherlandsCyberGhostDesktop, iOS, Android
NetherlandsExpressVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
NetherlandsGooseDesktop, iOS, Android
NetherlandsNordVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
NetherlandsPrivate TunnelDesktop
NetherlandsPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
NetherlandsProtonVPNDesktop, Android
NetherlandsSurfEasyDesktop, iOS, Android
NetherlandsSurfSharkDesktop, iOS, Android
NetherlandsVPN AreaDesktop
New ZealandAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
New ZealandBulletVPNDesktop, Android
New ZealandIronsocketDesktop
New ZealandIvacyDesktop
New ZealandProtonVPNDesktop, Android
New ZealandTorguardDesktop, iOS, Android
New ZealandVPN AreaDesktop
NorwayBulletVPNDesktop, Android
NorwayF-Secure FreedomeDesktop, iOS, Android
NorwayNorton WiFi PrivacyDesktop, Android
NorwayPerfectPrivacyDesktop, iOS
NorwayPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
NorwayProtonVPNDesktop, Android
NorwaySurfEasyDesktop, iOS, Android
NorwayVPN AreaDesktop, iOS, Android
PolandAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
PolandAvira PhantomDesktop, iOS, Android
PolandCyberGhostDesktop, iOS, Android
PolandF-Secure FreedomeDesktop, iOS, Android
PolandPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
PolandProtonVPNDesktop, Android
RomaniaAvira PhantomDesktop, iOS, Android
RomaniaCyberGhostDesktop, iOS, Android
RomaniaHide.meDesktop, iOS
RomaniaLiquidVPNDesktop, Android
RomaniaNorton Wifi PrivacyDesktop, iOS, Android
RomaniaPerfectPrivacyDesktop, iOS
RomaniaPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
RomaniaTorguardDesktop, iOS, Android
RomaniaZenmateDesktop, iOS
RussiaibVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
RussiaKaspersky Secure ConnectionDesktop
RussiaKeenowDesktop, iOS, Android
RussiaMcAfee Safe ConnectDesktop
SingaporeExpressVPNDesktop, iOS
SingaporeHide.meDesktop, iOS, Android
SingaporeLiquidVPNDesktop, Android
SingaporePrivateVPNDesktop, Android
SingaporeWindscribeDesktop, iOS
South AfricaAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
South AfricaIvacyDesktop, Android
South AfricaNorton Wifi PrivacyDesktop, iOS, Android
South AfricaPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
South AfricaPureVPNDesktop, Android
South AfricaTorguardDesktop, Android
South AfricaVPN AreaDesktop
South AfricaWindscribeDesktop, iOS
South AfricaZenmateDesktop, iOS, Android
SpainCyberGhostDesktop, Android
SpainExpressVPNDesktop, iOS
SpainHotspot ShieldDesktop, iOS, Android
SpainPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
SpainProtonVPNDesktop, Android
SpainTigerVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
SwedenAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
SwedenAvase SecurelineDesktop
SwedenAvira Phantom VPNDesktop, iOS, Android
SwedenBulletVPNDesktop, Android
SwedenF-Secure FreedomeDesktop, iOS, Android
SwedenHotspot ShieldDesktop, iOS, Android
SwedenKaspersky Secure ConnectionDesktop, iOS
SwedenMcAfee Safe ConnectDesktop, iOS, Android
SwedenPerfect PrivacyDesktop, iOS
SwedenPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
SwedenProtonVPNDesktop, Android
SwedenSlickVPNDesktop, iOS
SwedenWindscribeDesktop, iOS, Android
SwitzerlandAvira PhantomDesktop, iOS, Android
SwitzerlandLiquidVPNDesktop, Android
SwitzerlandNorton Wifi PrivacyDesktop, Android
SwitzerlandPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
SwitzerlandTigerVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
SwitzerlandTorguardDesktop, iOS, Android
ThailandPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
ThailandSaferVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
ThailandWindscribeDesktop, iOS
TurkeyHotspot ShieldDesktop, iOS, Android
TurkeyWindscribeDesktop, iOS
UKAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
UKBetternetDesktop, Android
UKCyberGhostDesktop, iOS, Android
UKExpressVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
UKF-Secure FreedomeDesktop, iOS, Android
UKGooseDesktop, iOS, Android
UKHide.meDesktop, iOS, Android
UKHMADesktop, iOS, Android
UKHotspot ShieldDesktop, iOS
UKIvacyDesktop, iOS, Android
UKKeenowDesktop, iOS, Android
UKLiquidVPNDesktop, Android
UKNordVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
UKNorton WiFi PrivacyDesktop, iOS, Android
UKPIADesktop, iOS, Android
UKPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
UKSaferVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
UKSurfSharkDesktop, iOS
UKVPN AreaDesktop, iOS, Android
UKVPN UnlimitedDesktop, Android
UKWindscribeDesktop, iOS, Android
UkraineHide.meDesktop, iOS, Android
UkrainePrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
UkraineWindscribeDesktop, iOS
USAAstrillDesktop, iOS, Android
USAAvast SecurelineDesktop, iOS, Android
USAAvira PhantomDesktop, iOS, Android
USABufferedDesktop, iOS
USACactusVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
USACyberGhostDesktop, iOS, Android
USAExpressVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
USAFrootVPNDesktop, Android
USAGooseDesktop, Android
USAHide.meDesktop, iOS, Android
USAHMADesktop, iOS, Android
USAHotspot ShieldDesktop, iOS, Android
USAibVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
USAIPVanishDesktop, iOS, Android
USAIvacyDesktop, iOS, Android
USAKeenowDesktop, iOS, Android
USALe VPNDesktop, Android
USALiquidVPNDesktop, Android
USAMcAfee Safe ConnectDesktop
USANordVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
USANorton WiFi PrivacyDesktop, iOS, Android
USAPIADesktop, iOS, Android
USAPrivate TunnelDesktop, Android
USAPrivateVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
USAProtonVPNDesktop, Android
USAProXPNDesktop, Android
USAPureVPNDesktop, Android
USASaferVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
USASpeedifyDesktop, iOS, Android
USASurfeasyDesktop, iOS, Android
USASurfSharkDesktop, iOS, Android
USATorguardDesktop, iOS, Android
USAVPN BookDesktop
USAVPN TunnelDesktop, iOS, Android
USAVPN UnlimitedDesktop, iOS, Android
USAVPNAreaDesktop, iOS, Android
USAVyprVPNDesktop, iOS, Android
USAWindscribeDesktop, iOS, Android
USAZenmateDesktop, iOS, Android

International Netflix VPNs: by the numbers

PrivateVPN unblocked Netflix in more countries than any other provider, and it did so on all three platforms: desktop browser, iOS, and Android.

Here are the top VPNs that unblocked Netflix in the most countries:

  • PrivateVPN: 21
  • Astrill: 15
  • Windscribe: 13
  • ExpressVPN: 13
  • Mullvad: 13 (desktop browser only)
  • CyberGhost: 11

43 out of 59 VPNs were able to unblock American Netflix on at least one platform, nearly double the second-place British Netflix. US Netflix remains the most in-demand catalog thanks to offering more TV series than any other country, particularly new and popular titles. Many VPN providers make unblocking US Netflix a high priority.

Users who want access to the Belgian version of Netflix have the smallest choice of VPN providers; it can only be unblocked by one of the 59 VPNs we tested (ProtonVPN). Unblocking Netflix in countries like Belgium and Turkey is probably not at the top of the priority list for most VPNs, and many of the VPNs we tested don’t have servers in those countries at all.

Our team recorded roughly 1,650 results on each platform: Netflix website in a desktop browser, iOS Netflix app, and Android Netflix app. The website in a desktop browser was unblocked 286 times, while iOS and Android apps were close at 197 and 184, respectively. It’s worth noting that not all the VPNs we tested have mobile apps, in which case the result was negative.

It’s generally more difficult for a VPN to unblock the Netflix mobile app for iOS or Android than it is to unblock it in a web browser. This is largely because the Netflix app can use means not available to a web browser to verify its location. For example, Netflix can override your device’s DNS settings in the mobile app, but not in a web browser.

Update: Since first publishing this article, it has been brought to our attention that some VPNs redirect users to the US version of Netflix regardless of server location. NordVPN, for example, can unblock Netflix when connected to any country, but uses a DNS proxy to route Netflix requests to the US version. NordVPN can unblock Netflix USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, and UK. Opening Netflix while connected to any other country through NordVPN will return the US version. And though Surfshark users can access Netflix on any server, they all redirect to the US version except France, India, Japan, the Netherlands, and the UK. Similarly, AirVPN redirects many international users to US Netflix regardless of their VPN server’s IP address. We’ve ran additional tests and updated our results and data to reflect this practice.

Methodology and limitations

For each test, our staff connected to the VPN, opened Netflix in a browser or in the Netflix app (depending on the OS), and played a video. If the video played normally, the VPN scored a positive result. If it wasn’t clear which server to connect to for a given VPN, we contacted the VPN’s customer support team to ask which servers work with Netflix.

In order for a VPN to to pass our test, it must be able to unblock Netflix videos out of the box, meaning no manual configuration outside of the VPN app is necessary. It must also bypass Netflix’s firewall with a reasonable degree of consistency—no reconnecting to the same server over and over in the hopes of finding an IP address that hasn’t been blocked. Finally, we used the paid subscription versions of VPNs when available.

The countries we tested include:

Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand,
Turkey, UK, USA, Ukraine

The VPNs we tested:

Air VPN, Anonymous VPN, Astrill, Avast Secureline VPN, Avira Phantom VPN, BTGuard, Betternet, BlackVPN, Buffered, BulletVPN, CactusVPN, CyberGhost, EarthVPN, ExpressVPN, F-Secure Freedom VPN, FrootVPN, Goose, Hide My Ass! (HMA), Hide.me, Hola, Hotspot Shield, IPVanish, Ironsocket, Ivacy, Kaspersky Secure Connection, Keenow, Le VPN, LiquidVPN, McAfee Safe Connect, Mullvad, NordVPN, Norton WiFi Privacy, OneVPN, PerfectPrivacy, Private Internet Access, Private Tunnel, PrivateVPN, ProXPN, ProtonVPN, PureVPN, SaferVPN, SlickVPN, Speedify, StrongVPN, SurfEasy, Surfshark, TigerVPN, Torguard, TunnelBear, UnoTelly, VPNBook, VPN Tunnel, VPN Unlimited, VPNArea, VyprVPN, Windscribe, WorldVPN, Zenmate, ibVPN

A few VPNs bundle smart DNS proxies with their subscriptions, and some of those DNS proxies can unblock Netflix (e.g. Ironsocket DNS, Keenow Unblocker, ExpressVPN MediaStreamer). Due to time constraints and practicality, however, we elected not to test smart DNS services and instead solely focus on VPNs.

A quick disclaimer: VPNs occasionally add new servers that can unblock Netflix, and Netflix occasionally blocks more VPN servers. While we’ll do our best to keep this article updated, we don’t have the resources to continually run tests for every country year-round, so the results are subject to change.

There are hundreds of VPNs out there, and we’ve only tested a small number of them. Smaller and newer providers might be able to unblock Netflix as well because they don’t attract much attention, but they can only fly under the radar for so long before Netflix catches up to them. Large providers have the resources to repeatedly combat Netflix’s anti-VPN measures.

If you’ve found something we’ve missed or that’s changed, let us know in the comments!

“netflix” by www.quotecatalog.com licensed under CC BY 2.0