watch Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime live online

The Wimbledon quarter-finals on July 7 are where things will really start to get tense. After all, only the best players in the world remain, and a single mistake could spell disaster. As such, the Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime match promises to be one of the more memorable of the tournament. Can’t make it to London yourself? No problem: just take a look below to find out how to watch Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime live online.

Unauthorized streams have a habit of cropping up for major sporting events and Wimbledon is no exception. That said, we recommend sticking to official broadcasters. The reasons for this are simple: legitimate providers offer the best video quality and their streams can’t be taken offline for copyright violation part way through. Many international Wimbledon broadcasters are free to use, too, which means there’s no reason to resort to unreliable, unlicensed sources.

Most of the streaming services showing Wimbledon are only available in specific countries. If you’re traveling abroad, you can still watch on the same services you’d use back home, as long as you connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) first.

How to live stream Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime from abroad

VPNs are digital privacy tools that encrypt your internet traffic and send it through a server somewhere else in the world. This changes your IP address, causing the sites you visit to think you’re in a different country entirely. Follow these steps to unblock your usual services abroad.

Here’s how to watch Berrettini vs Auger-Alisassime from anywhere:

  1. First, choose a suitable VPN to use. We recommend NordVPN but Surfshark and ExpressVPN are two excellent, value for money alternatives.
  2. Download and install the VPN app. Most providers permit around five simultaneous connections, so feel free to add it to any device you use often.
  3. Log into the app and select a server in the required location. You’d have to use a British server to watch via BBC iPlayer, for instance, or an Australian server to unblock 9Now.
  4. All that remains is to try playing a video. It should load right away but if not, clear your cache and cookies, then refresh the page. Still not working? Ask your VPN’s support team for more advice.

The Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime match will air live. For this reason, we strongly advise you take some time out to ensure your VPN works properly with your chosen streaming service before the game starts. Most major providers have a 24/7 live chat help desk, so getting help is quick and easy.


NordVPN offers a fully-featured risk-free 30-day trial if you sign up at this page. This means that you can use our #1 VPN for live tennis with no restrictions for a full month. This is perfect for anyone hoping to stream Wimbledon online as they travel.

There are no hidden termsjust let customer support know within 30 days if you decide NordVPN isn't right for you and you'll get a full refund. Start your NordVPN trial here.

How to watch Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime for free on US TV

US flag - flag of the USA

American fans can watch Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime, and in fact, every other match on ESPN and Tennis Channel. If you’re lucky enough to have a cable plan that includes these channels, simply sign into the app or website with your provider details and you’ll be able to watch Wimbledon online at no added cost.

For those looking to stream Wimbledon online without cable, YouTube TV is a great option. At the moment, it’s offering a two-week trial, which means you can watch the rest of the tournament and cancel before your payment method is charged. We’d recommend you make a note to do this, however, since this service usually costs $64.99 USD per month.

Several other platforms carry ESPN as well. FuboTV and Hulu with Live TV account have one-week free trials, while Sling TV  is offering new users a heavy discount on their first month ($10 instead of $35). Although Tennis Channel has its own online pass, you have to pay for a year upfront, and it costs $109.99, making it the worst option available.

These platforms are usually only available in the US. If you have a VPN, you should be able to use them while traveling abroad, though. NordVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it for yourself completely risk-free. Unimpressed? Just cancel for a full refund.

Where else can I stream Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime live online?

Wimbledon has fans all over the world and is, understandably, being broadcast in over 50 countries. This is great news for anyone hoping to watch Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime live online; just take a look below to see who’s showing this year’s tournament where you are:


UK flag Union Jack

Two networks have the rights to show Wimbledon 2021 in the UK: the BBC and Eurosport. Luckily, both have their own streaming platform, meaning you can watch online via BBC iPlayer (which is free) or Eurosport Player (£4.99 per month). The service you choose doesn’t really matter, since both will show every match.

Legally, you’ll need a TV license to stream this match live (or on-demand via BBC iPlayer). That said, neither provider has any verification measures in place to make sure you have one.

These services are geo-restricted, so to watch Wimbledon on them from outside of the UK, you’ll need a VPN.



TSN is Canada’s sole Wimbledon 2021 broadcaster. Subscribers can stream every match live, including Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime, and if you miss an important moment, you’ll be able to watch the replays and highlights just a few hours after the game is over. If your cable plan already includes TSN, simply log into the website and you’ll be able to watch online at no added cost. Looking to watch Wimbledon cable-free? In that case, you’ll need an online pass: these cost $7.99 CAD per day and $19.99 per month.

TSN is region-locked and only normally available in Canada. With a VPN, you’ll be able to access it from anywhere in the world.



9Now will have free to watch coverage of all the highest-profile Wimbledon matches, including Berrettini vs Auger-Aliassime. Better still, it’ll add replays to its on-demand library soon after each match ends, so there’s no need to worry if you have to miss one. Users have to create an account before streaming, but this is quick and easy.

To watch every single match of the tournament, you’ll need a Stan Sport subscription. This comes with a seven-day trial, and Stan itself has a 30-day trial, so if you sign up after July 4, you’ll be able to stream every remaining match for free. Just remember to cancel both Stan and Stan Sport, since these each cost $10 AUD per month.

You’ll need a VPN to bypass these services’ regional blocking while abroad.

Other locations

Didn’t see your location above? No problem: like we mentioned earlier, there are dozens of networks showing Wimbledon matches around the world. We’d recommend you take a look at the official Wimbledon broadcaster list to find out who’s broadcasting the tournament in your country.

Can Berrettini beat Auger-Aliassime?

Berrettini is the world’s #9 player at the moment, and has been slowly edging his way closer to victory in Grand Slam tournaments over the last few years, culminating with a quarter-finals match at the French Open last month. Auger-Aliassime is in a similar position, having performed admirably in the Australian Open but ultimately failing to claim victory. Unfortunately, this makes it a very difficult match to call, but at the very least, that uncertainty should help make it a little more exciting.

Wimbledon 2021 match calendar

DateEventOuter court start time (BST)Show court start time (BST)
June 28Round 111 AM1 PM
June 29Round 111 AM1 PM
June 30Round 211 AM1 PM
July 1Round 211 AM1 PM
July 2Round 311 AM1 PM
July 3Round 311 AM1 PM
July 4Rest day
July 5Round of 1611 AM1 PM
July 6Quarter-finals11 AM1 PM
July 7Quarter-finals11 AM1 PM
July 8Womens’ semi-finals11 AM1 PM
July 9Men’s semi-finals11 AM1 PM
July 10Women’s finals, men’s doubles final11 AM2 PM
July 11Men’s final, mixed doubles final11 AM2 PM