No matter where you live, you can watch Belgium v. Japan online, live and free from an official broadcaster offering a high quality stream of the game. We’ll cover a variety of different options with commentary in different languages including both free and paid live streams of this game and other FIFA 2018 World Cup matches. 

Belgium v Japan World Cup 2018

The Belgium v. Japan match will take place on July 2, 2018. Belgium v. Japan will begin at 2 p.m. EST / 7 p.m. GMT+1 at the Rostov Arena, Rostov-On-Don. 

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup broadcasting in over 120 countries, your chances of seeing the game live online are pretty good. Even if you can’t watch in your own country, as long as you have an internet connection and a few other tools you can easily watch any game.

How to watch Belgium v. Japan live online: BBC One and SBS

English-language viewers have two great choices for Belgium v. Japan live viewing online:

Between these two options, SBS is likely going to be your best choice. SBS recently landed the full rights to all of the games in Australia after the Australian cable network Optus failed to deliver on its contract. As a result, they shifted all of the streams over to Australia’s free-to-air TV network, SBS. Since SBS was already broadcasting some fo the games for free successfully, this means that they’re now offering all of the games free online.

The BBC is also offering a live stream via BBC One and the iPlayer. You can watch BBC online live, but you need a TV License to view the BBC’s content, even online. While the BBC does not ask you to prove that you have a TV License, UK law requires a TV License.

Viewing is technically still possible for UK viewers who are traveling outside of the UK, however. And you can view Australia’s SBS live stream from outside of that country as well. However, in both cases, a virtual private network, or VPN, are required due to geographic content blocks in place.

Try ExpressVPN for 2018 World Cup Live Streams

We’ve put several VPN options to the test, and have found that ExpressVPN is our preferred choice for the World Cup in 2018. ExpressVPN provides a consistent connection to different countries through high-bandwidth servers with a minimal slowdown in speeds.

With ExpressVPN, you can connect on up to 3 devices as well, making it easy for multiple devices in your home to watch World Cup live streams. You will also find ExpressVPN has apps for most devices you might be using or methods to get the VPN on most any device. 

ExpressVPN has over 2,000 servers across the world in over 90 countries, making it extremely easy to connect to the streams of your choice in most countries where World Cup games are streaming live online.

expressvpn world cup round of 16

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Round of 16 Belgium v. Japan free live streams worldwide

There’s a chance neither the BBC or SBS will be working for you come game time. If that’s the case, you can view other options online for free, although you won’t be able to get content in English. Still, there are other free options available if you’re willing to listen to the commentary in another language. 

Free Round of 16 live streams in Switzerland

Swiss flag Switzerland round of 16

There are a few free streams available in Switzerland, thanks to that country’s public broadcaster SGR SSR. 

In Switzerland, you can watch live online through SRF (German), RTS (French) and RSI (Italian). Those are three good streaming options for viewers, in three different languages. No account is required with any of the streams, although a VPN will be required for all of them.

Free Round of 16 live streams in Germany

germany world cup round of 16 belgium v. japan

Germany offers a few great streaming options. After connecting to a German VPN service through ExpressVPN, you can view streams through ZDF or ARD. Either of these streaming options will work, and you can view either in relatively good quality video. Neither option requires an account so viewing is automatic.

How to Watch Round of 16 Belgium v. Japan in US and Canada

You can watch the Belgium v. Japan match natively in the US or Canada, but only if you either pay for a subscription service or connect to one of the above options through a VPN. Connecting to a paid service is probably going to offer the best streaming quality, however, so here are your options in both countries.

Paid World Cup online streams in the US

united states round of 16 belgium v. japan

In the US, a “skinny bundle” streaming service will get you the Belgium v. Japan game live on any device. Fox Sports has the broadcasting rights for English streams, but you can also watch in Spanish if you have access to Telemundo (via NBC Sports app).

The following services offer Fox Sports or Telemundo in their service packages:

  • DirecTV Now
  • fuboTV
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • PlayStation Vue
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV

If you want a cheap option, Sling TV is your best option. However, the others do provide a variety of benefits as well.

Paid World Cup online streams in Canada

canada flag round of 16 belgium v. japan

Canadian residents can watch World Cup matches using either TSN or RDS. Both of these paid services change $24.99 CAD per month to access their content. You can watch either live online, but you will need to download their separate apps. 

How to watch Round of 16 in other countries

Round of 16 matches, including Belgium v. Japan, will be showing around the world and not just in the countries given above. If you need to access other streams in diferent languages or from different countries, you may have a long list of options available to you.

You can watch the World Cup in the following languages and in the following countries.

  1. French: TF1
  2. Arabic: BTV, KAN11, MAKAN 33
  3. Italian: Mediaset
  4. Portuguese: RTP, SIC
  5. Russian: Match TV, Perviy Kanal, VGTRK
  6. Spanish: Mediaset España Cuatro,  Mediaset España Telecinco
  7. Dutch: DR, NOS, RTBF (Belgium)
  8. Bengali: BTV
  9. Japanese: Fuji TV

This is only a small list, of course. We recommend checking out site for streaming options in any country that has competed in this year’s World Cup.

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