NFL 49ers vs Cardinals

The NFL is back in Mexico as the San Francisco 49ers take on the Arizona Cardinals at Estadio Azteca. 49ers vs Cardinals will kick off on Monday, November 21 at 8:15 PM EST (5:15 PST). The matchup is a repeat of 2005 and the NFL’s first ever regular-season game to be played internationally. Don’t want to miss out on the fun? Find out how you can watch online from abroad with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

We’ll only be recommending official sources for watching the 49ers vs Cardinals online. Unlicensed streams are generally a waste of time. Not only do they suffer from lower resolution and lag, they can also be taken offline for violating copyright. If you don’t want to run the risk of missing out on NFL Mexico: 49ers vs Cardinals, your best bet is sticking with the official streaming sources as listed below in this post.

Note that 49ers vs Cardinals will only be available to stream on region-locked platforms. If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need a VPN to continue watching via your home streaming service.

How to watch NFL Mexico: 49ers vs Cardinals online with a VPN

If you’re traveling overseas on vacation, you can still watch 49ers vs Cardinals online. A VPN service lets you quickly and easily change your IP address. This makes it look as if you’re still streaming from home, bypassing geographic blocks on 49ers vs Cardinals.

Here’s how to live stream 49ers vs Cardinals using a VPN:

  1. Sign up with a VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN although Surfshark and ExpressVPN are two alternatives that are equally streaming-friendly.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your streaming device. All major VPN services let you connect multiple devices.
  3. Log in to the VPN app and connect to a server in the country of the service you’d like to access. For example, a server in the US to access ESPN from abroad.
  4. Go to the streaming platform and sign in or sign up as needed. You should now be able to stream content without encountering any further geographic restrictions.
  5. Clear your cookies and reload your browser if you’re still having trouble. Failing this, connect to a different server before clearing your cookies again.

49ers vs Cardinals will air live. It’s for this reason that you should check your VPN works with your streaming platform with time to spare. You can then contact your VPN’s customer support for further assistance if things don’t work as expected.


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How to watch San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals live online in the US

Watch San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals In the US

This year’s NFL Mexico game, San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals, will be available to watch on ESPN. Kickoff is at 8:15 PM EST. The easiest way to watch is via a cable TV subscription because all you have to do is sign in to ESPN via your TV provider. You can then stream 49ers vs Cardinals at no extra cost.

It’s worth knowing that 49ers vs Cardinals will not be available to stream on ESPN+. However, there is another way you can watch ESPN cable-free. To do this, you’ll need to subscribe to a TV streaming service that carries ESPN. Your options include FuboTV ($69.99 USD/month), Hulu with Live TV ($69.99/month but includes Disney+ and ESPN+), Sling TV ($40/month), and YouTube TV ($64.99/month).

While a subscription to a TV streaming service seems an expensive way to watch 49ers vs Cardinals, keep in mind that with the exception of Hulu, all of these services offer free trials. They are all region-locked and only available to stream within the US. To get around this, you’ll need a VPN and US IP addressNordVPN offers strong unblocking and even includes a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Where else can I watch 49ers vs Cardinals online?


Watch San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals In Canada

The 2022 NFL International Series game in Mexico will also be available to watch in Canada. 49ers vs Cardinals will be shown on TSN. Much like ESPN in the US, this is available via cable TV. If you have a TV package that includes TSN, you need only sign in to watch 49ers vs Cardinals (you’ll need to enter your cable TV credentials to do so).

Fortunately, TSN is also available cable-free for a monthly subscription fee of $19.99 (CAD). However, you can save with an annual pass which, at $199.90 a year, works out at $16.66 a month. Note that TSN is only offered in Canada so if you travel abroad, connecting to a VPN server in Canada for a Canadian IP address should allow you to stream as normal.


Watch San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals In the UK

49ers vs Cardinals is one of three NFL week 11 games to be shown on Sky Sports. You’ll be able to watch online via Sky Go if you already have a Sky Sports subscription. If not, there’s the option of watching via Now which is Sky’s over-the-top subscription service. A one month subscription costs £33.99 while a day pass is available for £11.98. Now is geo-blocked outside the UK but you can bypass this by using a VPN to connect to a server in the UK.


Watch San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals

The good news is that you can watch every NFL Game on NFL Game Pass. This is available in the vast majority of countries. We’re just over the halfway point of the 2022 NFL season so subscription prices are more affordable than they were in preseason. While prices vary by country, a Pro plan in the UK costs £74.99 (this is referred to as annual but runs until July 31, 2023). There’s also a weekly option priced at £14.99. You can save even more if you only watch on mobile. This costs just £23.99 (again until July 31, 2023).

NFL Game Pass isn’t available in select countries including the US, Canada, and China. If you travel to one of these countries and wish to continue accessing your paid subscription as normal, connect to a VPN server in the corresponding country to change your IP address.

What should I know about NFL Mexico: 49ers vs Cardinals?

The first ever NFL game played outside the US was between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals. With over 100,000 fans in attendance, it was one of the largest attendances in NFL history. The 2022 NFL Mexico rematch of 49ers vs Cardinals is the fifth regular-season game to be played in Mexico. Like those prior, it will be played at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City for Monday Night Football.

49ers vs Cardinals: Who’s the favorite to win?

The San Francisco 49ers will be hoping for a better result than the two teams’ original meeting in Mexico in 2005. That ended in a comfortable 31-14 win for the Cardinals. At the time of writing, (ahead of the NFL’s week 10 games), the 49ers have a record of 4-4 while the Cardinals sit at the foot of the division. Having traded for star running back Christian McCaffrey, the 49ers are favored to win this NFC West matchup.