How to watch Asobi Asobase from anywhere

Since Asobi Asobase arrived in 2018, anime fans have waited patiently for the series to arrive on their home streaming libraries. Unfortunately, Asobi Asobase isn’t available worldwide, meaning you’ll have trouble watching the show if you travel abroad. Read on to find out how to watch Asobi Asobase from anywhere using a VPN.

Asobi Asobase is subject to region locks, which means you’ll need to use a VPN if you want to watch the show on a platform you’d normally access in your home country. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that bypasses your internet traffic through an intermediary server. Not only does this make browsing much safer, but it also means that you can change your IP address and access geo-blocked content.

How to Watch Asobi Asobase From Abroad

To watch Asobi Asobase from abroad, you’ll need a VPN with server locations in your home country to access your home streaming platform. We highly recommend NordVPN but Surfshark and ExpressVPN are good alternatives.

Here’s how to watch Asobi Asobase from abroad:

  1. Choose a VPN that can bypass geo-blocks and access a streaming service that has Asobi AsobaseNordVPN is our top choice.
  2. Subscribe and install the app on your chosen streaming device.
  3. Select a server in your preferred location and click connect. For example, if you need an American IP address, you should connect to a VPN server in the US.
  4. Visit your streaming platform, load Asobi Asobase and enjoy!
  5. Having issues? try clearing your browser cookies and changing servers. If you’re still stuck, we’d recommend reaching out to your VPN support team.


NordVPN gives every user that signs up a 30-day money-back guarantee, letting you try the full NordVPN package for 30 days and cancel anytime within your first month for a full refund.

You could sign up for a NordVPN account to watch season one of Asobi Asobase from abroad. Then, if you decide NordVPN isn't for you, you can cancel and get your money back. 

How to watch Asobi Asobase online in the US

How to watch Asobi Asobase online in the US
Asobi Asobase season one is ready for anime fans to enjoy right now in the United States. However, there’s not a huge number of options available for viewers to start streaming, The main platform is Crunchyroll which you can sign up for at a cost of $6.99 to watch the series ad-free. If you’re not too bothered about ads appearing during your streams, then you can watch the show totally free.

The alternative option for US viewers to watch Asobi Asobase is via VRV. VRV has a monthly subscription cost of $7.99 but offers a 30-day free trial before you are charged for the service.

You can continue watching Asobi Asobase if you travel abroad on vacation by acquiring a US IP address with any of the VPNs we’ve recommended in this article.

Where else can I stream Asobi Asobase online?

Where else can I stream Asobi Asobase online?
For viewers outside the US, the options are very limited, with the main platform in places like the UK and Canada being Crunchyroll.

We’d advise doing some research if you’re in a different region to see if other local streaming platforms have the Asobi Asobase available.

FAQs About Watching Asobi Asobase From Abroad

Does Asobi Asobase Have English Subtitles?

Yes, platforms like Crunchyroll subtitles in English, Spanish, Latin American, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, German, and Russian.

What Kind of Anime Is Asobi Asobase?

Asobi Asobase, written by Rin Suzukawa, is categorized as surreal comedy or manga.

Is Asobi Asobase Kid-Friendly?

Although Asobi Asobase is listed as a kid and family-friendly series, there are some mild sex references made by middle-school girls, bleeped swearing, and some suggestive and mature scenes.

Can I Watch Asobi Asobase With a Free VPN?

It’s unlikely a free VPN will let you watch Asobi Asobase because they usually include a bandwidth cap that’s often used up before you can watch a single episode of the show.

Additionally, free VPNs typically don’t have servers available worldwide, and if they do have Indian servers, they’re unlikely to help you watch mainstream streaming platforms from abroad.