watch NOS4A2 season 2

NOS4A2 season 2 will premiere on Sunday, June 21, at 9 PM EST (6 PM PST). Set eight years after the events of season 1, it follows Vic McQueen, a would-be vampire hunter determined to destroy the seemingly immortal Charlie Manx. However, Manx is plotting revenge and has his sights set on Vic’s eight-year-old son, Wayne. NOS4A2 season 2 is geo-blocked but with a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can easily watch it online from abroad. Read on to find out how!

Please note that we’re only recommending official sources for watching NOS4A2 season 2. That’s because unauthorized streams are almost always of inferior quality. You may encounter excessive buffering or lag, plus unlicensed streams may even be taken offline for violating copyright. There’s no need to miss out on the premiere of NOS4A2 because we’ll cover all of the official sources and explain how to live stream it from abroad.

NOS4A2 season 2 will only be shown on region-locked platforms. If you’d like to watch abroad via your regular streaming services from home, you’ll need a VPN.

How to watch NOS4A2 season 2 online from anywhere

A VPN works by encrypting your internet traffic, routing it to one of its own servers. This shields your data from hackers and snoopers. Furthermore, by connecting to a server, you’ll receive a different IP address. Not only does this provide you with online anonymity, but it also lets you spoof your location and unblock geo-restricted content such as NOS4A2 season 2.

Here’s how to watch NOS4A2 season 2 online abroad using a VPN:

  1. Sign up with a VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN. However, NordVPN and CyberGhost offer great value for money as well as strong unblocking ability.
  2. Download and install the appropriate VPN app for your device. The above-recommended VPNs offer a variety of apps as well as browser extensions.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to a server in the US. This will give you a US IP address, allowing you to unblock AMC and watch NOS4A2 season 2 abroad.
  4. Go to AMC and sign in with your cable TV provider. If you don’t have cable TV, you can also watch AMC via select streaming services which we’ll cover further below.
  5. Select the AMC live stream or an on-demand episode. All content should be unblocked. If not, it’s a good idea to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

We recommend you test your VPN with AMC ahead of time. The reason for this is that new episodes of NOS4A2 will air live. By troubleshooting any issues in advance, you can reduce the risk of missing out on the NOS4A2 season 2 premiere.

How to watch NOS4A2 season 2 on US TV

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NOS4A2 season 2 will premiere in the United States on AMC. If you’re in the US, the easiest way to watch is with a cable TV subscription. All you need to do is sign in using your TV provider login details (an email address or username and password). However, you don’t need to have cable in order to stream AMC online. Indeed, you can watch AMC via the following streaming services: FuboTV ($54.99 USD/month), Philo ($20/month), Sling TV ($30/month), and YouTube TV ($49.99/month).

AMC isn’t the only option in the US for watching season 2 of NOS4A2. In fact, season 2 will be simulcast on BBC America on June 21 at 9 PM EST (6 PM PST). However, this is another channel which also requires a cable TV subscription in order to watch. Like AMC, BBC America is available via FuboTV, Philo, Sling TV, and YouTube TV.

However you decide to access AMC, you’ll need a VPN in order to watch from abroad. That’s because AMC, BBC America, and the above streaming services are all geo-blocked. To unblock them, you’ll need a US IP address which you can get by connecting to a server in the US. It’s well worth knowing that ExpressVPN includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. As such, you can try it out with AMC risk-free and claim a full refund within the 30-day period if at all unsatisfied.

Where else can I watch NOS4A2 season 2?


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NOS4A2 season will also be coming to the UK where it will air exclusively on BT TV on Tuesday, July 7. It’s important to know that you can only get BT TV if you have a BT Broadband subscription. You can access the BT TV apps outside the UK as long as you’re in the European Union. However, a VPN and UK IP address are required if you’re trying to watch BT TV from elsewhere.

What can we expect from NOS4A2 season 2?

Like season 1, NOS4A2 season 2 will consist of 10 episodes, each with a runtime of roughly one hour. The first episode of season 2 is titled “Bad Mother” and takes place some eight years after the events of season 1. We can expect to see a continuation of the story which centers on the conflict between Vic McQueen and the villainous Charlie Manx. We’ll also see more of Manx’s Christmasland realm to which he’s keen to add the soul of McQueen’s eight-year-old son, Wayne.

Which cast members are returning for NOS4A2 season 2?

Fortunately, the main cast members from NOS4A2 season 1 are returning for season 2. This includes Zachary Quinto as Charlie Manx and Ashleigh Cummings as Vic McQueen. Also expected to return are Jahkara J. Smith (Maggie Leigh), Ebon Moss-Bachrach (Chris McQueen), Virginia Kull (Linda McQueen), and Olafur Darri Olafsson (Bling Partridge). Meanwhile Ashley Romanas (Tabitha Hutter) will see more screen time after a recurring role in season 1.