How to watch Stargirl season 1 online

The new Stargirl TV series is set to premiere on Monday, May 18, with a new episode airing weekly. This new DC Universe drama series follows Courtney Whitmore, a high school sophomore who inspires a group of young heroes to form the Justice Society of America. Below, we’ll explain how to live stream each and every episode of Stargirl even if you’re abroad (outside the US) by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Please note that we’re only recommending official sources for watching Stargirl season 1. Unauthorized streams will likely be available but are best avoided. That’s because they offer inferior quality with low resolution and excessive lag and buffering. In fact, they may even be taken offline for copyright violation. We’ll cover the various official sources for watching Stargirl season 1 so you can watch in the highest possible quality, wherever you are in the world.

Stargirl season 1 will only be shown on region-locked platforms. If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll need a VPN to continue watching via your favorite home streaming services.

How to watch Stargirl season 1 online with a VPN

When you connect to a VPN server, you’re given a new, temporary IP address. This makes it appear as if you’re browsing from another location. Not only does this serve to protect your privacy, a VPN allows you to unblock geo-restricted content such as Stargirl season 1. Still uncertain about using a VPN? Just follow the simple steps below to get started.

Here’s how to watch Stargirl (TV Series) online from anywhere

  1. Sign up with a VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN. However, NordVPN and CyberGhost are two high-quality alternatives that offer excellent value for money.
  2. Download and install the appropriate VPN app for your device. The above VPNs offer apps for a variety of operating systems. Browser extensions are also available.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to a server in the United States. This provides you with a US IP address for unblocking DC Universe and The CW.
  4. Go to DC Universe and log in or sign up for an account if you don’t have one already.
  5. Select your preferred content. All episodes should now be unblocked and available to watch. If not, try clearing your browser’s cookies before refreshing your browser.

How to watch Stargirl (TV Series) on US TV

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Stargirl season 1 will premiere on DC Universe on May 18 — one week later than its original premiere date. In order to watch DC Universe, you’ll need to purchase a subscription, which costs $7.99 monthly (though you can save by purchasing an annual subscription for $74.99). However, it’s worth knowing that DC Universe does come with a 7-day free trial.

DC Universe isn’t the only option for watching Stargirl online. In fact, the series will also air the following day (Tuesday, May 19) on The CW at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST). The good news is that you can watch The CW for free (although there will be commercial breaks). Better still, you don’t even need an account to stream The CW online. However, keep in mind that DC Universe members have access to bonus features and exclusives that won’t be available on The CW. This includes extended versions of select episodes.

Whether you watch Stargirl season 1 on DC Universe or The CW, you’re going to need a VPN if you’re traveling abroad. The reason for this is that both streaming services are only available in the US. You can unblock both by connecting to a VPN server for a US IP address. ExpressVPN includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can try it out risk-free and claim a full refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

What can we expect from Stargirl season 1?

Stargirl season 1 will consist of 13 episodes, each airing on a weekly basis (Mondays on DC Universe and Tuesdays on The CW). The show follows high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore as she moves from Los Angeles, California to Blue Valley, Nebraska when her mother remarries. There she discovers a powerful cosmic staff and, in the process, becomes the unlikely inspiration for a new generation of superheroes. Together, they form the Justice Society of America and fight past villains.

Who are the cast members of Stargirl season 1?

Brec Bassinger stars as Courtney Whitmore, the young woman who becomes the eponymous Stargirl. Luke Wilson plays Courtney’s stepfather (and sidekick!) Pat Dugan, while Courtney’s mother, Barbara Whitmore, is played by Amy Smart. Further cast members include Anjelika Washington (Doctor Mid-Nite), Cameron Gellman (Hourman) Joe McHale (Starman), Nelson Lee (Dragon King), and Trae Romano (Mike Dugan).