How to Install Fusion for Kodi 16 Jarvis

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kodi fusion 14
Update: The TVAddons and Fusion servers have been down a few days and the repository is unavailable. We will update this post if and when it comes back online.

If you’re just getting started with Kodi, Fusion is a great place to begin. It’s essentially a repository of repositories. Fusion is one of the most popular repositories available for Kodi XBMC, and it includes many of the most popular streaming video add-ons for Kodi among many others.

Comparitech does not condone or encourage any violation of copyright restrictions, including illegal streaming through Kodi. Kodi can be used for many excellent, legal online streaming purposes. Please consider the law, victims, and risks of piracy before downloading or streaming copyrighted material without permission.

There are two main ways to install repositories and add-ons from Fusion. The first is to manually install them individually from the Kodi interface. The second is to use Indigo. This is a program add-on that allows you to easily install other repositories from Fusion.

We’ll guide you through the steps using an Android tablet and the latest version of Kodi XBMC, Jarvis. The setup should be almost identical on other devices and versions, and it takes less than five minutes.

  1. Open Kodi and go to System > File managerkodi fusion 1
  2. Click Add source (Fusion is already installed in the screenshots, so ignore that for now)kodi fusion 2
  3. Tap <None> and type, then click Donekodi fusion 3
  4. Tap the field under “Enter a name for this media source” and type “fusion”. Click Done and then OK.kodi fusion 4

Fusion is now installed! But you still need to actually install the add-ons from the repository in order to use them. We’ll first show you how to use Kodi’s built-in tools, and then how to use the Fusion Add-on Installer.

Manually install Kodi add-ons from Fusion

As an example, we’ll show you how to install 1Channel Primewire, one of the most popular video streaming add-ons. Note that streaming add-ons like 1Channel might be blocked or illegal in your country. We recommend using a reputable VPN like IPVanish that will work with all Kodi add-ons and in order to keep your internet activity private.  For more options see our roundup of the best VPNs for Kodi.

  1. On the Kodi XBMC home screen, click Systemkodi fusion 1
  2. Click Add-onskodi fusion 5
  3. Click “Install from zip file”kodi fusion 6
  4. Click “fusion” (or whatever you named it)
  5. Go to kodi-repos > english … here you can browse all of the English language repositories
  6. Click “”. You should see a notification that says “Add-on enabled” in the corner.kodi fusion 7
  7. Back on the Add-ons menu in the System section, click “Install from repository.” (also called “Get add-ons” in some versions of Kodi)kodi fusion 8
  8. Select “tknorris release repository” > Video add-ons > 1Channel and click Install. You should see a notification that says “Add-on enabled”
  9. 1Channel is now installed. To use it, from the home screen go to Videos > Add-ons > 1Channel

Indigo and Fusion Addon Installer setup

Update: In February, Fusion consolidated all of its tools including the Fusion Add-on Installer into a single plugin called Indigo. We’ve updated this tutorial to reflect the changes.

That’s the manual method of installing repositories and add-ons from Fusion. If you prefer a simpler third-party tool, you can use Indigo. Again, we’ll install 1Channel as an example.

  1. On the Kodi XBMC home screen, click Systemkodi fusion 1
  2. Click Add-onskodi fusion 5
  3. Click Install from zip filekodi fusion 6
  4. Click fusion (or whatever you named it)
  5. Go to begin-here, click “ and wait for an “add-on updated” notification
  6. Go to the Kodi XBMC home screen and click Programskodi fusion 10
  7. Go to Program add-ons > Indigo > Addon Installerfusion indigo
  8. Here you can see several thumbnails to choose from. For 1Channel, click Video Add-onskodi fusion 14
  9. Click 1Channel Primewire, then click it again on the next page and confirm to install.kodi fusion 15
  10. 1Channel is now installed. To use it, from the home screen go to Videos > Add-ons > 1Channel

And that’s all there is to it! Both Kodi and the Fusion Add-on Installer have search functions if you prefer not to browse for your desired add-on or repository.

Any questions? Let us know in the comments!

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